Saturday, September 1, 2012


It is a Saturday here but I am still awake. I am reading the powerpoint presentations in my laptop in the process of sorting my files therein. In my mind I want to watch the Free Movies Online however, it is not advisable as I am sure to sleep late if I get to watch the movies online, yet. I can wait until tomorrow as my classes in school will only be until morning. I still have a lot of time in the afternoon. So, I continue with my sorting and will while away time so as not to be tempted to watch free movies online, especially.


A magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit my city last night. The center of the earthquake was 7.9 in a neighboring province. Magnitude 6.0 is intense already to me, how much more in a 7.9? Thanks heavens we were all fine and altogether in the house except for my daughter, who is at the training center. About two seconds after the earthquake started, the power was turned off. I hurried out of my room, ran downstairs amid the shaking and headed out of the house with my two sons and helper who sought refuge under the dining table. It was a horrible experience. The power was restored only after an hour of brown out.