Saturday, November 19, 2011


Does anyone here enjoy playing bingo in an online bingo site? Well, I have not tried an online bingo game. I guess it would be fun to play it online. Before, I only use to watch my co-office mates play the bingo game during Christmas Parties. I was only watching as I did not know the mechanics of the game. On many occasions I was observing that the participants of the game were enjoying the game amid howls and shouts and feelings of excitement. One time I was enjoined to substitute the player who went to the restroom. I was told of on what to do before she left. It was the start of my liking the game. I joined after that, and to my luck I won. I went home bagging many grocery items as prizes. It was a beginner's luck I guess.

With modern technology, playing bingo can be made online. One does not have to leave the comfort of his home to play bingo. It is better to do it at home and online than doing it in person at the bingo rooms. You save on gasoline, you never have to change outfit or get up for the bingo socials, you save your nostrils and skin from allergies you get when mingled with many other people. Moreover, with online bingo, you never have to smear your hands and fingers with ink marks and or hassle yourself with putting corn grains or pebbles as markings on cards. Why, modern technology really has a lot to offer to human beings. Everything is almost online including bingo socials. So, if you are looking for bingo, why don’t you click here? You will realize, you will enjoy doing it most often. This is a good recreation to rest the body and mind from a tiring day’s work.     

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Losing weight is a daunting task. It is daunting because with the plenty of food in the table and with many invitations it is hard to resist eating. I have lost weight for a few pounds already but I am gaining weight, again. I have not been exercising lately. I have observed this morning that my pants were becoming tight, again. I should do something to lose weight. It is a daunting task but I should do it for the sake of wellness.


When I went to New York two years ago,I watched the baseball game in one of the newest sports arena in the city. The ticket was costly but it was worth it. I admired the baseball players in their handsome uniforms. They were also before the actual game warming up using genuine and original sports materials. I wonder where the sports equipment they are using are brought from. If I would only be given a souvenir item of the baseball with the signature of the leading player of the winning team, I would have been a lucky spectator in the night. Next time, when I go back there again, I will watch again the show and next time I hope to buy my own sports equipment for the leading players signature.


This post is about our family trip to Manila. It was the first trip to Luzon for the whole family. The flight was supposed to be 1:55 pm. However, before the scheduled departure it was announced that the flight was delayed to 2:40pm. True enough, the plane took off at 2:40pm. Inside the plane, there was a game, a SHOW ME game. I won the game when I was the first to raise the item that was requested to be shown, a red ballpen. I was awarded a small yellow pouch bag. I love it. I use the pouch bag as a make up container.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My friend, a previous classmate in school, once texted me if I could spare time to attend a real estate seminar. I was excited to hear it that I immediately said yes to the invitation. Real estate is one business venture that really sparks my interest. If I will be trained to be a Wilmington NC real estate agent I would be so glad to sacrifice my time for any training or seminar. Going back to my class mate's invitation, I went there and listened to the person who was tasked to give the seminar. To my dismay, the person who was supposed to talk about the  real estate stuff talked about other products instead of real estate. I went out of the seminar disillusioned.  


We are back from the family trip in Manila. It was a very tiring trip but it was worth it. My kids enjoyed the trip. It was the first time for my sons to fly in an airplane and first time for them to go to Manila. In fact, it was their first to go Luzon. The beautiful places we went to will be memorable to them. In my next post, I will post the experiences we encounter from departure to arrival. The trip was triggered by the promotional fare in one of the airline companies in my country. I bought the ticket last June at a promotional rate. Had it not been for this promotional fare, I could have not brought my kids at this time of the year.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Christmas is fast approaching. It is almost mid of November today and before we know it, it is already Christmas time. The most anticipated month brings a lot of excitement to children and adults alike.
Even business owners are excited, too for their Christmas gift products. For sports enthusiasts, like the National Football League members, nfl merchandise can be seen over one of the sites in the net. On my part I will go to the malls to avail of Christmas promotional fares, together with my children. There are a lot of discounted christmas merchandise everywhere, but it always pays to be watchful and keen and not be hasty in choosing for the sake of Christmas rush.

6 to 6

Tomorrow, a Sunday there is an announced power black out in the area coverage of the electric company servicing my area. It will be from 6am to 6pm. It is expected that people will be up in bed early and most will be out of the house as soon as heat is felt. Many people will linger in malls to keep cool and to let time pass. The news of the power black out is unwelcomed to me. I need to finish some online tasks and it can not be possible with power black out. I will try to finish this tasks, tonight.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When my kids were younger, I used to buy them educational books. They love reading them. Now that they are older and with the upsurge of the internet, my kids rarely read them. I still love the times when we had no computer at home. Educational books are a good introductory hobby for the kids. The habit of reading is instilled and they get lots and lots information from them. Now, kids love computer games rather than educational books. However, it is up to parents to regulate the kids use of computers. But for my kids, the read only when needed in school.  


It is raining once again. Traditionally, people would flock in to the cemetery every November 2. Like us, we would reunite with members of the family and our relatives at the cemetery to offer flowers and prayers. We would light candles and offer our prayers to our departed loved ones. Relatives would sometimes drop by, too. Yesterday, we were there with my kids. I met my younger sister and her family also in there. My other siblings weren't there yet until we went home. Today, it would not be possible for us to go as it is raining. This has been the weather since this morning. If the rain will only stop, we could be at least be together in my father's and grandma's tomb.


Ever heard of a website that offers bids for supplies and gadgets that you may need? Well, you have to try to know. It is amazing. I tried it and got excited to bid right away for the netbook that I like only to be told that I have to sign up first.Suit me, right isn't it? I have not heard a news about scam if there was any, at all. I will try to see if this works. Test the waters, as they call it. Who knows I might be able to bid for a new ipad at a very low cost.


It is a non-working holiday in here. I have been staying home with my kids for days now. It is school break for my kids. And for me, the 1st semester is over. I shall have to enroll again for the 2nd semester. time flies so fast. Before I know it, it is already Christmas time. In fact, the air of christmas is everywhere I go, already. Yesterday, we went to the cemetery to offer flowers and prayers to our dead loved ones. After today, Christmas songs will be aired over the radios and in television. I also leafed out one calendar page yesterday in my room. there are two more calendar pages left, that is for November and December. See how time really flies. I welcome the holidays in this month, there are three: November 1 and 2 and November 7. Its a lot of time to stay home, just enjoying boredom.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...