Sunday, October 23, 2011


My office, with about 300 employees, had a get together of all the regional employees last week. I had time to meet my batch mates who are assigned in other provinces. I had a good time with them. I just did not like the way the management handled the activity. It was so boring and there was a big lull in the activities. There were many unproductive moments. Had it not been for my superior who stayed since morning till night, I would have gone home ahead while the programme was still in progress. Anyway, here is a picture taken during that day.


Geez, school time is over for the first semester. The school papers I have to submit are almost done and the last day of submission is tomorrow. My group mate will take charge of the submission. I have made the final report for submission, one of my group mates will print it out and he will have to submit it tomorrow. My other two group mates were only group mates in the real sense of the word. At least, one of the two was thankful enough for us who made the report. However, the other one did not even bother to text to include her and did not even bother to thank us. This is the problem with group works because one gets to have credit over the job even if she did not lift any hand to help. When I meet her in school, I will really tell her what I feel towards her.


Yesterday as I was about to print my school papers, actually I still have to print some more tomorrow, I ran out of the colored cartridge. I could not print out the colored print outs as the toner cartridges that I have are all black. I went to computer cafes nearby my school and had the needed pages printed. I should buy the colored printer cartridge soon so I can not be hassled anymore in my next use.It is more cheaper to print my own papers than have them printed in the commercial printing shops. As I was in a hurry, I had no choice but to pay the cost of printing which, almost leveled the cost of a new colored cartridge.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My mother has been bedridden for almost a semester now. She had two strokes that damaged the part of the brain that is responsible for walking. She can not walk but we are hoping that in due time she still can. We have tried many things and we will do more. Maybe, we will try acupuncture That Works on others already. Maybe this will do good to her, too. Acupuncture is a eastern practice in healing ailments. If she can walk in due time which, we know is her dire need to, we will be so much happy for her.


The storm signal no. 2 was lowered to storm signal no. 1. The storm path detoured to Cebu and is expected to leave the country tomorrow morning. My kids did not report to school this morning as it is a standard operating procedure that when the typhoon signal is hoisted at signal no. 2, classes are suspended in the elementary and high schools. Now, since the signal is lifted I just let them stay home so they can somehow enjoy the day off. I will be going to office in awhile, too. I have many tasks to do in the office.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Are you fond of playing bingo? If you are, why don't you play a play free bingo? No need to be registered with a fee. Many consider bingo as a hobby but to me playing bingo is not my turf. I have no interest in this game. I remember one time when we had our Christmas Party in the office where we played bingo. It was my first to play it. Lucky I was because I won the grand prize award, but I never got to learn how I played it and how it happened that I was the grand prize winner. Anyway, don't delay, if you want to play bingo do it on the link here.


23yeras ago I was inside the house crying in silence because of the pain in giving birth. Yes, I was only in the house, not in the hospital where I should be to deliver my first baby. A midwife was assisting me instead of a doctor. I was that brave or shall I say coward, because I did not want that my classmates in nursing would see my private parts upon my delivery. Silly, very much silly I was. Now, reminiscing about it I could only shrug because I have endangered my and my baby's life that time. It was immaturity and innocence as a young mother then, since I was 18 years old when I gave birth to my eldest daughter. Today is her birthday and I could say thank you Ayra Mae for being a good daughter and for growing up beautiful inside and out.


Ever walked into a building with a seemingly engineered flooring?  Well, I have gone into such a building like in plosh hotels who have engineered flooring. All I can do is admire and wish that my room, at least only my room in the house, could have such a flooring. But, who knows in the future if I plan to rehabilitate my house I will go for this kind of flooring. To me it is slip free and ensures my protection from slip disc should I accidentally have a fall. It is advisable for elderly citizens and to toddlers.


Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me, again. I have two scheduled meetings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I plan not go on Friday as I want to concentrate on my school tasks. Despite my so hectic schedule it is amazing that I do not forget to open my sites. I love blogging. Thanks to my friend, Lotlot, who introduced me to this. Proof that I love blogging? I stay late at night, I sacrifice my studies sometimes because I can't resist the call of advertisers. I thank the advertisers, and the social marketing sites, too otherwise blogging would never been so fun without you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The recent typhoon that hit my place caused the life of the relative of one of my staffs. When the man met his death at sea, I do not know if he had left a life insurance to somehow ease the sufferings of his loved ones. Maybe, had he known about this fatal fate of him he could have prepared by browsing any instant term life quotes to compare and choose from.The man died while his fishing vessel was out at the sea trodding the typhoon. In these times, anybody would think how important a life insurance is and how important it is to be prepared physically and spiritually. 


After so much hullabaloo this morning in the meeting over the budget in the training proposals I presented, the trainings will push through this month and next. At least, I already have my proposals finalized so I can move on to the training preparations. Busy days are up ahead, in the day an din the night. Why night? Because of my school requirements, which I can only do during night time.  I hope to be always strong and healthy so I can make all my tasks. No room for laxity for now.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


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