Saturday, December 24, 2011


 I was looking at my pictures from way back when I joined the office I am employed now. The first official travel I had gave me the chance to go on horseback riding right after the official activity I attended. It was my first time to ride in a horse. It was a handsome horse, I should say, with its sturdy western saddles on. The photographer took me a picture revealing the fear or tension I have in horse riding for the first time. If I only have money I sure would like to have a horse. It is a for me a fearsome hobby to go on horse riding but I will just try.  


It is Christmas eve today. So many people are doing their last minute Christmas shopping. I was at the mall in the morning to have some pictures for printing and I bought a photo album for it. There was no hassle in paying as there were not many customers in the photo studio and in the children's store where I bought the photo album. I was supposed to buy cake for tonight but I will do it later at the nearest bakeshop instead. Later, I will be cooking, hmmm, yes cooking. I could remember I last cooked last Christmas 2010. I am hoping I can make them delicious. My motherhood is at stake with this, joke. There is the internet anyway, to help me.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Traveling in a large group is fun than traveling alone. However, traveling in a large group requires transportation.  Coordination with the members of the traveling group is made easier when the group is traveling in one transportation only. When in Maryland, this is not a problem because there is the motor coach Maryland offers.  Traveling in a motor coach is luxurious, comfortable and luxurious. The fun in traveling continues inside the motor coach. Going to the scheduled destinations will never be a boring one.


Gosh, helper has sore eyes. Good she told me that she has. I did not like her to infect us with this virus so I have to let her go home. This means that we have to do the chores while she is experiencing this viral infection in her eyes. My leave from office will be spent doing the chores at home I guess. Well, the kids are here and they have no more classes, already. They can help me do the chores.


What's in a sign for you when you have a store or a business? It means clients and more profit. If you are a store or a business owner and you have no idea yet on what to name your store, why don't you get help from one who is proven and tested in making intriguing and striking storefront signs? If you like a store sign that will make people take a second look at your store, and or will have an easy recall of your store then click on the link here. It is truly amazing how storesigns can help invite customers to visit and invest their money in.


Before the year ends, I will have my leave from office. Yes. I will be enjoying my five days forced leave from December 23 to the end of the year. However, I am still to attend a seminar on Disaster Planning as I will facilitate the planning activities on December 23. One day lost but I find it worthwhile though to be part in planning for about a couple of million pesos to be spent for disaster preparedness. This is an endeavor which, will have a great impact in saving the lives and properties of many people should disasters come.


Most employees from the private and public sectors receive their Christmas bonuses around this this time of the year. Home furnishing and repairs are most of the investments of these employees. No wonder why Tau Corten tiles and other tiles are selling like hotcakes in hard wares and tile industries. Why not? A beautiful home with stunning tile flooring gives the family members comfort and luxury. Floor tiles in the sala and in any parts of the house gives a cool effect inside the house. So, if you are planning for home repairs, why don't you consider the tau corten tiles, too?


Disaster damage is unpredictable. In what happened to Mindanao, it was obvious that my fellow Filipinos were taken aback by the onslaught of the typhoon that wrought lives and properties. Thousands are already confirmed dead and the number is growing. Damage to properties could cost to billions of pesos. It is very important then to prepare for calamities, plan for mitigation and preparedness  for the ill impacts of disasters. May this be a lesson to all local government officials and the people to stop wanton destruction to nature. Maybe they should all go back to civil engineering schools for a refresher proper emergency preparation and management.Wanton cutting of trees, burning and throwing plastic garbages in drainage canals are a crime to nature. And, since local government units have funds to finance projects that could lessen the impacts of this disasters, to use these funds efficiently and judiciously.


Christmas parties abound and there are always door prizes given away. It is one of the exciting parts in the Christmas parties I attend to, the others are dancing and singing. I hope in the coming Christmas parties to win a  Panasonic industrial microwave or a similar kitchen ware. How lucky would I be if this happens. I can use this immediately this Christmas holidays. Two more days to go and it is already Christmas. My cooking abilities will be tested once again. If Santa Claus is listening I hope he grants me this wish.


Just when I thought I will be attending only a couple of parties, I was wrong. I had attended three Christmas parties already and I have three more to go. The two parties are in my workplaces and one more tomorrow with business mates. The good news is I have not been gaining weight. In fact, the old jeans I hide before now fits back, again. It feels good to be slim, again. With the two parties I will attend, I hope not to gain a considerable weight gain. I plan to use back again the clothes I couldn't wear before after the weight gain.

Monday, December 12, 2011


One of my elder son's hobbies every weekends is to watch video online. I appreciate this hobby more than anything else because it lets him stay at home. I prefer him to stay at home rather than go anywhere else with his close friends. The worries of a mother is always there every time an adolescent sons just like what I have is off the house with his friends. I am glad that by watching video online, I and my other siblings benefit it as we watch the videos with him, too. It is a sort of a bonding moment with my kids, too.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sleepy Head

I am awake now but still feeling sleepy. It's cold because it's raining outside maybe my body still can't adjust the   weather. Was told by my mother to post something here, and I don't have any interesting topic to say, that's why maybe a personal one will do. I hope I will not be scolded by this post.


A floor carpet can bring comfort and luxurious comfort. However, it can bring sickness, too when it is not properly cleaned. It harbors insects that can be detrimental to your health and the sickness will keep coming back if your carpets are not properly treated. The best thing to do is to clean and treat your floor carpets. However, if you got no time for it, you can hire somebody to do it for you. If your in the Memphis area, you can rely on the  carpet cleaning memphis tn company around you. There are other carpet cleaning services around, too but you may try this one.


My elder son, Arjan, is prodding me to buy a big aquarium. He had been buying fishes from near his school. This has been his hobby this past few days. The aquarium we have here is small so puts the fishes in the basin. Poor child. I am going to buy a bigger aquarium for him. He is patient, though, and he says he can wait until I have the money.


Managing an office for your business is a daunting task. Aside from the technical and operation aspects of your business, there is the administrative dimension you shall have to contend with. The conduciveness and cleanliness of your and other units' offices are of primordial need. However, if you wish to be assured of greatness in cleaning you may hire cleaning services like that of the commercial cleaning services milwaukee is offering. This will be a reduced burden on your part since all the cleaning aspects will have to be taken cared of. Your attention will now be more focused on the technical and operational management of your office. Take it easy as every step of the way can be daunting, but I tell you, everything will be alright as time goes by.


It is too early to say if my laptop is a goner. I brought it yesterday to a computer technician. He says the flex cable should be replaced, the reason why it flickers especially when a force strikes before or behind it, like wind or wiggling surface. I went to a computer store to buy a new flex cable, but I found no store that sells it here. The store technician says they can order the item in Manila from their supplier but the flex cable has to be ordered with an lcd screen. Gosh, the cost of it is almost the same with a new laptop. I will get back my laptop today with the old flex cable returned back to it. I will contend with its flickering, if it will still work after it has been installed back. And, I will already start looking for a new laptop, for future reference when I already have my money to buy.


In my previous posts, I have been talking about home improvement and furnishings. I would like to stress that if you are going for it, make the wise decisions and take it from me. I had my flooring installation two years back without considering the expertise of the people who would do the flooring installation. It cost me more money because I had to make them redo their job for flaws I saw in their installation. I learned my lesson. If you are planning to make home improvements for your flooring, for instance, get only the people with proven expertise. Try to click the link here, to know what I mean.


Thinking of shopping for gifts this Christmas? Here are some of the tips to save time and money. Start with a list of people you would like to share your generosity with. Segregate the kids and the adults. Next, examine your budget. How much can you spare for each one? Across each name in your list, write the down the gift item you would like to give. Write at least three choices for each one. Then, summarize the gifts items you need to buy by grouping and summing up the similar items. Since Christmas is still days to go, you still have time to scout for the store that offers lower prices. Do not sacrifice the quality of the items for the low prices. Christmas is a day of giving and sharing. Give wholeheartedly.


Are you building a new house or remodeling the existing one to make a change of its looks and glamour? Why not? If you are considering these things, think now of the interior designs you may want to have for your house. For the flooring, for instance, you may choose the ceramic tile in montoursville pa that is affordable and fit for your lifestyle's needs. Of course, always think of the safe side. While choose the flooring that are elegant and luxurious, choose the ones that are not slippery. This is for your and your family's protection.


Rainy days are here again. Umbrella, raincoats, hats and jackets should be ready at hand before going. To build the immune system, it is also best to drink a food supplement. Choose the food supplement that is organic not the synthetic one. Go organic and you will never go wrong. And, drink lots of fluid everyday. If you love your loved ones, love yourself first. Avoid getting sick. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


A house needs a regular maintenance. It is needed to avoid a more costly damage. It is also a good thing to regularly maintain the beauty  and cleanliness of the house to make it a safe and comfortable place to live in. If you need to replace old and worn-out home furnishings and equipment like vinyl shutters and many others, do it as early as possible. You can buy the replacements for all of the things you need online. There is no need for you to shop and hop in other stores to compare prices and quality as there is the internet, anyway. Access your computer and shop in the net. For your shutters, try to clink on the link here.


I am saving money so I can buy a new laptop or a netbook. I am tired of carrying my old lappy that is quiet big.  It has taken toll on my health, too. Right now, my earnings here does not suffice yet, since I have been withdrawing my earnings lately. Maybe two months more and I can have my new laptop. I am crossing my fingers that I can get as many opportunities as I can so I can shorten the two months target of buying my laptop.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Remodeling your house to make it look brand new? Why not? Facelifting the interior and exterior part of the house is a great idea if you have the money to spend for it. Of course, it does not mean you will spend a lot but you may start refurbishment that are affordable to you. For your flooring, you may choose vinyl flooring for a change or laminated flooring. Be sure that you are making the most value for your money. Get the experts in this stuffs so as not be feel sorry in the end. Also, seek professional help with refurbishing other areas of the house. Facelifting your house shall also mean lifting your spirits after all is done, so don't take chances.


Oops, no classes for this morning. I am happy that I can rest this Saturday morning off. Maybe this afternoon I will have my classes but how I wish there is none. I am going to text message my professor, later, to confirm. I have lots of things to do which, I can not do during weekdays and even on weekends because of lack of time.Good that my doctoral classes are sometimes on alternate weekend schedules. I will have quality time with my kids, later too.    

Friday, December 2, 2011


I was visited by local leaders in my place of assignment. It was kind of them to pay a visit. Although, I needed to rest in order to fully recover from the angst of pain in my abdomen, they lighten my feeling with their efforts to make me laugh. One of my staffs was with them. They stayed for about three hours, talked about many things amid snacks of sandwiches and soft drinks.


Are you a traveler? If you are then you should take a look at a st michael pendant. It is a pendant that is good for travelers like you and me. This is the first time for me to read about this and it draw my interest at once. In fairness, I like the workmanship of this pendant. It is good for everyone, in fact as everyone is a traveler. This can be a good gift, too this Christmas. I will recommend this to my other friends, too. There is no harm anyway, in believing on what patron saints pendants and medals give to one.


Glad to be home and feeling better. Bored lying down so I opened my computer. I was lucky to get opportunities. Gee, I wonder why I am not getting the opportunities with a higher payouts even if I qualify in terms of page rank. Anyway, even if I don't get the high pay outs I just get contented to working on the lower payouts. It is good than nothing at all. I am glad that my page rank is still relatively high.


This month, December, has something to be excited about. There are a lot of parties to attend to. Parties, here and everywhere. I am excited because I have this Christmas custom-tailored dress I fancied to be sewed by one client. She told me to buy craft feathers as it will be made as an ornament for the dress. I know where to buy this stuff. It can even be bought online. If you ask me whee to buy it, just click in the link here. I am sure once the dress is finished that I will wear the dress in not just one occasion. I can wear it on different parties I will go to as long as I am sure that I will be meeting not the same kind of people. How about you? Why don't you try feather stuffs on your dress, too? I tell you it adds elegance to the dress.


Stayed home today. Know why? My health did not permit me to go to office. I woke up with severe pain in my abdomen. I had an ulcer attack I guess. I had a burning and gnawing feeling in my abdomen.I also had loose bowel movement. I almost collapsed while I was at the restroom. I took medicines already and I am glad to be relieved. Thanks God I am fine, again. I remember I cringe in pain this morning. It was so excruciating. I swear to always eat regularly from now on.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today is a pampering day for my nails. It is office day but I managed to squeeze time for my nail care. I did it during lunchtime, of course. I give due importance and care for my nails. Why? Nail polishing keeps my nails healthy and strong. My nails become brittle, no more. Regular nail polishing makes the nails look beautiful and stylish, too. I opt to color my nails,too. My favorite color? Tan or touch of tan.


My eye is strained from reading. It has been causing my headaches, lately. I got a prescription eyeglasses, now. However, I am having a hard time adjusting to my new eyeglasses. Its really difficult to wear eyeglasses. If I can only return the hands of time, I will take care of my eyes. Now, I have to contend with wearing eyeglasses adjusting to the prescription grade of the glasses. When I have my money I will have the lasik surgery.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...