Friday, May 4, 2012


Growing 43 years old with less exercise and a sedentary work like what I have will really slow down the metabolism process in my system and will really make me gain more weight. I noticed that I was gaining more weight again when I was wearing my jeans one day for school. I wasn't able to wear it as it did not fit in the hips anymore. From the the thigh portion it was very tight already.  Another pair of pants also did not fit anymore. I started doing my exercises again but I guess I have to do some strict food diet again. It is not too late yet. There are food diets available that are so effective in losing weight like that of the syntrax nectar. I do not like to grow big, anymore. I just like to maintain the same hip size I have with that of my jeans. I will concentrate on losing weight again and will make my jeans my ideal hip size. I condition myself that I should fit back again on the two jeans I mentioned. And, I know this is possible with the right food diet, attitude and discipline.

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