Monday, April 30, 2012


It is really amazing how the upsurge of modern technology has made tremendous changes in the lives of individuals, business owners and organizations. The information technology gadgets, for instance, like the computers and the internet, have radically changed the way individuals and organizations behave. People then used the print media to be informed of the daily news through the local and national papers. Now, it is evident that there is a decrease in percentage of newspaper circulation because of the computers and internet operating 24/7. Although there are studies that show that newspapers are still heavily relied upon by most people, majority of the percentage says people still read news in their computers through the internet. One can search any name over the internet and a lot of links in the search engine can be found. The problem though is what if one’s name is tarnished over the internet. This is not at all impossible because there are people who have ill intentions over someone. The internet can be an avenue to destroy or build one’s reputation. If there is a site like that claims to correct this problem then this site must be legitimate. For some who have been victimized by this non-sense act of unscrupulous people, it is time to check on this site in order to be helped. As the truism goes, Act early before negative effects escalate to greater proportions. It is never too, late to start now.


I am invited to a beach party tomorrow afternoon in my workplace. Well, why not? I will go to that party to grace the occasion but I can not swim in the beach and join the youth leaders who are spearheading the affair because it is still within office hours. Maybe if I will still be there beyond 5pm I will swim. It has been a long time since I last swam in the beach. I will need to bring swimming clothes tomorrow, just in case.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Summer vacation is always exciting for the kids. They look forward to this season of the year as this is the time to explore interesting places and to do the favorite hobbies and sports. For beginners of new sports it is so exciting to do it. If your favorite is boating, summer time is the best to enjoy it. Be ready though with your boat that it is ready to sail safely. Equip it with functional parts like the boat propellers, boating supplies and other boating gear parts and accessories.It is advisable to check everything first before sailing. Remember, you don't have long summer days ahead of you, so why don't you check on your boat the soonest possible time? Every day counts so go ahead, plan out everything, now.


Gee, time passes by so fast. My weekend seem to fly. I just attended my classes on Saturday and Sunday, a few hours visit to the mall for groceries and the weekend is off. Glad that my kids are home buddies. We still eat together and still have time to talk during meals. Family dinners are always bonding time. Thanks to the computer because it keep my kids stay at home almost all the time. I leave and go home with my kids around home still. Summer vacation for them so they have all the time before the computer.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Reminiscing my college days makes me shiver in fear as I recall the activities I now consider dangerous. One of them was when I went boating with some friends of mine. We went without proper precautionary measures. I never told my parents about the boating excursion. We went boating without any life jackets worn on by any one of us. There was even a time when our boat almost tipped over. We were lucky that one of us knew how to row the boat and it was not me. Next time, I will never sail away to the waters without any boating supplies. I will also make sure that my children are educated about going boating excursions that the boat shall have life jackets, and other boating supplies for every passengers' protection.


It has been a very sleepy morning for me during my first class in school this morning. I slept at 3am that is why. I attended the wake of the late mayor Roque A. Tiu. There was no power due to the repairs conducted by the electrical company in its power lines. Glad that there was no classes this afternoon the reason why I was able to take a power nap at the living room while fanning myself with a folder. The power is now restored. Somehow, I was able to take a nap and now I am back to blogging, again then I will finish the pricing of my school and office supplies.


The heat is on this summer and it is expected to be hotter this time brought about by the climate change. That is why it is very important to brace the warmer summer by wearing light clothes, wear proper eye and skin protection. Stay in a cooler place to avoid heat stroke. At home check the airconditioning units. If they become unserviceable or should they need repair, contract the services of an airconditioning company but be sure that you are contracting the right company. AC experts in town maybe contacted. In the United States there is a company who have trusted and expert people in air conditioning in orlando. Of course there are other experts in other States, too. Beat the heat, tune up your air conditioning system.


I just got home from the vigil of one local chief executive in one of my work assignments. He has been a very good friend of mine. I admire him as he is to me a noble man, a man with honor, a good disciplinarian and an ideal family man. He died of cardiac arrest while on a vacation in San Francisco with her wife. He has touched many people lives during his stint as a mayor and board member. He died an incumbent board member of my province. May he rest in peace and may his bereaved family be comforted that he has to go ahead to join his creator.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Investing on real estate is a good investment. I believe on this the reason why one of my investments is buying lots. I already invested on buying two lots within the past five years. If I only have more money I will invest in the Wilmington NC real estate through one of my friends who live near Carolina Beach. Only that I have no money yet to achieve this dream. Real estate properties near Carolina Beach are a good buy. This will command a good price once it is sold in the future.


My store is cramped full of school and office supplies. In fact, since I have utilized one room in the house downstairs as my store, only a very small space can be passed through. My living room is also filled with my supplies. I do not have a daily stream of buyers in my store. This is my intention as intended to be a supplier only in schools and offices. I am going to have a strategy of receiving bookings from commercial centers like internet cafes, and mini stores. I will have to plan this out with my sister who will take charge of my business.


Cleaning the house is a tough job. For me, I personally like to handle the clean up because I feel I can do it better than anyone else. I can do this for one or a couple of months but for the whole year round I do not have the time to do it. That is why I need help in cleaning. If you are like me who is so busy to find time to clean the house, why don't you be like me who sometimes resort to contracting the services of a janitorial, window and flooring care company? There are a lot of help in the net when looking for such kind of  company just like the commercial cleaning salt lake city  janitorial, window cleaning and flooring care company. Contracting these services is less hassle on my part. I don't get tired and I can devote my time to some other worthwhile activities.


I am glad that the youth leaders in my workplace are now actively participating in the Earth Week celebration.  They are now active in the clean up drive. One sentiment  though was aired by them. Most of the  people are not cooperating in the clean up drive. And worst, most people are contributors in the littering of garbages. I have witnessed this glaring display of violation to the environment yesterday. There were spread of garbages in the market even after the clean up. I guess it is time that the law on anti-littering ordinance be given teeth because people sometimes need the law to be implemented before they obey.


Eating together in restaurants is one of the ways I do in order to bond with my children. Sometimes we dine in cheap restaurants and sometimes in expensive restaurants. My kids love to go back to restaurants that cook delicious foods and of course, hot foods. In our favorite restaurant, it has a Panasonic restaurant microwave that heats the food the reason why foods are served always hot. Warming or heating foods is so fast with microwave ovens. Other restaurants should always have this kitchen appliance handy. Having this minimizes food poisoning, too.


I woke up this early to make the pricing for my school and office supplies. I need to do this so I can collect from the supplies I delivered yesterday. I shall have to review the pricing so as not to lose capital as well as profit. Doing this can be boring but thanks to the computer programs that facilitate easy computations. Computers make life more easy, indeed. In pricing, the cost of products are considered, the cost of shipping and all other collateral expenses are considered. I also considered a comparison of the prices of similar products in other stores.


Summer is the right time for home and office repairs. Less hassle than when the repairs are done during other seasons of the year. Many homes in my area are in fact doing either minor or major repairs. For me, I have no plans now of refurbishing my house because I have no budget for it yet. But when I do have a budget in the future I will replace my existing flooring with a hardwood floor. I have thought about this as I am not growing any younger, anymore. Lately, I have experienced slips and fall in my granite flooring. All I want is my safety and protection from falls or slips, which are inevitable at times. Looking ahead, I will also have grandchildren. When they will be playing around the house, I do not like them to meet accidents due to the slippery granite flooring. For protection purposes in the near future, I have in mind replacing my current flooring with hardwood flooring. For now, I will make do with the floor mats I placed around the living room for me and my kids protection. Should I ever have the budget for house repair, I will do the house repairs during summer time.


I have a meeting at 8am today in office. Many concerns shall have to be taken up and one of which is the filing up of the vacant position of Bookkeeper. The applicants have already been screened and the confirmation will be made later. The filling up will lift the vacuum in the official transactions of the barangay. This position was vacated by its former holder who resigned due to illness.


There is such a revolution of many things nowadays. In offices and households for example, utility workers in case of offices and house helpers in case of households are not anymore hired for permanent positions. Many reasons are behind this and one of which is the efficiency rate of employees. Now, many companies or households would rather get commercial cleaning services such as janitorial, window cleaning and flooring care from trusted and proven companies. Why not? For cost efficiency purposes, the latter is very much preferred for. However, not all companies offer the best. The net offers a lot of resource to choose from. Maybe, if you are looking for commercial cleaning services you can click here now and start your search here. Be wise in your decision.


It is really so hot now. One of the electric fans at home malfunctioned because of overheat. Its wirings got burned so it needs repair. The repair man says it is not already economically feasible to have it repaired. A new one would be more economical. I should buy one unit of electric fan this weekend. It is for the room of my daughter. I am sure that electric fans are a sure buy these months because of the heat.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Fiesta time once again. It is a long-honoured tradition in my place to celebrate the fiesta in honor of the patron saints. During these times, abundant foods are served in almost every household to share it with their visitors, families and friends. It is also during these times that people lose control of their diet for food. Well, after the fiesta months they should consider losing weight by taking exercises and weight loss bars.  It is not a good thing to be growing fat and obese because it can do more harm to the body than good. There are three months where fiesta times abound so people should really consider losing weight if they lose control of their food diet.And, I am one of this.


Miscommunication can do a lot of things. It can either do one good benefits or adverse ones.  Most of ten than not, there are more adverse benefits than the good ones.  Today, I was a victim of this in my workplace. One appointive barangay official obviously did not comprehend what I was talking that when she relayed the information to other appointive leaders it was the big opposite of what I said and meant. Good thing that I was able to control the issue that she was spreading out. Next time, I should be so careful and be so slow in talking so that everyone understood what I am saying. Going back, when I asked the others if they got my instructIons right, they did said they understood and their understanding was so different from the understanding of the one who misinterpreted me.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...