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Monday, September 12, 2011


I can never be used to the modern gadgets nowadays, but it is good to have friends that are electronic savvies. Why am I saying this? Because the touch screen I was ranting about that it was not charging anymore is now back in its best condition, again. My electronics engineer friend told me that there are chargers that doesn't charge when the battery is super drained. It was aggravated with the fact that I charged it after five days of the battery being drained. So, he got the battery partially charged in a desktop charger before testing it back to the camera charger. The camera charger worked, again. Yes, I was able to make it work, again. Yesterday, the camera's battery put off again. However, when I tried charging it, I was surprised that the battery charger is working. So, I had the conclusion that after a camera's battery is drained I should right away charge it.Otherwise, if I wait for a number of days to charge it, I will experience the same dilemma again. 

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NovaS said...

it is really beneficiary to the part of those who have friends you can rely on esp when it comes to electronic problems..glad it is working again...