Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My business is picking up. Lately, I signed up as a distributor of food supplements. I met this food supplement when a friend introduced this to me. I was skeptical at first to try the product but I tried it nevertheless for my mother who suffered stroke due to diabetes and high blood pressure. She could only eat two spoonfuls of food every meal and she got so skinny. She was taking six kinds medicines at that time. When I tried this food supplement on my mother, a miracle happened. It is as if my mother's biological systems was regenerated. She started eating back again with her natural appetite for food. She underwent a detoxification process. Her blood sugar stabilized as well as her blood pressure. I stopped her from taking in the synthetic medicines, which was damaging to her kidneys. Now she is only taking the food supplements I am now distributing, and I get the food supplements for free. Why? Because as a distributor I get a number of free food supplements. The food supplements I am selling are no other than INTRA, NUTRIA and FIBRELIFE. It is manufactured by Lifestyles In Canada.

INTRA is one my mother takes. It stabilized her sugar level and her blood pressure. Intra is also good for people with asthma, lupus, thyroid, reproductive problem in males, people with problems in the nervous and in the digestive systems, people with problems in their bile and gallbladder and intestines, people with problems on gas and bloating, hormonal imbalance, people with problems in their urinary function, with problems on the colon, insomnia, upset stomach, inflammatory bowel diseases, joint pains, gouts, arthritis, motion sickness, impotency and it acts as an anti oxidant that it detoxifies the body and helps eliminate body wastes caused by numerous body pollutions. These body pollutions are caused by smoking, drinking, eating processed foods, eating high in cholesterol foods, airline travels, stress and anxieties and many others.

NUTRIA on the other hand helps fight the bad cells or the so-called free radicals. It helps fight even the cancer cells.

FIBRELIFE enhances the detoxification offect of INTRA. It is good for people with diabetes, obesity problems and heart diseases. These three food supplements can be taken separately. It is also better taken together. I have sold to many friends and colleagues and I received repeat orders because of the efficacy of the products. These food supplements work and I have no problem distributing them.

I am so thankful to have met this company through my officemate because not only do my mother and my family get the health and wellness but I also get much economic gains being a distributor. It is a lucrative business I got in. I was never wrong in joining. If you want to inquire about this business I came in, leave me a comment here. You can join if you want.

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