Friday, January 27, 2012


My inclination lately is to go into business. I already have the health and wellness products. I also want to go into selling jewelries because it is a business that always gets sure profit. I should buy wholesale jewelry in order to get substantial profit. As the saying goes, it is cheaper by the dozen. It is best if I can get the jewelries at a low price, indeed. Well, this needs time to think of first. It needs a bigger capital and it is a high risk business. I will consider these factors before I finally decide to venture into this business.  


My driver's license is now renewed. I came to know that the licensed duration given now is for two years unlike before where it was for three years. I should not forget this lest I be driving with an expired driver's license again. Now, I can drive again. I stopped driving for three days when I came to know my driver's license was expired. Had it not been for the non-working holiday that I was fixing my things, I would have not discovered about the expiration.

Monday, January 23, 2012


A life insurance is something that people must consider in life. Of course, food and shelter are basic things to have before it but life insurance pays the cost when things comes to worst. Like for example for a person who has Human Immuno Deficiency virus or HIV. An hiv life insurance can help him a lot in so many ways. If you want to know what I am saying, why don't you visit the site that links to this?


Yesterday I had a horrific discovery. My driver's license is expired since May 18 of last year! Gosh, I had been driving with an expired driver's license since then. Had I not been fixing the things in my bag I would not have discovered this. And so today, I went to the drug testing and laboratory center to have a medical and drug testing. I will have the results, tomorrow before I go to the Land Transportation Office for the renewal of my driver's license.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


The local government unit I am assigned with presently is planning to build its website. This has been the plan two years ago and this year the local chief executive is bent on achieving this. If ever, the website would need a cheap website hosting. I hope that the one in-charge would have the time and conviction to finish this very easy task of building a website for the LGU. It seems that the people in the communication center are not at all knowledgeable of their jobs. Because if they do, they would not have to look for a technical person to build the website for them.


On Tuesday I will be going to my elder son's school again, to ask for a reconsideration on the dismissal of my elder son. Last Saturday, I talked with the School Administrator, the head of the school who is a priest, and I asked for a reconsideration of the school's decision. He told me to come back on Tuesday as the principal, who was a nun was not around. I hope for a positive result on this. It is my son's graduation in high school that is at stake. And, graduation is only more two months away. I pray for the best.


Looking for a job? Well, there are websites that post job vacancies in many companies. One of them is the DATS job site. There is a listing of job vacancies calling for immediate hiring. If the job suits one's qualifications it is much advisable to apply right away. There are many jobless people out there who are looking for jobs, too. If you are interested, act now.


I am bent on finishing today my office reports as they are due for submission this week. It is good to make them while I am at home because when I reach office there are instances that I fail to make them because of walk-in clients. I hope to finish them today before I go to church with kids, later. Reports such as accomplishments, updated personal data sheet and disclosure of statement of assets and liabilities are the reports I am referring to. There are pro-formats made so filling-out is easy.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I know that my son feels so downtrodden with what has happened to him. He has been expelled from school and with his two attempts to talk for a reconsideration he was denied appearance by the principal. I was in Ormoc then when he did that. The school principal may have been fed up with the promises which he break when he was called more than a couple of times to her office. I will see what I can do now that I am here. He seems so remorseful, now.  


My friend is feeling the negative effect of the economy recession. Her husband lose his job. She is taking two jobs presently to support her family of two children. And, she is deciding to sell her house. I told her to visit the Wilmington NC real estate as this might be a big help to her plan to sell her house to command a better price. Maybe if she has plans of buying another house then it could be a helpful site to her, too. I wish her luck. Life is all about ups and downs. There is no permanency in this world, after the the "down" there is no way to go but "up".


Last night I came back from Ormoc City from a two day training. It was a very useful training conducted by the  German Technical Cooperation and the Department of Trade and Industry. I like it because it was about investment promotion. Oh, my inkling lately is about investments.It was just unfortunate that the local chief executive and other stakeholders in the town I am assigned presently were not invited as participants to the training. Maybe we will just made an echo seminar this month to them.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The granite flooring I had made installed by a carpenter needs a re-do. Why? Under my seat where I am now, the flooring is sticks out a bit. When walking, this is hazardous because if one stumbles on it it will spell disaster. It is my fault because I did not hire a professional person who is expert on tile and wood flooring. He was a carpenter who volunteered he knows the installation of the flooring. He needs to learn more about tile and wood flooring and even carpet flooring for this matter. Now, all I have to do is regrets. I was trying to save money on the installation job but it turned out I will spend out too much because I shall have to buy a new flooring again. I learned my lesson. I shall hire a professional person in this field.


Addicted to tasks. It is what I am. I should be preparing now for my Ormoc City trip but here I am before my computer taking the tasks. Seldom do tasks like this come in, or maybe when tasks are given they are out of timing because I am still in bed. Anyway, the seminar is just there. I will arrive in Ormoc City at 9am if I leave here at 7am. Not so bad. I should not forget my swim suit because my fiends may want to take a dip in the pool tonight.


One of my friends attended the Sinulog festival in Cebu City. It was last Sunday. She was with nine others. It would have been fun to go but then I have attended this festival many times already and it does not take my interest to go, anymore. Lots of walking when in there because of the transportation rerouting and I do not like it. Anyway, the good thing when they were there is there was a big sale of products in almost all the malls including the carpet store and many other stores in the malls. Actually, shopping during this festival is fun and costs one a lot of savings. If I was there I could have scouted for cheap but quality carpets. Anyway, there is always the next time.


My son is malingering in school, again. I was summoned by the school principal yesterday to visit her office. Before 5 in the afternoon I got there and I came to know that my elder son went to school for their testing day in civilian attire. He was sent home and was not allowed to take the examinations. I have not talked to him yet about this because he was not home yet when I came to the house. He slipped in maybe when I was in my room so I could not scold him. I only plan to talk to him. Scolding will not do any good. I hope he mend ways as he is graduating in high school.


Most of the houses nowadays in the neighborhood are airconditioned. Why not? The summer heat is coming and it is much comfortable and convenient to be staying indoors than outdoors. With an airconditioned house or room plus the feel of the carpet when staying barefoot, it is a bliss to be home. Two of the rooms in the house are airconditioned. I plan to install a carpet, soon. I looked in the net already on where to buy and the Bloomsburg carpet store attracted my attention. In haste, I just ran through its supply of carpets but I will get back on it, soon. If you are planning to buy carpets for your house, this site is worth your try.


I am leaving for Ormoc City in awhile. I can hear the church music from here. There is a church kilometers away from my house. Its music can be heard due to the silence of the morning. In the afternoon, rarely do I hear its music because of the noise in the environment. The music is a beckon for church goers to come. Despite its call, I do not hear mass in the early mornings. It is because I prefer to hear mass in the broad day time. Yesterday afternoon, I hear mass at the downtown area. Later today, I hope to hear mass at Ormoc City after our seminar in the afternoon.


The new local movie house in the mall has a very cold environment. Maybe because the airconditioning unit is new. One shall have to bring a jacket when getting in, lest colds will set in. If not for the millcraft carpet the flooring will really bring to one a tingy cold feeling. Carpets provide a sense of warmth somehow. Whenever I go to the movie house, I take off my shoes under my seat and I keep on touching the carpet with my feet to feel its warmth. Good though that the maintenance of cleanliness is observed in the mall, otherwise, the carpets would have been dirtied by now.


My computer printer has been acting up these past few days but thanks to the printer solutions it provides. The printer system helped my son do the repairs following the instructions it provided. I can now make my business card however, I shall have to buy a new black ink cartridge first. Anyway, I am happy that my younger son is already of help with minor troubleshooting. He was able to print his school requirements after that.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My office has a new look now. New curtains was installed. There is a new sala set. The old vinyl tiles were removed. I plan to replace it with new tiles, soon. If my office had only a bigger space, I wanted to make cubicles for my office, for a small reception area and equip it with maybe a berber carpet for comfort and relaxation of visitors and guests as well as me and my staff during breaks. I am hopeful though, that this is not a far fetched idea as the new executive building will be transferred, soon. I can extend my office to one of the the vacated rooms. For now, I will contend with a small space. Beautifying it though is of small expense.


January is past its mid-month. At last I am done with the evaluation of the barangays in my area of coverage. It was not required of me but I extended an extra mile to conduct an evaluation in order that the barangay officials will know of the things required of them to be done. It pays to visit them to spur them into action. I found out they still have to work some more in order to comply with what is mandated of them. And, more importantly, the evaluation keeps them on track.  


Have you ever gone to an establishment where the tile flooring, either wood or tile, are just so marvelous to behold? Marvelous because you can't help but admire the workmanship of the tiles or the tile arrangements on your flooring. Do you know that both goes hand in hand? Well, not just anyone has the skill over floor tiles or carpets installation. There are professionals and experts in floor installations. So, if you are planning to remodel or construct a house, seek professional help on tile flooring and installation. There are a lot of professional help you can get online. If you need to learn more about what I am saying, click on the link here.


Burial this afternoon of my good friend local elective official. She succumbed to complications of stage 4 breast cancer. I am sad for her. Death makes me so sad. Her pain though is ended. I admire her for being a brave lady. She fought for her life till her last breath. My memories with her with linger in my heart and mind, forever. I was together with her when I went to Singapore and Malaysia three years, ago. A principled lady, she always stood with what she believed was right. Her decisions were always anchored on how and what will benefit the many. She was a beautiful lady inside and out. She died at the age of 64. May her soul rest in peace.    

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Way back in my undergraduate studies, one of the interesting subject was political science. (See political science major). My teacher then was adorable as he knew a lot about the political government in my and in other countries as well. I was motivated to learn the subject. The Political Science books helped me a lot to study the political system of my country as well as that of other countries. I owe my knowledge of political systems in the books I read. It really pays to be a wide reader.


I attended the a birthday party today. It was the 58th birthday of my good friend elective official in my workplace. I was supposed to go Ormoc city to attend the health opportunity presentation experience of my business as my guest did not signify her attention to attend. I met at the birthday party acquaintances from before. No dancing and singing as it was raining and it was not possible to have dancing as the reception was at the lawn. Anyway, I enjoyed it there. The food were sumptuous.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Tomorrow, there is a health and opportunity presentation experience in Ormoc City. If a friend will heed to my invitation, I am going to go there. If not, I will just stay at home to study my lessons and to work before the computer. It will be at 2pm tomorrow, so if I am going I must leave at 12noon as it is a two-hour travel towards there. My business mates will also go there to support the company spread the products in this part of my place.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I passed by a neighbor one day and I had the chance to ask him about the pet dogs that he has. I love their puppies, a bred from dogs that doesn't grow taller, at all. It is stout and cute. He says that the mother dog is pregnant, again. Since I wanted to own a dog like it, I asked him if I could ask one puppy once the mother dog delivers. Without much ado, he offered to me the one from the two remaining puppies he has. I so gladly accepted the offer. Now, we already have a puppy. My kids love it. Maybe having a pet will inspire them to go on to vet tech schools.


Gee, thanks my daughter posted last night the task given to me. She wanted to use the desktop so I told her to post the task I just reserved. When I woke up now, there was no interim post. Anyway, the task is submitted already so here I am making an interim post for it. It is Friday already. Time flies so fast. Before I know it, the month it is almost finished. I am just so busy that is why I hardly notice the day passes by. If I could only hold any longer I would so I could make all the things I plan for the day. But. I also know I need to sleep to give the body a restful sleep. Anyhow, good morning to all out there. Have a good and productive day ahead!

Kein Floor

Sometimes it's annoying to the eyes when you see a kitchen with a lot of kitchen equipment and other stuff. And when your cooking a lot of left over and mess in the floor that you have to clean. Sometimes, you cant avoid especially in your tile a part of a food that you can't easily clean and that will cause stink and unappealing color to your floor. Its so hassle and irritating sometimes. In that moment, you would think of changing the floors from  the style and color so it will give you a bright, appealing look not just to yourself but to the kitchen itself. I remember kitchen flooring helped me through it. Its convenient and satisfied by the result after hazy days and weeks of feeling the tantrums of cleaning floors over and over again. Now everything is balance from my vision to my feeling of environment of changes in floors.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


If you are fond of music, you can enroll in a music school like the escuelas de musica to exact the innate voice talent in you. That's right. For your child for example, or for you, if you want to be a professional singer or composer, why don't you invest a few moments of your time in training? This is a very productive endeavor as you will reap a lot out of your decision to be trained. Try it for yourself and convinced!  


My business is picking up. Lately, I signed up as a distributor of food supplements. I met this food supplement when a friend introduced this to me. I was skeptical at first to try the product but I tried it nevertheless for my mother who suffered stroke due to diabetes and high blood pressure. She could only eat two spoonfuls of food every meal and she got so skinny. She was taking six kinds medicines at that time. When I tried this food supplement on my mother, a miracle happened. It is as if my mother's biological systems was regenerated. She started eating back again with her natural appetite for food. She underwent a detoxification process. Her blood sugar stabilized as well as her blood pressure. I stopped her from taking in the synthetic medicines, which was damaging to her kidneys. Now she is only taking the food supplements I am now distributing, and I get the food supplements for free. Why? Because as a distributor I get a number of free food supplements. The food supplements I am selling are no other than INTRA, NUTRIA and FIBRELIFE. It is manufactured by Lifestyles In Canada.

INTRA is one my mother takes. It stabilized her sugar level and her blood pressure. Intra is also good for people with asthma, lupus, thyroid, reproductive problem in males, people with problems in the nervous and in the digestive systems, people with problems in their bile and gallbladder and intestines, people with problems on gas and bloating, hormonal imbalance, people with problems in their urinary function, with problems on the colon, insomnia, upset stomach, inflammatory bowel diseases, joint pains, gouts, arthritis, motion sickness, impotency and it acts as an anti oxidant that it detoxifies the body and helps eliminate body wastes caused by numerous body pollutions. These body pollutions are caused by smoking, drinking, eating processed foods, eating high in cholesterol foods, airline travels, stress and anxieties and many others.

NUTRIA on the other hand helps fight the bad cells or the so-called free radicals. It helps fight even the cancer cells.

FIBRELIFE enhances the detoxification offect of INTRA. It is good for people with diabetes, obesity problems and heart diseases. These three food supplements can be taken separately. It is also better taken together. I have sold to many friends and colleagues and I received repeat orders because of the efficacy of the products. These food supplements work and I have no problem distributing them.

I am so thankful to have met this company through my officemate because not only do my mother and my family get the health and wellness but I also get much economic gains being a distributor. It is a lucrative business I got in. I was never wrong in joining. If you want to inquire about this business I came in, leave me a comment here. You can join if you want.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New year and Christmas are special seasons to celebrate. The tables in almost all houses are filled with good food and sweets. Of course, it can not be avoided that there will be drinks, as well. Champagne and wines are good spirits to take in for the holidays season. However, a moderate amount is only needed. More than the moderate amount is not anymore celebrating but suicidal. I hope each one of you are sober enough to know that above moderation of almost everything is not good.


Happy new year, everyone! May I greet my readers here a prosperous new year to all of you and may the graces be showered to you and family members all year through. I also wish you all good health and good luck in your endeavors for 2012. Hope to see all of you again in my bloghopping.


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