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Monday, August 6, 2012


At last I bought a new cellfone as replacement of the one I lost to a thief. Life is so much inconvenient and uncomfortable without a cellfone. I had to buy a new one as I was without hope of my old cellfone being recovered. My new cellfone is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive one. It is just the average type. I am in the process of befriending this new communication gadget as it is a different type of cellfone than my lost one. In fact, I don't text much in my new cellfone because I find it difficult for now to use it. I do not know if it is the new cellfone that is not user friendly or if it is me that is not a friendly user. Whichever way I am determined to know the intricacies of this new cellfone,

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NovaS said...

glad to be here again, so sorry sis for what happened, the only thing that u dismay of the lose phone was the contacts or pictures you kept there. however, life is beautiful and we have to move on or start again, inspite of the difficulty...but the important thing is that you are safe...