Sunday, March 25, 2012


 I used to have a friend over the net then who hails from North Carolina. She settled in North Carolina after she married her fiancee. When I had the chance to go New York she was prodding me to go their place. She says if i don't like to stay in their place, I could stay in any of the Wilmington NC apartments available near their place. It could have been fun to visit her and get to meet her family but I had limited time and I could not stay longer. Maybe next time when I go near their state I can visit her. For now, I will focus on saving money for my next trip.


My classes in the doctorate degree has ended yesterday. We had a nice culmination activity. Miscommunication, which caused some misunderstanding among some members were resolved. A reconciliation was made before the day ended. We highlighted the culmination with a hang-out in a sing-along bar. I had a good deal of singing among the girls. My classmates were dancing along with the singing. It was already 9:30 when I went home. Now, all of us are rested at home. My kids have no more classes, and so am I.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Surfing is best this summer. Near my workplace is a town where there are many surfers who go for surfing. I love seeing them. I can only envy them to my heart's content because I do not know how to surf. I see the professional ones having this Prolitesurfboardbags for their personal belongings. Everyday I see a lot of these surfers camping out near the coastline and their surfboard bags are just put at the mouth of their tents. It is safe in there, though, especially that some of the surfers live nearby. Many youths are learning how to surf this summer so I guess I will see more of them every day, soon.


My business has been receiving a stream of clients nowadays. It is good that I have my receipts already after many days of waiting. Now that I have my traditional business I can compare it with my multi level marketing. They are two good ways to earn money but the multi level marketing is the one which has a great profit. Even with this I am determined to keep the businesses together. It keeps me busy. I lack the capital but with good management I know I can manage.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Last Friday 14, Valentines Day, in my workplace there were twenty couples, who have been living together as live-in partners, who were given an opportunity to avail of free solemnization of their marriage by the local chief executive. There were free goodies also given to them including the wedding rings. We were cracking a joke if there will also be engagement rings to be given away to lovey dovies. I am sure the couples who are now legally bonded by the State as married couples will live and glorify the sanctity of marriage. After all, this is the essence of their living together for almost a period of time before they decided to finally tie the knots.


I enjoy busy life. My friends chide me about being so busy that I have no more time to enjoy with them. Well, I am so busy right now with my school requirements, my office works, my blogging tasks, my parenting and my business. Amid all these I do not feel stressed out because I enjoy doing what I am doing. Maybe I will join my friends one weekend in a ballroom dancing in the downtown area. Time management is all I do and I do it properly in order not to be stressed out. I feel tired though but not stressed out.


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I already have a second round of orders for my office supplies. Gee, I am glad that my school and office supplies business is slowly picking up momentum. The first order though has not been paid yet because I still have to wait for the printed official receipts. Bureaucratic procedures dictates a lot of requirements prior to the printing of official receipts. I hope today that I will be able to get the three documents for printing, the sales invoice, the the charge invoice and the official receipts from the printing press. When I am able to present my receipt I can already collect mu dues from the government office.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Are you already excited for the spring and summer? They are just around the corner. Before you know it, it will already be time to go on vacation. Maybe you would like to be accommodated in the strand house that will offer you the convenience and comfort of a home. Well, why not? It is the comfort and convenience that you are looking for in a vacation apart from relaxation and fun. There strand houses you can find in the net. All you have to do is search. You can start from the link here.


Hi! I am back from Manila and Ormoc City. I cam home from Manila City ;ast Sunday evening and in the morning of Monday I was off to Ormoc City. It was so tiring to be traveling away from home. I miss quality time with my kids. I also miss my office space for I have not been there since last week. Tomorrow, I will just stay home and may be go off to the city to follow-up some papers for my school and office supplies store. For now, I am just checking my inbox mails.


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