Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The prices of basic commodities are without let up in increasing. It is a rare chance if you hear the prices of basic commodities going down and steady for a longer period of time. One can compare that a hundred dollar bill can already buy many grocery items then than now. The only chance now where one can buy more  out of his money is to avail of free grocery coupons printable at home or anywhere else. I have tried this many times and it is such a great help.  In these times where almost all prices are soaring up, a little discount of money for commodities can be very helpful. Many have tried this and it worked.  Maybe you might try this  for yourself, too and see how it works.


Christmas parties are being held everywhere. Yesterday, I attended the first Christmas Party invitation for this year. It was an enjoying party with the Barangay Secretaries of my workplace. I brought a chocolate cake ordered from a youth leader. The food brought by the Secretaries, were, as usual my favorites. I loved the native chicken cooked in coconut milk. I even brought home some for my dinner. The dancing and singing were always awaited. I am glad that all enjoyed in the party.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Going to school is such a tedious task for everyone. Imagine, almost fourteen or fifteen years of going to school is spent trying to educate self of the many facets of life and of the things in this world.  Glad that there is camaraderie developed among classmates and friends that schooling is a bit made fun and enjoying. What makes schooling tedious is the process of passing the tests and quizzes.  Of course, these are very important assessment tools in evaluating the learnings of students.  Another tedious task in schooling is the completion of projects and school assignments.  All of these things need to be complied satisfactorily in order to pass and eventually move on to the next grade or year level and eventually graduate. I remember way back in my high school and college days where I had brain draining experience when I am required to make an essay either during examinations or in school contests where I am the delegate of my school. Before, it was a brain draining because I had to make the essays by myself. However, I come across a site  at http://www.911essay.com where essays can be readily be available and that makes it now easy for students to seek help in making essays.  No more brain draining and or nerve wracking experience in doing essays.  Thanks a lot to the modern computers and to the contributors of these essays. Now that I am in my post graduate studies, I am not so much having difficulties in making essays. One click away and I can get the essay on any topic of interest I desire.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Accidents do happen anywhere. Last week I was able to witness two car accidents. One was an accident involving a male grade one child and he was hit by the car. When I passed by, I was the one who prompted the driver of the car who hit the child to bring the lad to the hospital.  I came to know later from by standers that the child had been there lying in the middle of the road, after he was hit by the car, for about ten minutes already. The other incident was a car that went total wreck after it hit two electric posts. I gathered from people in the scene that said one passenger was killed instantly and that three more died in the hospital.  The accidents are a warning to me to slow down in driving. Each time I drive nowadays I take it slowly along the road to be safe.


My store that offers school and office supplies will be running one year this coming March of next year.  In fairness, it is picking up relatively as I receive orders from not only in the private sector but from the government sector as well. In fact, there is not a week that I do not have bulk orders.  It has stream of buyers now, too as it is strategically located near school belts.  The orders I receive from offices are many since I offer free delivery regardless of the amount, my edge against other school and office supplies stores. The problem stems when the big bulk of orders do not accommodate in the trunk of my car. If I only have a big truck this would not be much of a problem. I plan to buy a truck in the months to come but if it is not possible to buy a new one I plan to acquire a used truck like the used trucks for sale winnipeg offers. If I have a new or a used truck somehow I can save money in renting a transport bus or jeep every time I receive bulk orders. I can also rent the bus to others who may need transports services. I will plan about this very well. If my finances will not allow to buy a new one, I will buy a used truck.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I am glad to be back home again. After three days stay in Cebu City, I am finally home and home with my sweet home. I missed my kids and my bed. Nothing compares to my bed. This is my comfort zone. My three days training in Cebu City was a very tiring yet very enjoying days. The youth leaders were not only given capability building interventions but as well as enjoyment in visiting the historic and interesting spots in Cebu. It was good that the weather was very fine. The youth leaders enjoyed it a lot.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Lack of exercise, sedentary type of work and excessive intake of high calorie foods are contributory factors to being obese. It is happening to me now. I am gaining more weight and I need this home work out video to lose weight. Nothing is more effective than doing regular work outs and proper food discipline. I hope to get this work out video soon so I can start in the holidays where there are lots of Christmas party invitations in my workplace and in my community. I will try this work out video with my office mates, too.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Starting today until Friday I am on leave. It is a leave with pay provided to government employees whose place of residence was declared on state of calamity during the tropical storm that hit my place last October. Timely that this emergency leave was granted because I have the time to rest before the christmas holidays. I badly needed rest. The leave with pay is five days but the two days that I have scheduled was recalled because of my official travel to Ormoc City last Wednesday to Saturday. Tomorrow I can attend the Insurance Clinic in Sunlife without filing an application for leave.  The clinic will be for two days. Geez, I am glad to be relaxed and have all the time to blog and do the things I have wanted to do but just can't do because of lack of time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


During trainings of the disaster risk reduction and management team in every barangay, I always emphasize that each disaster operations center must have a first aid kit.  The first Aid Kit Shop is a good reference on what to buy as a first aid kit.  It is a big advantage for preparation purposes to have a first aid kit as when there are emergency situations that need immediate attention, the first aid kit will be a big help. Every household and every home must have a first aid kit readily available and displayed in a strategic location. I have one at home and it has served its purpose many times to the members of my family.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


My other site, the My Daily Business, will expire its domain registration tomorrow. I shall make a way to avoid it being closed to my access by calling my webmaster renew the domain name registration. Job, is my webmaster and he has been helping me with my sites all these blogging years of mine. We have not met personally but if we are friends over the phone. I am so thankful of Nova, my friend who introduced him to me. I pay an amount for my domain name registration and I will do it tomorrow by sending thru Gcash.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


When I had my trip to Hongkong and Macau we were led by the tourist guide to a jewelry manufacturer of silver and gold. I did not see any silver coins manufalactured in that company. Among my companions in that tour, there were only a few who bought jewelries. Maybe if there were gold and silver coins being sold many would have preferred to buy gold bullion and the silver bullions, too. I would have bought one for myself , also. Like silver and gold jewelries, silver coins are a good investments. The prices of gold and silver never depreciates. Its prices are increasing and one who buys it is sure to gain profit.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Another challenge is coming along my way and that is being a financial advisor of an established insurance company. I applied for this insurance company after I passed the two licensure exams I took with the Insurance Commission. I have submitted my requirements already such as medical examination results, basic training course certifications, and licensure examination results among others. My interview will be on Friday yet and may be after that my id code will follow, meaning I am finally admitted in this insurance company I am applying for. This is only a part-time job as a financial advisor.


Today I made for the head of the youth leaders, as requested, a training proposal for their slated travel to Cebu City. I made it for the youth leaders as they are clamoring for a seminar outside the province. Well, it is up to the local chief executive if he will authorize the trips of the youth leaders. I am going to be with the group of 15 local youth leaders if given authority from my office on November 28 and 29. It is already soon. I wish the trip will push through as planned.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Cars are now a necessity rather than a luxury. That is why more and more people are making orders of automobiles. I am just amazed at the means of transporting them overseas, since my place is an island, that they come scratch free almost in all cases. I guess the big help in transporting these automobile vehicles unscathed from the mainland to the high seas and down to the mainland and anywhere else in the world are the protection it gets from automotive racks just like the automotive racks mississauga offers. I figure there are no high seas or rough waves that will merit these automotive racks from swerving and  denting exposing the items therein from being dented or scratched in any way.  Automotive racks like these are a must to be acquired by those business minded people who always ensures the security of its personal belongings. In my store for example, I will be having the automotive racks to help me organize things, protect any treasured things from being scratched and thereby making its value on the maximum when sold.  Just imagine if it can protect the cars from being scratch free, how much more other things that will need extra care and protection ? The good thing is I have learned something new now and I know where to locate the site whenever I would need it or my friends.

Monday, November 5, 2012


It has been awhile since I last updated this blog of mine. I have been away for more than a week's travel. It was fun and enjoying however, fun and enjoyment is not complete when the children are not tagged along. Amidst the enjoyment, their is that void somewhere that can only be filled when all family members are present. Anyhow, tagging them along would have required a lot of money, which, for now is not feasible. Maybe in the near future I can tag them along and I am saving already for this at this early. Leisure travels are much needed from time to time. It is very relaxing and soothing to be away from the hassles of work and business. Next time around my children will be with me in my future leisure travels.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I have been active in the netosphere for about four years now. I join surveys, participate in money-making tasks and even participate in contests. About joining surveys, it is a thing that I like the most because I am able to express my assessment on products and services and at the same time it feels great to know that my opinions matter. In Understanding the Opinion Survey most companies get to know how to improve their products and services.  Sometimes, too there are surveys that trigger my attention on such products and services I haven't tried on. Later, I use it to fulfill my sense of curiosity. In other words surveys become a form of advertisement, too.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hyperacidity striked on me the last few days. It was grossly painful. Blame on me because I skipped a lunch that day and when I got home I ate this octopus seafood for dinner. After that  I drank pineapple juice and that was the beginning of my calvary. I seered in pain until morning. I remembered I had a hyperacidity medicine in the medicine kit. It was so effective that after taking it I was able to sleep. The sour stomach lasted for two days. Glad that as I am writing this I am so fine already.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


It is a Saturday here but I am still awake. I am reading the powerpoint presentations in my laptop in the process of sorting my files therein. In my mind I want to watch the Free Movies Online however, it is not advisable as I am sure to sleep late if I get to watch the movies online, yet. I can wait until tomorrow as my classes in school will only be until morning. I still have a lot of time in the afternoon. So, I continue with my sorting and will while away time so as not to be tempted to watch free movies online, especially.


A magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit my city last night. The center of the earthquake was 7.9 in a neighboring province. Magnitude 6.0 is intense already to me, how much more in a 7.9? Thanks heavens we were all fine and altogether in the house except for my daughter, who is at the training center. About two seconds after the earthquake started, the power was turned off. I hurried out of my room, ran downstairs amid the shaking and headed out of the house with my two sons and helper who sought refuge under the dining table. It was a horrible experience. The power was restored only after an hour of brown out.

Monday, August 13, 2012


This year I am planning to have a trip to Hongkong with friends. I hope this would be realized before the end of November as we would not like to travel anymore when it is December. At this early, I already have a plan not to hire a tourist agency in going there. When in Hongkong, we might hire a transport car like the Limo hire Knutsford offers. We will roam in Hongkong and visit the places of attraction in there on our own. A tour guide may be a big help for us while there. I already have the places in mind and we might go to Macau also for a day. I am excited for it already.


It has been a busy Sunday yesterday for me. Glad I had no classes in the morning. At lunchtime, I went to a birthday party of a friend who celebrated his 74th birthday. There was singing in the party and I was able to sing a couple of songs. After the party I went to buy groceries. It was almost late in the night when we were able to sleep as we had late dinner. Speaking of birthdays, I was not able to post here the birthday of my younger son. It was just last August 10. He turned 16 years old last August 10. We celebrated his birthday at home with a special dinner we ordered from a food chain that delivers. May the birthday celebrants have fruitful years ahead.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


My cellfone stolen by the thief  is now a goner. I have now a new cellfone and it has sms function like any of the new cellfones that are in the market today. Its number was still the same with that of the lost cellfone. I lost all my contact numbers but somehow people who were in my contact list could still reach me. It was up to me to ask their identities and to save their numbers later. I am still in the process of learning on the functions of this new cellfone. In time, I can muster all its functions and could maybe send sms messages without the least tolerable delay.

Monday, August 6, 2012


At last I bought a new cellfone as replacement of the one I lost to a thief. Life is so much inconvenient and uncomfortable without a cellfone. I had to buy a new one as I was without hope of my old cellfone being recovered. My new cellfone is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive one. It is just the average type. I am in the process of befriending this new communication gadget as it is a different type of cellfone than my lost one. In fact, I don't text much in my new cellfone because I find it difficult for now to use it. I do not know if it is the new cellfone that is not user friendly or if it is me that is not a friendly user. Whichever way I am determined to know the intricacies of this new cellfone,

Sunday, July 29, 2012


It is Sunday here. My classes in my only subject for Sunday was cancelled. Glad that the notice about my teacher cancelling the classes for today came right after I rise up from bed. I went back to sleep after reading  the notice in my cellfon and just got up again now. My teacher had a flu the reason why she cancelled the classes. I wish her well soon. Even if there was no classes, I don't feel happy because it is at the expense of my teacher's health. Next Sunday I hope she can report to class already.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I am planning to open a new business soon. It is too soon to reveal it as my business plan for it is still underway. I wanted to be grounded on the financial  feasibility of this business before I plunge into it. Once I am decided to start, I plan to promote it like the one I came across at wpromote site. Opening a business like what I am planning needs a widespread promotion for clients and jobseekers. Right now, the study on the operations and management dimensions of this business has still to be finished. I can't wait to open and reveal what I am cooking in my pan, soon.


It is a rainy day today here. The weather advisory says there is an active low pressure area detected in a province near mine. I hope this active low pressure area will melt away. The rains even without an active low pressure area bring in flooding in some parts of my city and adversely affect those affected. How much more with an active low pressure area and or if it escalates into a typhoon signal alert? I just hope that this weather now does not worsen. If it does, heaven knows what will happen to us.


I will be going to the City of Manila in the second week of August. My purpose in going there will be to attend an official activity. Every time I go there I always wish I have a gps tracker to locate all the places I would like to go to. It is such a hassle going to the places I would like to visit without me knowing the exact directions. Asking people from there are sometimes not reliable. I spend so much money riding in taxis in order to go to my destinations. I could save a lot if I take the bus or the trains. Riding the taxis are far more better than the buses but how I wish that taxis have gps trackers, too because the drivers sometimes do not seem to know the way to their passenger's destinations. It saves time and money if they have gps trackers. In August, as usual I will have no gps trackers of this sort so I will stay most of the times in the place where I will be billeted.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I have been trying to open my internet connection since this morning but to no avail. Maybe, a virus was the culprit. I have been planning to have this laptop reformatted but I always got no time to do it. Glad that the computer technician in my workplace was as always, ever ready to help. He was able to fix my computer and at the same time diagnosed and advised me of what I need to do to make my laptop work faster.

Friday, July 13, 2012


There is a house near the entrance of our subdivision. It is a unique house that many considers it beautiful. I don't find it beautiful, I just find it unique. It is not an ordinary design of a house. For now I guess, one in a million. I do not know if its architectural design was computer-aided design just like what the  Computer Aided Design Wolverhampton services offer.  Why not? It just entered my mind now that if I will build a new house in the future I will build one that is unique. This is only possible if I get a computer aided designer architectural design. Looking for one who can help me with this is not a problem. I know where I can reach them. Clicking the above link would be one.


It is a gloomy morning here. I am not going to my workstation today. I have to attend a meeting at my mother office with my cluster team. There is this survey that is going to be conducted in our respective workstations so we have to convene in order to discuss the strategies of our survey, the forms and many other things. The survey is about the assessment of the service delivery of the local government units in two identified offices. This is a lot of work after the survey.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Gone are the days when having the latest music hits and latest movies are hard to find. Before, they can only be at the tip of one's fingers if he has enough money to spend for buying the CDs and DVDs, respectively. If lucky, he can borrow free of charge the CDs and DVDs from friends or relatives and watch the latest movies or listen to the latest hits. Now, having the latest hits and movies can be accessed over the net at the very least expense. It is made possible by the QueenTorrent as many have proven it to be an effective and useful way to get the latest in hits songs and movies.  If you are not aware of this, better check from an authorized person on what and how to go about this.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Independence Day here and it is a national holiday. It is why I am at home. I afforded myself a late rise from bed. Why not? I have been so busy lately with so many tasks. I have my office, my business and my children to attend to. I am glad that I will soon be opening my store. The refurbishment are underway now. Even if it was worth a substantial amount of money to open, I am glad that I am able to get through. I have many debts, though, but I am positive I can manage. It is not a joke to open a new business. The books are right, maybe I will be able to recover within a year. I have wanted to open on an Independence Day but the finishing touches aren't done yet.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Soon I will be having the soft opening of my store after I have finished the refurbishing. When I will be full swing on my store I will need to have a vehicle to transport ordered items. Maybe one that is similar to a Range Rover Evoque would be best but in the meantime any vehicle may do. I will be saving on it soon. I missed to plan about the transport vehicle for my school and office supplies store, but I can do without it for now. Later, it should be my priority.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I opened a new savings account in the bank for my school and office supplies. This is to set aside all monies earned for my school and office supplies business. My sister is hands on with my business. She will be taking charge of my store once it formally opens this June. I hope to have it blessed first before its operation. For this week I will be busy with the repairs. I only hope that my money will be enough for the store repairs, shelves installation and store security.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Going to the beach is one of the favorite hang outs of my family. My place is near the beautiful beach resorts in my island. It is a place where I can bond with the family and it makes me complete. I can relax from work and I can engage in conversations with them on any topics. I see to it that I have enough money for our vacation. I sometimes rent beach kiosk and or cottage like that of the Carolina Beach rentals that can accommodate me and my kids. The cost does not matter as long as the family is happy together. Beach rentals provide comfort and convenience to family vacations. After tiring hours of swimming and running, the beach accommodation can be a good comfort to to the body.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I would like to thank everybody for sending me birthday greetings during my birthday last May 18. Of course, I was not able to reply immediately to the well wishers because I was away during my birthday to a beach resort in one of the beautiful resorts in Albuera, Leyte.  My kids love it there. There was a beautiful pool and a very dainty beach.  There was a fish spa inside the resort and other attractions like exotic birds.  In the afternoon, I had to rush to Visca, Baybay, Leyte for an official travel. My kids like it at the Visca also. The places we visited was worth the trip even if it took us almost five hours for the whole trip's travel.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The exercise of political suffrage is one of the benefits of a democratic country like the United States. One can choose in his casting of vote the candidate he likes to win. Whether he will choose bloomfield for congress or any candidate for that matter, it is very important to weigh the qualifications of the candidate if he is fit for the position. There are many who run for office just for the heck of running. Remember, one vote is very precious. It can make or break a country.


The weather is fine today. The sun did not shine so warm on this part of my place. No rain and the wind blows cooler. It is a perfect day to swim in the beach or in the pool. I hope tomorrow that the weather will be the same. I am planning to go on vacation with my kids to a resort with a pool and we can swim in the beach at the same time. But, first my family shall go and hear the church mass before anything else.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The 2-year contract of my mobile phone is about to expire next month. As early as now I have already chosen the kind of cellphone I would get as its replacement. I wish to have an iPhone. I like it as it is handy. If I could have the iPhone there would be no problem for its repair since I know of an iPhone screen repair shop that would take care of its restoring back its operation to normalcy. Last time, when my cellphone fell off to the floor of the restroom in my workplace, I just ran to him to restore the broken screen. I worried a lot only to find out that it was only a minor repair for my cellphone.


Lease signing today for the space I am supposed to rent. I am compelled to make the contract as the lessor called me up to make the contract. I like this as this would be beneficial to me, not that I will manipulate that the provisions of the contract are all favored to me, but I can somehow inject some terms that are not so strict to implement on my part. There are some contracts I know in some leased establishments that are almost restricting the movements of the lessee. Since lessees are so much interested to rent the space, they tend to sign the contract out of dire need of the space. I wish to finish the contract this morning.

Monday, May 14, 2012


The news over the television that I have heard last week was there was one household robbed and stripped of precious belongings. Why? Because unscrupulous people come unexpectedly but I will email you ame with hypnosis power. I don't like to believe on this but a friend says its true. She cited to me people who are residents in his place and have been visited with people who suffer from hypnosis attack. I will go there one of this days to see if I should believe.


One school report down and one more to go. I had presented my class report last Saturday albeit it was prepared haphazardly. My partner was also unprepared as he obviously read only the copy of our report one day before the scheduled reporting day. I hope it will not happen with our class report this coming Sunday. I am bent to be prepared no matter what. I like the topic that is why my interest is spurred. Two more weekends and summer classes is over. I am bracing myself for the end of classes reports and papers as is the usual culture in my school.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


This coming September the organizations I have organized in my workplace will be having its Annual Congress. There is a motion to conduct a bingo game. If you are thinking of the OnlineBingo.com (sign up now) but no it is not. It is only a bingo game where a participant gets a card for a fee and he gets to claim the prizes should he win at the end of the game.It is fun seeing the participants play the bingo. I can only watch them in envy because I cannot join them. I will be the one in-charge of the prizes and in implementing the mechanics of  the game. This bingo game is fun because one can get good prizes for only a meager amount spend for the card. In this coming month of June, the finalization of the plans for this Congress shall have to be ironed out. It is too early yet to plan but months fly so fast that September comes before we know it.

Obviously, there are many participants of the organization who do not know how to play bingo.  Save for those who are fond of playing online bingo those who do not know can start playing bingo by practicing playing bingo in their respective homes. It is fun to be played at home with the kids, especially during leisure times in the day and even at night . Well, if there is internet connection in their homes, they could go online to play bingo. If I only have time I will play this online bingo myself so that when the meeting comes I can share to them how it is done. If not, I will invite one of the participants who already know how to play this game so he can talk and share to the participants the benefits this game gives.


I just finished doing my power point presentation for my school report this afternoon. Whew, I researched in the net in a lot of sites and in the end I was able to compress my report to only 37 slides. It was hard to research on my topic. I was also able to study my report as I inched towards making my power point presentation. I hope I can give wisdom to my report and I can increase the knowledge of my classmates over my report. If it turns out well, I will give a pat on myself for a job well done.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Obesity is the root cause of many diseases. It is the main culprit in the increased level of blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. As early as possible it is very important to prevent the cause of obesity. Proper diet provides complete bariatric advantage in the wholistic treatment of obesity. One of my cousins may be needing treatment to his obesity problem. At the age five until now he has been having this problem. Genetic factors has something to do with her obesity problem but I guess, proper food diet can help a lot to remedy this problem. If she can reduce weight considerably, maybe she still has hope in getting pregnant. And more, she can avpoid having high blood cholesterol and diabetes.


One year and the antivirus of my laptop will expire and it will happen this end of May. It means buying again another computer anti virus. In fairness, I like it that there is an anti virus for my laptop. Viruses are detected and cleansed immediately. There is no need to restart the computer after it finishes the virus scanning. When flash drives are inserted into the laptop, an automatic virus scanning is made. Had it not been for my installed anti-virus, I don't think that my laptop will work as good as it is now.


It is not easy to bear the loss of a loved one. I know this because it took time before I came to overcome the demise of my father. When he got confined in the hospital, the diagnosis of the attending physician was he was suffering from pneumonia. However, on the second day of his confinement he died. The final diagnosis of the cause of his death was due to rheumatic heart disease. I was outrageously mad at the physician who attended over the initial confinement of my father. Had he referred the results of the medical laboratory exams to a heart specialist my father would not have died at an early age of 57. Doctor referrals can now be made online to doctors whose complete profile are posted online just like what Robert Mirsky MD did. Had this strategy of referral been employed by the attending physician of my father, may be he would have been alive until now. I did not sue the doctor for his incompetence. Suing will not bring back the life of my father but I told her that she may be sued by other patients if she commits the same incompetence, again.


I spent the whole day preparing for my school report for May 12 and for my speakership tomorrow at a town far away from my place. This has been a tough day for me. In between I was supervising the posting of the school and office supplies procured recently. I called the day off in office because I am in receipt of an office order requiring me to report on May 4 and 5 to Palompon, Leyte. Since my time slot is on May 5 yet I give toda, may 4 as the day to prepare my presentation materials.


Formulation of end of year report is my topic to be discussed tomorrow in Palompon, Leyte. Yes, I am going there tomorrow and will talk before the youth leaders in that place. I will be leaving tomorrow at 4am to catch with my talk schedule at 10am. I am to prepare my power point presentation however, I was informed that the LCD projector is used in other functions. Obviously, there is only one LCD projector used in that activity of a very big crowd. I will make do with another approach in presentation, instead.


Growing 43 years old with less exercise and a sedentary work like what I have will really slow down the metabolism process in my system and will really make me gain more weight. I noticed that I was gaining more weight again when I was wearing my jeans one day for school. I wasn't able to wear it as it did not fit in the hips anymore. From the the thigh portion it was very tight already.  Another pair of pants also did not fit anymore. I started doing my exercises again but I guess I have to do some strict food diet again. It is not too late yet. There are food diets available that are so effective in losing weight like that of the syntrax nectar. I do not like to grow big, anymore. I just like to maintain the same hip size I have with that of my jeans. I will concentrate on losing weight again and will make my jeans my ideal hip size. I condition myself that I should fit back again on the two jeans I mentioned. And, I know this is possible with the right food diet, attitude and discipline.


The financial issue in running a business is now setting in. I have located a store space for my school and office supplies. By the month of June I will be starting the operation. The issue now is the cost of the rental and the refurbishment of the office. It will me cost me more than a hundred thousand for this. Thinking about it makes me stressed out especially that I lack the money to finance the refurbishment. I had to make a way to solve it so I filed a loan with a micro financing institution where I am a member of. Next week is the release of the loan. I would feel the negative effect of this when I will have to pay for the monthly amortization from my salary. Hah, it is stressing but I can cope. I am positive I can. The increase in my salary this coming June will somehow lessen the impact of this loan from my household expenses.

Monday, April 30, 2012


It is really amazing how the upsurge of modern technology has made tremendous changes in the lives of individuals, business owners and organizations. The information technology gadgets, for instance, like the computers and the internet, have radically changed the way individuals and organizations behave. People then used the print media to be informed of the daily news through the local and national papers. Now, it is evident that there is a decrease in percentage of newspaper circulation because of the computers and internet operating 24/7. Although there are studies that show that newspapers are still heavily relied upon by most people, majority of the percentage says people still read news in their computers through the internet. One can search any name over the internet and a lot of links in the search engine can be found. The problem though is what if one’s name is tarnished over the internet. This is not at all impossible because there are people who have ill intentions over someone. The internet can be an avenue to destroy or build one’s reputation. If there is a site like Reputation.com that claims to correct this problem then this site must be legitimate. For some who have been victimized by this non-sense act of unscrupulous people, it is time to check on this site in order to be helped. As the truism goes, Act early before negative effects escalate to greater proportions. It is never too, late to start now.


I am invited to a beach party tomorrow afternoon in my workplace. Well, why not? I will go to that party to grace the occasion but I can not swim in the beach and join the youth leaders who are spearheading the affair because it is still within office hours. Maybe if I will still be there beyond 5pm I will swim. It has been a long time since I last swam in the beach. I will need to bring swimming clothes tomorrow, just in case.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Summer vacation is always exciting for the kids. They look forward to this season of the year as this is the time to explore interesting places and to do the favorite hobbies and sports. For beginners of new sports it is so exciting to do it. If your favorite is boating, summer time is the best to enjoy it. Be ready though with your boat that it is ready to sail safely. Equip it with functional parts like the boat propellers, boating supplies and other boating gear parts and accessories.It is advisable to check everything first before sailing. Remember, you don't have long summer days ahead of you, so why don't you check on your boat the soonest possible time? Every day counts so go ahead, plan out everything, now.


Gee, time passes by so fast. My weekend seem to fly. I just attended my classes on Saturday and Sunday, a few hours visit to the mall for groceries and the weekend is off. Glad that my kids are home buddies. We still eat together and still have time to talk during meals. Family dinners are always bonding time. Thanks to the computer because it keep my kids stay at home almost all the time. I leave and go home with my kids around home still. Summer vacation for them so they have all the time before the computer.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Reminiscing my college days makes me shiver in fear as I recall the activities I now consider dangerous. One of them was when I went boating with some friends of mine. We went without proper precautionary measures. I never told my parents about the boating excursion. We went boating without any life jackets worn on by any one of us. There was even a time when our boat almost tipped over. We were lucky that one of us knew how to row the boat and it was not me. Next time, I will never sail away to the waters without any boating supplies. I will also make sure that my children are educated about going boating excursions that the boat shall have life jackets, and other boating supplies for every passengers' protection.


It has been a very sleepy morning for me during my first class in school this morning. I slept at 3am that is why. I attended the wake of the late mayor Roque A. Tiu. There was no power due to the repairs conducted by the electrical company in its power lines. Glad that there was no classes this afternoon the reason why I was able to take a power nap at the living room while fanning myself with a folder. The power is now restored. Somehow, I was able to take a nap and now I am back to blogging, again then I will finish the pricing of my school and office supplies.


The heat is on this summer and it is expected to be hotter this time brought about by the climate change. That is why it is very important to brace the warmer summer by wearing light clothes, wear proper eye and skin protection. Stay in a cooler place to avoid heat stroke. At home check the airconditioning units. If they become unserviceable or should they need repair, contract the services of an airconditioning company but be sure that you are contracting the right company. AC experts in town maybe contacted. In the United States there is a company who have trusted and expert people in air conditioning in orlando. Of course there are other experts in other States, too. Beat the heat, tune up your air conditioning system.


I just got home from the vigil of one local chief executive in one of my work assignments. He has been a very good friend of mine. I admire him as he is to me a noble man, a man with honor, a good disciplinarian and an ideal family man. He died of cardiac arrest while on a vacation in San Francisco with her wife. He has touched many people lives during his stint as a mayor and board member. He died an incumbent board member of my province. May he rest in peace and may his bereaved family be comforted that he has to go ahead to join his creator.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Investing on real estate is a good investment. I believe on this the reason why one of my investments is buying lots. I already invested on buying two lots within the past five years. If I only have more money I will invest in the Wilmington NC real estate through one of my friends who live near Carolina Beach. Only that I have no money yet to achieve this dream. Real estate properties near Carolina Beach are a good buy. This will command a good price once it is sold in the future.


My store is cramped full of school and office supplies. In fact, since I have utilized one room in the house downstairs as my store, only a very small space can be passed through. My living room is also filled with my supplies. I do not have a daily stream of buyers in my store. This is my intention as intended to be a supplier only in schools and offices. I am going to have a strategy of receiving bookings from commercial centers like internet cafes, and mini stores. I will have to plan this out with my sister who will take charge of my business.


Cleaning the house is a tough job. For me, I personally like to handle the clean up because I feel I can do it better than anyone else. I can do this for one or a couple of months but for the whole year round I do not have the time to do it. That is why I need help in cleaning. If you are like me who is so busy to find time to clean the house, why don't you be like me who sometimes resort to contracting the services of a janitorial, window and flooring care company? There are a lot of help in the net when looking for such kind of  company just like the commercial cleaning salt lake city  janitorial, window cleaning and flooring care company. Contracting these services is less hassle on my part. I don't get tired and I can devote my time to some other worthwhile activities.


I am glad that the youth leaders in my workplace are now actively participating in the Earth Week celebration.  They are now active in the clean up drive. One sentiment  though was aired by them. Most of the  people are not cooperating in the clean up drive. And worst, most people are contributors in the littering of garbages. I have witnessed this glaring display of violation to the environment yesterday. There were spread of garbages in the market even after the clean up. I guess it is time that the law on anti-littering ordinance be given teeth because people sometimes need the law to be implemented before they obey.


Eating together in restaurants is one of the ways I do in order to bond with my children. Sometimes we dine in cheap restaurants and sometimes in expensive restaurants. My kids love to go back to restaurants that cook delicious foods and of course, hot foods. In our favorite restaurant, it has a Panasonic restaurant microwave that heats the food the reason why foods are served always hot. Warming or heating foods is so fast with microwave ovens. Other restaurants should always have this kitchen appliance handy. Having this minimizes food poisoning, too.


I woke up this early to make the pricing for my school and office supplies. I need to do this so I can collect from the supplies I delivered yesterday. I shall have to review the pricing so as not to lose capital as well as profit. Doing this can be boring but thanks to the computer programs that facilitate easy computations. Computers make life more easy, indeed. In pricing, the cost of products are considered, the cost of shipping and all other collateral expenses are considered. I also considered a comparison of the prices of similar products in other stores.


Summer is the right time for home and office repairs. Less hassle than when the repairs are done during other seasons of the year. Many homes in my area are in fact doing either minor or major repairs. For me, I have no plans now of refurbishing my house because I have no budget for it yet. But when I do have a budget in the future I will replace my existing flooring with a hardwood floor. I have thought about this as I am not growing any younger, anymore. Lately, I have experienced slips and fall in my granite flooring. All I want is my safety and protection from falls or slips, which are inevitable at times. Looking ahead, I will also have grandchildren. When they will be playing around the house, I do not like them to meet accidents due to the slippery granite flooring. For protection purposes in the near future, I have in mind replacing my current flooring with hardwood flooring. For now, I will make do with the floor mats I placed around the living room for me and my kids protection. Should I ever have the budget for house repair, I will do the house repairs during summer time.


I have a meeting at 8am today in office. Many concerns shall have to be taken up and one of which is the filing up of the vacant position of Bookkeeper. The applicants have already been screened and the confirmation will be made later. The filling up will lift the vacuum in the official transactions of the barangay. This position was vacated by its former holder who resigned due to illness.


There is such a revolution of many things nowadays. In offices and households for example, utility workers in case of offices and house helpers in case of households are not anymore hired for permanent positions. Many reasons are behind this and one of which is the efficiency rate of employees. Now, many companies or households would rather get commercial cleaning services such as janitorial, window cleaning and flooring care from trusted and proven companies. Why not? For cost efficiency purposes, the latter is very much preferred for. However, not all companies offer the best. The net offers a lot of resource to choose from. Maybe, if you are looking for commercial cleaning services you can click here now and start your search here. Be wise in your decision.


It is really so hot now. One of the electric fans at home malfunctioned because of overheat. Its wirings got burned so it needs repair. The repair man says it is not already economically feasible to have it repaired. A new one would be more economical. I should buy one unit of electric fan this weekend. It is for the room of my daughter. I am sure that electric fans are a sure buy these months because of the heat.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Fiesta time once again. It is a long-honoured tradition in my place to celebrate the fiesta in honor of the patron saints. During these times, abundant foods are served in almost every household to share it with their visitors, families and friends. It is also during these times that people lose control of their diet for food. Well, after the fiesta months they should consider losing weight by taking exercises and weight loss bars.  It is not a good thing to be growing fat and obese because it can do more harm to the body than good. There are three months where fiesta times abound so people should really consider losing weight if they lose control of their food diet.And, I am one of this.


Miscommunication can do a lot of things. It can either do one good benefits or adverse ones.  Most of ten than not, there are more adverse benefits than the good ones.  Today, I was a victim of this in my workplace. One appointive barangay official obviously did not comprehend what I was talking that when she relayed the information to other appointive leaders it was the big opposite of what I said and meant. Good thing that I was able to control the issue that she was spreading out. Next time, I should be so careful and be so slow in talking so that everyone understood what I am saying. Going back, when I asked the others if they got my instructIons right, they did said they understood and their understanding was so different from the understanding of the one who misinterpreted me.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


 I used to have a friend over the net then who hails from North Carolina. She settled in North Carolina after she married her fiancee. When I had the chance to go New York she was prodding me to go their place. She says if i don't like to stay in their place, I could stay in any of the Wilmington NC apartments available near their place. It could have been fun to visit her and get to meet her family but I had limited time and I could not stay longer. Maybe next time when I go near their state I can visit her. For now, I will focus on saving money for my next trip.


My classes in the doctorate degree has ended yesterday. We had a nice culmination activity. Miscommunication, which caused some misunderstanding among some members were resolved. A reconciliation was made before the day ended. We highlighted the culmination with a hang-out in a sing-along bar. I had a good deal of singing among the girls. My classmates were dancing along with the singing. It was already 9:30 when I went home. Now, all of us are rested at home. My kids have no more classes, and so am I.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Surfing is best this summer. Near my workplace is a town where there are many surfers who go for surfing. I love seeing them. I can only envy them to my heart's content because I do not know how to surf. I see the professional ones having this Prolitesurfboardbags for their personal belongings. Everyday I see a lot of these surfers camping out near the coastline and their surfboard bags are just put at the mouth of their tents. It is safe in there, though, especially that some of the surfers live nearby. Many youths are learning how to surf this summer so I guess I will see more of them every day, soon.


My business has been receiving a stream of clients nowadays. It is good that I have my receipts already after many days of waiting. Now that I have my traditional business I can compare it with my multi level marketing. They are two good ways to earn money but the multi level marketing is the one which has a great profit. Even with this I am determined to keep the businesses together. It keeps me busy. I lack the capital but with good management I know I can manage.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Last Friday 14, Valentines Day, in my workplace there were twenty couples, who have been living together as live-in partners, who were given an opportunity to avail of free solemnization of their marriage by the local chief executive. There were free goodies also given to them including the wedding rings. We were cracking a joke if there will also be engagement rings to be given away to lovey dovies. I am sure the couples who are now legally bonded by the State as married couples will live and glorify the sanctity of marriage. After all, this is the essence of their living together for almost a period of time before they decided to finally tie the knots.


I enjoy busy life. My friends chide me about being so busy that I have no more time to enjoy with them. Well, I am so busy right now with my school requirements, my office works, my blogging tasks, my parenting and my business. Amid all these I do not feel stressed out because I enjoy doing what I am doing. Maybe I will join my friends one weekend in a ballroom dancing in the downtown area. Time management is all I do and I do it properly in order not to be stressed out. I feel tired though but not stressed out.


Are you having a problem with obesity? You should pay attention to this health challenge because obesity is the source of many diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems. If you don't take a step to solve this health challenge there is a high risk the diseases I mentioned above will inflict you. God forbid, but its a fact that should be confronted and solved. How does weight loss shakes sound to you? This will just like be enjoying a great health drink but I tell you this is so beneficial to your over all health and wellness. Shed those excess weight off and get back to normalcy the natural way. If you want to know more about how to lose those undesirable weight in you, click on the link here.


I already have a second round of orders for my office supplies. Gee, I am glad that my school and office supplies business is slowly picking up momentum. The first order though has not been paid yet because I still have to wait for the printed official receipts. Bureaucratic procedures dictates a lot of requirements prior to the printing of official receipts. I hope today that I will be able to get the three documents for printing, the sales invoice, the the charge invoice and the official receipts from the printing press. When I am able to present my receipt I can already collect mu dues from the government office.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Are you already excited for the spring and summer? They are just around the corner. Before you know it, it will already be time to go on vacation. Maybe you would like to be accommodated in the strand house that will offer you the convenience and comfort of a home. Well, why not? It is the comfort and convenience that you are looking for in a vacation apart from relaxation and fun. There strand houses you can find in the net. All you have to do is search. You can start from the link here.


Hi! I am back from Manila and Ormoc City. I cam home from Manila City ;ast Sunday evening and in the morning of Monday I was off to Ormoc City. It was so tiring to be traveling away from home. I miss quality time with my kids. I also miss my office space for I have not been there since last week. Tomorrow, I will just stay home and may be go off to the city to follow-up some papers for my school and office supplies store. For now, I am just checking my inbox mails.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Classes are soon to end and we will be embracing spring and summer time again. If you have not yet planned for your family where to go after classes, you should plan it now otherwise late preparations will cost you a lot. If money is a problem, there is a saying that goes "if there is a will there's a way". Depending on your options you can decide from there. You may opt to availing of Personal Loans or you may opt to put it off. You may avail of other options but then again, you weigh in the pros and cons before dipping your hands in to it. After all, it is you who will bear the brunt of consequences, later. Just remember though, that if it is your family's bonding moments and togetherness that are at stake, time is of the essence. You can never turn back the hands of time.  


I will be away tomorrow for Manila. My school will be having an educational study tour to compnaies and organization that have relations to the three subjects I am enrolled in the doctoral program. I will be away from March 1-4. If I were to decide alone I do not like to travel this far for this purpose. There are companies nearby and or within my city that we could go and observe. However, since I do not decide alone, I will abide with the majority decision of the group members. So, off I go and will be back on March 4 in the evening.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


When I was scouting for a computer table before I contemplated on choosing from an array of available glass computer desks. I decided on buying it but on second thought I changed my mind because my sons are clumsy it might just break so easily and puff my money goes. I opted for a non-glass instead. But, computer desks are really quality  and class looking. It is easy to clean. Maybe when my sons are all gown ups I will try this glass computer desk.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


If you are looking for watch music video sites, here is one to search about. You only have to click on the link here and voila, you will find what you're looking for. You can select from a wide array of sites to watch your music videos. If you think you can only watch from one site to watch your music videos, you will be amazed to know there are a number of them. Explore on each one of them and enjoy!


Elder son had his two teeth filled and another one extracted by the dentist. This was long delayed already but I am glad that we had the time today. My elder son did not like to go without me accompanying him. Despite the fiesta in the big barangay in my city that most of the time causes the disruption of school classes, it was good that there was an open private dental clinic. It only took an hour for us at the dental clinic. My son was prescribed to take mefenamic acid and antibiotics for five days.


Demolition of houses of illegal squatters in my work place a few months ago was made fast and possible with the use of hand tools and power tools by those who were hired to demolish the houses. There was violent resistance by the affected families but their efforts proved futile. The affected families were so distraught but they have to obey the order of the court for them to vacate the place. When they did not vacate voluntarily, they were forced to vacate when the demolition team started using their hand and power tools. Everybody was so unhappy with the demolition, including those who just knew of the demolition taking place.


Yes, my classes in the doctoral studies was only in the morning. After we were off from the first subject, we got off with my classmates to the friend of a classmate. It was raining when we arrived there. There were nine of us in there. It was good that there was no classes in the afternoon, otherwise we would have hurriedly eat and run back to school. We had time to linger in the fiesta for about two hours. What a day this was!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Looking ahead on what to do during summer season? Well, there are a lot of things to think of. One is gardening. It would be fun if you have home and garden uk homeware products to share with among the members of your family to work on a project of tomato raising or planting other vegetable stuffs. This is a worthwhile hobby and a nature friendly exercise. But first, secure the tools otherwise if would not be motivating and fun to engage in gardening, at all.


One month down. It is already February, the month of hearts. January passed by with my so busy schedules in work, school and in my new business. This month there are so many plans laid down ahead but more on my business, now. I plan to focus on getting more profit. With hard work and dedication this is possible. There shall be more " on and on" than "on and off". Little by little I am learning the intricacies and nuances in this business.

Friday, January 27, 2012


My inclination lately is to go into business. I already have the health and wellness products. I also want to go into selling jewelries because it is a business that always gets sure profit. I should buy wholesale jewelry in order to get substantial profit. As the saying goes, it is cheaper by the dozen. It is best if I can get the jewelries at a low price, indeed. Well, this needs time to think of first. It needs a bigger capital and it is a high risk business. I will consider these factors before I finally decide to venture into this business.  


My driver's license is now renewed. I came to know that the licensed duration given now is for two years unlike before where it was for three years. I should not forget this lest I be driving with an expired driver's license again. Now, I can drive again. I stopped driving for three days when I came to know my driver's license was expired. Had it not been for the non-working holiday that I was fixing my things, I would have not discovered about the expiration.

Monday, January 23, 2012


A life insurance is something that people must consider in life. Of course, food and shelter are basic things to have before it but life insurance pays the cost when things comes to worst. Like for example for a person who has Human Immuno Deficiency virus or HIV. An hiv life insurance can help him a lot in so many ways. If you want to know what I am saying, why don't you visit the site that links to this?


Yesterday I had a horrific discovery. My driver's license is expired since May 18 of last year! Gosh, I had been driving with an expired driver's license since then. Had I not been fixing the things in my bag I would not have discovered this. And so today, I went to the drug testing and laboratory center to have a medical and drug testing. I will have the results, tomorrow before I go to the Land Transportation Office for the renewal of my driver's license.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


The local government unit I am assigned with presently is planning to build its website. This has been the plan two years ago and this year the local chief executive is bent on achieving this. If ever, the website would need a cheap website hosting. I hope that the one in-charge would have the time and conviction to finish this very easy task of building a website for the LGU. It seems that the people in the communication center are not at all knowledgeable of their jobs. Because if they do, they would not have to look for a technical person to build the website for them.


On Tuesday I will be going to my elder son's school again, to ask for a reconsideration on the dismissal of my elder son. Last Saturday, I talked with the School Administrator, the head of the school who is a priest, and I asked for a reconsideration of the school's decision. He told me to come back on Tuesday as the principal, who was a nun was not around. I hope for a positive result on this. It is my son's graduation in high school that is at stake. And, graduation is only more two months away. I pray for the best.


Looking for a job? Well, there are websites that post job vacancies in many companies. One of them is the DATS job site. There is a listing of job vacancies calling for immediate hiring. If the job suits one's qualifications it is much advisable to apply right away. There are many jobless people out there who are looking for jobs, too. If you are interested, act now.


I am bent on finishing today my office reports as they are due for submission this week. It is good to make them while I am at home because when I reach office there are instances that I fail to make them because of walk-in clients. I hope to finish them today before I go to church with kids, later. Reports such as accomplishments, updated personal data sheet and disclosure of statement of assets and liabilities are the reports I am referring to. There are pro-formats made so filling-out is easy.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I know that my son feels so downtrodden with what has happened to him. He has been expelled from school and with his two attempts to talk for a reconsideration he was denied appearance by the principal. I was in Ormoc then when he did that. The school principal may have been fed up with the promises which he break when he was called more than a couple of times to her office. I will see what I can do now that I am here. He seems so remorseful, now.  


My friend is feeling the negative effect of the economy recession. Her husband lose his job. She is taking two jobs presently to support her family of two children. And, she is deciding to sell her house. I told her to visit the Wilmington NC real estate as this might be a big help to her plan to sell her house to command a better price. Maybe if she has plans of buying another house then it could be a helpful site to her, too. I wish her luck. Life is all about ups and downs. There is no permanency in this world, after the the "down" there is no way to go but "up".


Last night I came back from Ormoc City from a two day training. It was a very useful training conducted by the  German Technical Cooperation and the Department of Trade and Industry. I like it because it was about investment promotion. Oh, my inkling lately is about investments.It was just unfortunate that the local chief executive and other stakeholders in the town I am assigned presently were not invited as participants to the training. Maybe we will just made an echo seminar this month to them.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The granite flooring I had made installed by a carpenter needs a re-do. Why? Under my seat where I am now, the flooring is sticks out a bit. When walking, this is hazardous because if one stumbles on it it will spell disaster. It is my fault because I did not hire a professional person who is expert on tile and wood flooring. He was a carpenter who volunteered he knows the installation of the flooring. He needs to learn more about tile and wood flooring and even carpet flooring for this matter. Now, all I have to do is regrets. I was trying to save money on the installation job but it turned out I will spend out too much because I shall have to buy a new flooring again. I learned my lesson. I shall hire a professional person in this field.


Addicted to tasks. It is what I am. I should be preparing now for my Ormoc City trip but here I am before my computer taking the tasks. Seldom do tasks like this come in, or maybe when tasks are given they are out of timing because I am still in bed. Anyway, the seminar is just there. I will arrive in Ormoc City at 9am if I leave here at 7am. Not so bad. I should not forget my swim suit because my fiends may want to take a dip in the pool tonight.


One of my friends attended the Sinulog festival in Cebu City. It was last Sunday. She was with nine others. It would have been fun to go but then I have attended this festival many times already and it does not take my interest to go, anymore. Lots of walking when in there because of the transportation rerouting and I do not like it. Anyway, the good thing when they were there is there was a big sale of products in almost all the malls including the carpet store and many other stores in the malls. Actually, shopping during this festival is fun and costs one a lot of savings. If I was there I could have scouted for cheap but quality carpets. Anyway, there is always the next time.


My son is malingering in school, again. I was summoned by the school principal yesterday to visit her office. Before 5 in the afternoon I got there and I came to know that my elder son went to school for their testing day in civilian attire. He was sent home and was not allowed to take the examinations. I have not talked to him yet about this because he was not home yet when I came to the house. He slipped in maybe when I was in my room so I could not scold him. I only plan to talk to him. Scolding will not do any good. I hope he mend ways as he is graduating in high school.


Most of the houses nowadays in the neighborhood are airconditioned. Why not? The summer heat is coming and it is much comfortable and convenient to be staying indoors than outdoors. With an airconditioned house or room plus the feel of the carpet when staying barefoot, it is a bliss to be home. Two of the rooms in the house are airconditioned. I plan to install a carpet, soon. I looked in the net already on where to buy and the Bloomsburg carpet store attracted my attention. In haste, I just ran through its supply of carpets but I will get back on it, soon. If you are planning to buy carpets for your house, this site is worth your try.


I am leaving for Ormoc City in awhile. I can hear the church music from here. There is a church kilometers away from my house. Its music can be heard due to the silence of the morning. In the afternoon, rarely do I hear its music because of the noise in the environment. The music is a beckon for church goers to come. Despite its call, I do not hear mass in the early mornings. It is because I prefer to hear mass in the broad day time. Yesterday afternoon, I hear mass at the downtown area. Later today, I hope to hear mass at Ormoc City after our seminar in the afternoon.


The new local movie house in the mall has a very cold environment. Maybe because the airconditioning unit is new. One shall have to bring a jacket when getting in, lest colds will set in. If not for the millcraft carpet the flooring will really bring to one a tingy cold feeling. Carpets provide a sense of warmth somehow. Whenever I go to the movie house, I take off my shoes under my seat and I keep on touching the carpet with my feet to feel its warmth. Good though that the maintenance of cleanliness is observed in the mall, otherwise, the carpets would have been dirtied by now.


My computer printer has been acting up these past few days but thanks to the printer solutions it provides. The printer system helped my son do the repairs following the instructions it provided. I can now make my business card however, I shall have to buy a new black ink cartridge first. Anyway, I am happy that my younger son is already of help with minor troubleshooting. He was able to print his school requirements after that.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My office has a new look now. New curtains was installed. There is a new sala set. The old vinyl tiles were removed. I plan to replace it with new tiles, soon. If my office had only a bigger space, I wanted to make cubicles for my office, for a small reception area and equip it with maybe a berber carpet for comfort and relaxation of visitors and guests as well as me and my staff during breaks. I am hopeful though, that this is not a far fetched idea as the new executive building will be transferred, soon. I can extend my office to one of the the vacated rooms. For now, I will contend with a small space. Beautifying it though is of small expense.


January is past its mid-month. At last I am done with the evaluation of the barangays in my area of coverage. It was not required of me but I extended an extra mile to conduct an evaluation in order that the barangay officials will know of the things required of them to be done. It pays to visit them to spur them into action. I found out they still have to work some more in order to comply with what is mandated of them. And, more importantly, the evaluation keeps them on track.  


Have you ever gone to an establishment where the tile flooring, either wood or tile, are just so marvelous to behold? Marvelous because you can't help but admire the workmanship of the tiles or the tile arrangements on your flooring. Do you know that both goes hand in hand? Well, not just anyone has the skill over floor tiles or carpets installation. There are professionals and experts in floor installations. So, if you are planning to remodel or construct a house, seek professional help on tile flooring and installation. There are a lot of professional help you can get online. If you need to learn more about what I am saying, click on the link here.


Burial this afternoon of my good friend local elective official. She succumbed to complications of stage 4 breast cancer. I am sad for her. Death makes me so sad. Her pain though is ended. I admire her for being a brave lady. She fought for her life till her last breath. My memories with her with linger in my heart and mind, forever. I was together with her when I went to Singapore and Malaysia three years, ago. A principled lady, she always stood with what she believed was right. Her decisions were always anchored on how and what will benefit the many. She was a beautiful lady inside and out. She died at the age of 64. May her soul rest in peace.    

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Way back in my undergraduate studies, one of the interesting subject was political science. (See political science major). My teacher then was adorable as he knew a lot about the political government in my and in other countries as well. I was motivated to learn the subject. The Political Science books helped me a lot to study the political system of my country as well as that of other countries. I owe my knowledge of political systems in the books I read. It really pays to be a wide reader.


I attended the a birthday party today. It was the 58th birthday of my good friend elective official in my workplace. I was supposed to go Ormoc city to attend the health opportunity presentation experience of my business as my guest did not signify her attention to attend. I met at the birthday party acquaintances from before. No dancing and singing as it was raining and it was not possible to have dancing as the reception was at the lawn. Anyway, I enjoyed it there. The food were sumptuous.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Tomorrow, there is a health and opportunity presentation experience in Ormoc City. If a friend will heed to my invitation, I am going to go there. If not, I will just stay at home to study my lessons and to work before the computer. It will be at 2pm tomorrow, so if I am going I must leave at 12noon as it is a two-hour travel towards there. My business mates will also go there to support the company spread the products in this part of my place.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I passed by a neighbor one day and I had the chance to ask him about the pet dogs that he has. I love their puppies, a bred from dogs that doesn't grow taller, at all. It is stout and cute. He says that the mother dog is pregnant, again. Since I wanted to own a dog like it, I asked him if I could ask one puppy once the mother dog delivers. Without much ado, he offered to me the one from the two remaining puppies he has. I so gladly accepted the offer. Now, we already have a puppy. My kids love it. Maybe having a pet will inspire them to go on to vet tech schools.


Gee, thanks my daughter posted last night the task given to me. She wanted to use the desktop so I told her to post the task I just reserved. When I woke up now, there was no interim post. Anyway, the task is submitted already so here I am making an interim post for it. It is Friday already. Time flies so fast. Before I know it, the month it is almost finished. I am just so busy that is why I hardly notice the day passes by. If I could only hold any longer I would so I could make all the things I plan for the day. But. I also know I need to sleep to give the body a restful sleep. Anyhow, good morning to all out there. Have a good and productive day ahead!

Kein Floor

Sometimes it's annoying to the eyes when you see a kitchen with a lot of kitchen equipment and other stuff. And when your cooking a lot of left over and mess in the floor that you have to clean. Sometimes, you cant avoid especially in your tile a part of a food that you can't easily clean and that will cause stink and unappealing color to your floor. Its so hassle and irritating sometimes. In that moment, you would think of changing the floors from  the style and color so it will give you a bright, appealing look not just to yourself but to the kitchen itself. I remember kitchen flooring helped me through it. Its convenient and satisfied by the result after hazy days and weeks of feeling the tantrums of cleaning floors over and over again. Now everything is balance from my vision to my feeling of environment of changes in floors.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


If you are fond of music, you can enroll in a music school like the escuelas de musica to exact the innate voice talent in you. That's right. For your child for example, or for you, if you want to be a professional singer or composer, why don't you invest a few moments of your time in training? This is a very productive endeavor as you will reap a lot out of your decision to be trained. Try it for yourself and convinced!  


My business is picking up. Lately, I signed up as a distributor of food supplements. I met this food supplement when a friend introduced this to me. I was skeptical at first to try the product but I tried it nevertheless for my mother who suffered stroke due to diabetes and high blood pressure. She could only eat two spoonfuls of food every meal and she got so skinny. She was taking six kinds medicines at that time. When I tried this food supplement on my mother, a miracle happened. It is as if my mother's biological systems was regenerated. She started eating back again with her natural appetite for food. She underwent a detoxification process. Her blood sugar stabilized as well as her blood pressure. I stopped her from taking in the synthetic medicines, which was damaging to her kidneys. Now she is only taking the food supplements I am now distributing, and I get the food supplements for free. Why? Because as a distributor I get a number of free food supplements. The food supplements I am selling are no other than INTRA, NUTRIA and FIBRELIFE. It is manufactured by Lifestyles In Canada.

INTRA is one my mother takes. It stabilized her sugar level and her blood pressure. Intra is also good for people with asthma, lupus, thyroid, reproductive problem in males, people with problems in the nervous and in the digestive systems, people with problems in their bile and gallbladder and intestines, people with problems on gas and bloating, hormonal imbalance, people with problems in their urinary function, with problems on the colon, insomnia, upset stomach, inflammatory bowel diseases, joint pains, gouts, arthritis, motion sickness, impotency and it acts as an anti oxidant that it detoxifies the body and helps eliminate body wastes caused by numerous body pollutions. These body pollutions are caused by smoking, drinking, eating processed foods, eating high in cholesterol foods, airline travels, stress and anxieties and many others.

NUTRIA on the other hand helps fight the bad cells or the so-called free radicals. It helps fight even the cancer cells.

FIBRELIFE enhances the detoxification offect of INTRA. It is good for people with diabetes, obesity problems and heart diseases. These three food supplements can be taken separately. It is also better taken together. I have sold to many friends and colleagues and I received repeat orders because of the efficacy of the products. These food supplements work and I have no problem distributing them.

I am so thankful to have met this company through my officemate because not only do my mother and my family get the health and wellness but I also get much economic gains being a distributor. It is a lucrative business I got in. I was never wrong in joining. If you want to inquire about this business I came in, leave me a comment here. You can join if you want.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New year and Christmas are special seasons to celebrate. The tables in almost all houses are filled with good food and sweets. Of course, it can not be avoided that there will be drinks, as well. Champagne and wines are good spirits to take in for the holidays season. However, a moderate amount is only needed. More than the moderate amount is not anymore celebrating but suicidal. I hope each one of you are sober enough to know that above moderation of almost everything is not good.


Happy new year, everyone! May I greet my readers here a prosperous new year to all of you and may the graces be showered to you and family members all year through. I also wish you all good health and good luck in your endeavors for 2012. Hope to see all of you again in my bloghopping.


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