Friday, April 20, 2012


Summer is the right time for home and office repairs. Less hassle than when the repairs are done during other seasons of the year. Many homes in my area are in fact doing either minor or major repairs. For me, I have no plans now of refurbishing my house because I have no budget for it yet. But when I do have a budget in the future I will replace my existing flooring with a hardwood floor. I have thought about this as I am not growing any younger, anymore. Lately, I have experienced slips and fall in my granite flooring. All I want is my safety and protection from falls or slips, which are inevitable at times. Looking ahead, I will also have grandchildren. When they will be playing around the house, I do not like them to meet accidents due to the slippery granite flooring. For protection purposes in the near future, I have in mind replacing my current flooring with hardwood flooring. For now, I will make do with the floor mats I placed around the living room for me and my kids protection. Should I ever have the budget for house repair, I will do the house repairs during summer time.

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