Thursday, May 24, 2012


Soon I will be having the soft opening of my store after I have finished the refurbishing. When I will be full swing on my store I will need to have a vehicle to transport ordered items. Maybe one that is similar to a Range Rover Evoque would be best but in the meantime any vehicle may do. I will be saving on it soon. I missed to plan about the transport vehicle for my school and office supplies store, but I can do without it for now. Later, it should be my priority.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I opened a new savings account in the bank for my school and office supplies. This is to set aside all monies earned for my school and office supplies business. My sister is hands on with my business. She will be taking charge of my store once it formally opens this June. I hope to have it blessed first before its operation. For this week I will be busy with the repairs. I only hope that my money will be enough for the store repairs, shelves installation and store security.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Going to the beach is one of the favorite hang outs of my family. My place is near the beautiful beach resorts in my island. It is a place where I can bond with the family and it makes me complete. I can relax from work and I can engage in conversations with them on any topics. I see to it that I have enough money for our vacation. I sometimes rent beach kiosk and or cottage like that of the Carolina Beach rentals that can accommodate me and my kids. The cost does not matter as long as the family is happy together. Beach rentals provide comfort and convenience to family vacations. After tiring hours of swimming and running, the beach accommodation can be a good comfort to to the body.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I would like to thank everybody for sending me birthday greetings during my birthday last May 18. Of course, I was not able to reply immediately to the well wishers because I was away during my birthday to a beach resort in one of the beautiful resorts in Albuera, Leyte.  My kids love it there. There was a beautiful pool and a very dainty beach.  There was a fish spa inside the resort and other attractions like exotic birds.  In the afternoon, I had to rush to Visca, Baybay, Leyte for an official travel. My kids like it at the Visca also. The places we visited was worth the trip even if it took us almost five hours for the whole trip's travel.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The exercise of political suffrage is one of the benefits of a democratic country like the United States. One can choose in his casting of vote the candidate he likes to win. Whether he will choose bloomfield for congress or any candidate for that matter, it is very important to weigh the qualifications of the candidate if he is fit for the position. There are many who run for office just for the heck of running. Remember, one vote is very precious. It can make or break a country.


The weather is fine today. The sun did not shine so warm on this part of my place. No rain and the wind blows cooler. It is a perfect day to swim in the beach or in the pool. I hope tomorrow that the weather will be the same. I am planning to go on vacation with my kids to a resort with a pool and we can swim in the beach at the same time. But, first my family shall go and hear the church mass before anything else.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The 2-year contract of my mobile phone is about to expire next month. As early as now I have already chosen the kind of cellphone I would get as its replacement. I wish to have an iPhone. I like it as it is handy. If I could have the iPhone there would be no problem for its repair since I know of an iPhone screen repair shop that would take care of its restoring back its operation to normalcy. Last time, when my cellphone fell off to the floor of the restroom in my workplace, I just ran to him to restore the broken screen. I worried a lot only to find out that it was only a minor repair for my cellphone.


Lease signing today for the space I am supposed to rent. I am compelled to make the contract as the lessor called me up to make the contract. I like this as this would be beneficial to me, not that I will manipulate that the provisions of the contract are all favored to me, but I can somehow inject some terms that are not so strict to implement on my part. There are some contracts I know in some leased establishments that are almost restricting the movements of the lessee. Since lessees are so much interested to rent the space, they tend to sign the contract out of dire need of the space. I wish to finish the contract this morning.

Monday, May 14, 2012


The news over the television that I have heard last week was there was one household robbed and stripped of precious belongings. Why? Because unscrupulous people come unexpectedly but I will email you ame with hypnosis power. I don't like to believe on this but a friend says its true. She cited to me people who are residents in his place and have been visited with people who suffer from hypnosis attack. I will go there one of this days to see if I should believe.


One school report down and one more to go. I had presented my class report last Saturday albeit it was prepared haphazardly. My partner was also unprepared as he obviously read only the copy of our report one day before the scheduled reporting day. I hope it will not happen with our class report this coming Sunday. I am bent to be prepared no matter what. I like the topic that is why my interest is spurred. Two more weekends and summer classes is over. I am bracing myself for the end of classes reports and papers as is the usual culture in my school.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


This coming September the organizations I have organized in my workplace will be having its Annual Congress. There is a motion to conduct a bingo game. If you are thinking of the (sign up now) but no it is not. It is only a bingo game where a participant gets a card for a fee and he gets to claim the prizes should he win at the end of the game.It is fun seeing the participants play the bingo. I can only watch them in envy because I cannot join them. I will be the one in-charge of the prizes and in implementing the mechanics of  the game. This bingo game is fun because one can get good prizes for only a meager amount spend for the card. In this coming month of June, the finalization of the plans for this Congress shall have to be ironed out. It is too early yet to plan but months fly so fast that September comes before we know it.

Obviously, there are many participants of the organization who do not know how to play bingo.  Save for those who are fond of playing online bingo those who do not know can start playing bingo by practicing playing bingo in their respective homes. It is fun to be played at home with the kids, especially during leisure times in the day and even at night . Well, if there is internet connection in their homes, they could go online to play bingo. If I only have time I will play this online bingo myself so that when the meeting comes I can share to them how it is done. If not, I will invite one of the participants who already know how to play this game so he can talk and share to the participants the benefits this game gives.


I just finished doing my power point presentation for my school report this afternoon. Whew, I researched in the net in a lot of sites and in the end I was able to compress my report to only 37 slides. It was hard to research on my topic. I was also able to study my report as I inched towards making my power point presentation. I hope I can give wisdom to my report and I can increase the knowledge of my classmates over my report. If it turns out well, I will give a pat on myself for a job well done.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Obesity is the root cause of many diseases. It is the main culprit in the increased level of blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. As early as possible it is very important to prevent the cause of obesity. Proper diet provides complete bariatric advantage in the wholistic treatment of obesity. One of my cousins may be needing treatment to his obesity problem. At the age five until now he has been having this problem. Genetic factors has something to do with her obesity problem but I guess, proper food diet can help a lot to remedy this problem. If she can reduce weight considerably, maybe she still has hope in getting pregnant. And more, she can avpoid having high blood cholesterol and diabetes.


One year and the antivirus of my laptop will expire and it will happen this end of May. It means buying again another computer anti virus. In fairness, I like it that there is an anti virus for my laptop. Viruses are detected and cleansed immediately. There is no need to restart the computer after it finishes the virus scanning. When flash drives are inserted into the laptop, an automatic virus scanning is made. Had it not been for my installed anti-virus, I don't think that my laptop will work as good as it is now.


It is not easy to bear the loss of a loved one. I know this because it took time before I came to overcome the demise of my father. When he got confined in the hospital, the diagnosis of the attending physician was he was suffering from pneumonia. However, on the second day of his confinement he died. The final diagnosis of the cause of his death was due to rheumatic heart disease. I was outrageously mad at the physician who attended over the initial confinement of my father. Had he referred the results of the medical laboratory exams to a heart specialist my father would not have died at an early age of 57. Doctor referrals can now be made online to doctors whose complete profile are posted online just like what Robert Mirsky MD did. Had this strategy of referral been employed by the attending physician of my father, may be he would have been alive until now. I did not sue the doctor for his incompetence. Suing will not bring back the life of my father but I told her that she may be sued by other patients if she commits the same incompetence, again.


I spent the whole day preparing for my school report for May 12 and for my speakership tomorrow at a town far away from my place. This has been a tough day for me. In between I was supervising the posting of the school and office supplies procured recently. I called the day off in office because I am in receipt of an office order requiring me to report on May 4 and 5 to Palompon, Leyte. Since my time slot is on May 5 yet I give toda, may 4 as the day to prepare my presentation materials.


Formulation of end of year report is my topic to be discussed tomorrow in Palompon, Leyte. Yes, I am going there tomorrow and will talk before the youth leaders in that place. I will be leaving tomorrow at 4am to catch with my talk schedule at 10am. I am to prepare my power point presentation however, I was informed that the LCD projector is used in other functions. Obviously, there is only one LCD projector used in that activity of a very big crowd. I will make do with another approach in presentation, instead.


Growing 43 years old with less exercise and a sedentary work like what I have will really slow down the metabolism process in my system and will really make me gain more weight. I noticed that I was gaining more weight again when I was wearing my jeans one day for school. I wasn't able to wear it as it did not fit in the hips anymore. From the the thigh portion it was very tight already.  Another pair of pants also did not fit anymore. I started doing my exercises again but I guess I have to do some strict food diet again. It is not too late yet. There are food diets available that are so effective in losing weight like that of the syntrax nectar. I do not like to grow big, anymore. I just like to maintain the same hip size I have with that of my jeans. I will concentrate on losing weight again and will make my jeans my ideal hip size. I condition myself that I should fit back again on the two jeans I mentioned. And, I know this is possible with the right food diet, attitude and discipline.


The financial issue in running a business is now setting in. I have located a store space for my school and office supplies. By the month of June I will be starting the operation. The issue now is the cost of the rental and the refurbishment of the office. It will me cost me more than a hundred thousand for this. Thinking about it makes me stressed out especially that I lack the money to finance the refurbishment. I had to make a way to solve it so I filed a loan with a micro financing institution where I am a member of. Next week is the release of the loan. I would feel the negative effect of this when I will have to pay for the monthly amortization from my salary. Hah, it is stressing but I can cope. I am positive I can. The increase in my salary this coming June will somehow lessen the impact of this loan from my household expenses.


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