Sunday, July 29, 2012


It is Sunday here. My classes in my only subject for Sunday was cancelled. Glad that the notice about my teacher cancelling the classes for today came right after I rise up from bed. I went back to sleep after reading  the notice in my cellfon and just got up again now. My teacher had a flu the reason why she cancelled the classes. I wish her well soon. Even if there was no classes, I don't feel happy because it is at the expense of my teacher's health. Next Sunday I hope she can report to class already.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I am planning to open a new business soon. It is too soon to reveal it as my business plan for it is still underway. I wanted to be grounded on the financial  feasibility of this business before I plunge into it. Once I am decided to start, I plan to promote it like the one I came across at wpromote site. Opening a business like what I am planning needs a widespread promotion for clients and jobseekers. Right now, the study on the operations and management dimensions of this business has still to be finished. I can't wait to open and reveal what I am cooking in my pan, soon.


It is a rainy day today here. The weather advisory says there is an active low pressure area detected in a province near mine. I hope this active low pressure area will melt away. The rains even without an active low pressure area bring in flooding in some parts of my city and adversely affect those affected. How much more with an active low pressure area and or if it escalates into a typhoon signal alert? I just hope that this weather now does not worsen. If it does, heaven knows what will happen to us.


I will be going to the City of Manila in the second week of August. My purpose in going there will be to attend an official activity. Every time I go there I always wish I have a gps tracker to locate all the places I would like to go to. It is such a hassle going to the places I would like to visit without me knowing the exact directions. Asking people from there are sometimes not reliable. I spend so much money riding in taxis in order to go to my destinations. I could save a lot if I take the bus or the trains. Riding the taxis are far more better than the buses but how I wish that taxis have gps trackers, too because the drivers sometimes do not seem to know the way to their passenger's destinations. It saves time and money if they have gps trackers. In August, as usual I will have no gps trackers of this sort so I will stay most of the times in the place where I will be billeted.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I have been trying to open my internet connection since this morning but to no avail. Maybe, a virus was the culprit. I have been planning to have this laptop reformatted but I always got no time to do it. Glad that the computer technician in my workplace was as always, ever ready to help. He was able to fix my computer and at the same time diagnosed and advised me of what I need to do to make my laptop work faster.

Friday, July 13, 2012


There is a house near the entrance of our subdivision. It is a unique house that many considers it beautiful. I don't find it beautiful, I just find it unique. It is not an ordinary design of a house. For now I guess, one in a million. I do not know if its architectural design was computer-aided design just like what the  Computer Aided Design Wolverhampton services offer.  Why not? It just entered my mind now that if I will build a new house in the future I will build one that is unique. This is only possible if I get a computer aided designer architectural design. Looking for one who can help me with this is not a problem. I know where I can reach them. Clicking the above link would be one.


It is a gloomy morning here. I am not going to my workstation today. I have to attend a meeting at my mother office with my cluster team. There is this survey that is going to be conducted in our respective workstations so we have to convene in order to discuss the strategies of our survey, the forms and many other things. The survey is about the assessment of the service delivery of the local government units in two identified offices. This is a lot of work after the survey.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Gone are the days when having the latest music hits and latest movies are hard to find. Before, they can only be at the tip of one's fingers if he has enough money to spend for buying the CDs and DVDs, respectively. If lucky, he can borrow free of charge the CDs and DVDs from friends or relatives and watch the latest movies or listen to the latest hits. Now, having the latest hits and movies can be accessed over the net at the very least expense. It is made possible by the QueenTorrent as many have proven it to be an effective and useful way to get the latest in hits songs and movies.  If you are not aware of this, better check from an authorized person on what and how to go about this.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...