Saturday, May 12, 2012


This coming September the organizations I have organized in my workplace will be having its Annual Congress. There is a motion to conduct a bingo game. If you are thinking of the (sign up now) but no it is not. It is only a bingo game where a participant gets a card for a fee and he gets to claim the prizes should he win at the end of the game.It is fun seeing the participants play the bingo. I can only watch them in envy because I cannot join them. I will be the one in-charge of the prizes and in implementing the mechanics of  the game. This bingo game is fun because one can get good prizes for only a meager amount spend for the card. In this coming month of June, the finalization of the plans for this Congress shall have to be ironed out. It is too early yet to plan but months fly so fast that September comes before we know it.

Obviously, there are many participants of the organization who do not know how to play bingo.  Save for those who are fond of playing online bingo those who do not know can start playing bingo by practicing playing bingo in their respective homes. It is fun to be played at home with the kids, especially during leisure times in the day and even at night . Well, if there is internet connection in their homes, they could go online to play bingo. If I only have time I will play this online bingo myself so that when the meeting comes I can share to them how it is done. If not, I will invite one of the participants who already know how to play this game so he can talk and share to the participants the benefits this game gives.

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