Saturday, July 28, 2012


I will be going to the City of Manila in the second week of August. My purpose in going there will be to attend an official activity. Every time I go there I always wish I have a gps tracker to locate all the places I would like to go to. It is such a hassle going to the places I would like to visit without me knowing the exact directions. Asking people from there are sometimes not reliable. I spend so much money riding in taxis in order to go to my destinations. I could save a lot if I take the bus or the trains. Riding the taxis are far more better than the buses but how I wish that taxis have gps trackers, too because the drivers sometimes do not seem to know the way to their passenger's destinations. It saves time and money if they have gps trackers. In August, as usual I will have no gps trackers of this sort so I will stay most of the times in the place where I will be billeted.

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