Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Starting today until Friday I am on leave. It is a leave with pay provided to government employees whose place of residence was declared on state of calamity during the tropical storm that hit my place last October. Timely that this emergency leave was granted because I have the time to rest before the christmas holidays. I badly needed rest. The leave with pay is five days but the two days that I have scheduled was recalled because of my official travel to Ormoc City last Wednesday to Saturday. Tomorrow I can attend the Insurance Clinic in Sunlife without filing an application for leave.  The clinic will be for two days. Geez, I am glad to be relaxed and have all the time to blog and do the things I have wanted to do but just can't do because of lack of time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


During trainings of the disaster risk reduction and management team in every barangay, I always emphasize that each disaster operations center must have a first aid kit.  The first Aid Kit Shop is a good reference on what to buy as a first aid kit.  It is a big advantage for preparation purposes to have a first aid kit as when there are emergency situations that need immediate attention, the first aid kit will be a big help. Every household and every home must have a first aid kit readily available and displayed in a strategic location. I have one at home and it has served its purpose many times to the members of my family.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


My other site, the My Daily Business, will expire its domain registration tomorrow. I shall make a way to avoid it being closed to my access by calling my webmaster renew the domain name registration. Job, is my webmaster and he has been helping me with my sites all these blogging years of mine. We have not met personally but if we are friends over the phone. I am so thankful of Nova, my friend who introduced him to me. I pay an amount for my domain name registration and I will do it tomorrow by sending thru Gcash.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


When I had my trip to Hongkong and Macau we were led by the tourist guide to a jewelry manufacturer of silver and gold. I did not see any silver coins manufalactured in that company. Among my companions in that tour, there were only a few who bought jewelries. Maybe if there were gold and silver coins being sold many would have preferred to buy gold bullion and the silver bullions, too. I would have bought one for myself , also. Like silver and gold jewelries, silver coins are a good investments. The prices of gold and silver never depreciates. Its prices are increasing and one who buys it is sure to gain profit.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Another challenge is coming along my way and that is being a financial advisor of an established insurance company. I applied for this insurance company after I passed the two licensure exams I took with the Insurance Commission. I have submitted my requirements already such as medical examination results, basic training course certifications, and licensure examination results among others. My interview will be on Friday yet and may be after that my id code will follow, meaning I am finally admitted in this insurance company I am applying for. This is only a part-time job as a financial advisor.


Today I made for the head of the youth leaders, as requested, a training proposal for their slated travel to Cebu City. I made it for the youth leaders as they are clamoring for a seminar outside the province. Well, it is up to the local chief executive if he will authorize the trips of the youth leaders. I am going to be with the group of 15 local youth leaders if given authority from my office on November 28 and 29. It is already soon. I wish the trip will push through as planned.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Cars are now a necessity rather than a luxury. That is why more and more people are making orders of automobiles. I am just amazed at the means of transporting them overseas, since my place is an island, that they come scratch free almost in all cases. I guess the big help in transporting these automobile vehicles unscathed from the mainland to the high seas and down to the mainland and anywhere else in the world are the protection it gets from automotive racks just like the automotive racks mississauga offers. I figure there are no high seas or rough waves that will merit these automotive racks from swerving and  denting exposing the items therein from being dented or scratched in any way.  Automotive racks like these are a must to be acquired by those business minded people who always ensures the security of its personal belongings. In my store for example, I will be having the automotive racks to help me organize things, protect any treasured things from being scratched and thereby making its value on the maximum when sold.  Just imagine if it can protect the cars from being scratch free, how much more other things that will need extra care and protection ? The good thing is I have learned something new now and I know where to locate the site whenever I would need it or my friends.

Monday, November 5, 2012


It has been awhile since I last updated this blog of mine. I have been away for more than a week's travel. It was fun and enjoying however, fun and enjoyment is not complete when the children are not tagged along. Amidst the enjoyment, their is that void somewhere that can only be filled when all family members are present. Anyhow, tagging them along would have required a lot of money, which, for now is not feasible. Maybe in the near future I can tag them along and I am saving already for this at this early. Leisure travels are much needed from time to time. It is very relaxing and soothing to be away from the hassles of work and business. Next time around my children will be with me in my future leisure travels.


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