Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The prices of basic commodities are without let up in increasing. It is a rare chance if you hear the prices of basic commodities going down and steady for a longer period of time. One can compare that a hundred dollar bill can already buy many grocery items then than now. The only chance now where one can buy more  out of his money is to avail of free grocery coupons printable at home or anywhere else. I have tried this many times and it is such a great help.  In these times where almost all prices are soaring up, a little discount of money for commodities can be very helpful. Many have tried this and it worked.  Maybe you might try this  for yourself, too and see how it works.


Christmas parties are being held everywhere. Yesterday, I attended the first Christmas Party invitation for this year. It was an enjoying party with the Barangay Secretaries of my workplace. I brought a chocolate cake ordered from a youth leader. The food brought by the Secretaries, were, as usual my favorites. I loved the native chicken cooked in coconut milk. I even brought home some for my dinner. The dancing and singing were always awaited. I am glad that all enjoyed in the party.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Going to school is such a tedious task for everyone. Imagine, almost fourteen or fifteen years of going to school is spent trying to educate self of the many facets of life and of the things in this world.  Glad that there is camaraderie developed among classmates and friends that schooling is a bit made fun and enjoying. What makes schooling tedious is the process of passing the tests and quizzes.  Of course, these are very important assessment tools in evaluating the learnings of students.  Another tedious task in schooling is the completion of projects and school assignments.  All of these things need to be complied satisfactorily in order to pass and eventually move on to the next grade or year level and eventually graduate. I remember way back in my high school and college days where I had brain draining experience when I am required to make an essay either during examinations or in school contests where I am the delegate of my school. Before, it was a brain draining because I had to make the essays by myself. However, I come across a site  at http://www.911essay.com where essays can be readily be available and that makes it now easy for students to seek help in making essays.  No more brain draining and or nerve wracking experience in doing essays.  Thanks a lot to the modern computers and to the contributors of these essays. Now that I am in my post graduate studies, I am not so much having difficulties in making essays. One click away and I can get the essay on any topic of interest I desire.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Accidents do happen anywhere. Last week I was able to witness two car accidents. One was an accident involving a male grade one child and he was hit by the car. When I passed by, I was the one who prompted the driver of the car who hit the child to bring the lad to the hospital.  I came to know later from by standers that the child had been there lying in the middle of the road, after he was hit by the car, for about ten minutes already. The other incident was a car that went total wreck after it hit two electric posts. I gathered from people in the scene that said one passenger was killed instantly and that three more died in the hospital.  The accidents are a warning to me to slow down in driving. Each time I drive nowadays I take it slowly along the road to be safe.


My store that offers school and office supplies will be running one year this coming March of next year.  In fairness, it is picking up relatively as I receive orders from not only in the private sector but from the government sector as well. In fact, there is not a week that I do not have bulk orders.  It has stream of buyers now, too as it is strategically located near school belts.  The orders I receive from offices are many since I offer free delivery regardless of the amount, my edge against other school and office supplies stores. The problem stems when the big bulk of orders do not accommodate in the trunk of my car. If I only have a big truck this would not be much of a problem. I plan to buy a truck in the months to come but if it is not possible to buy a new one I plan to acquire a used truck like the used trucks for sale winnipeg offers. If I have a new or a used truck somehow I can save money in renting a transport bus or jeep every time I receive bulk orders. I can also rent the bus to others who may need transports services. I will plan about this very well. If my finances will not allow to buy a new one, I will buy a used truck.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I am glad to be back home again. After three days stay in Cebu City, I am finally home and home with my sweet home. I missed my kids and my bed. Nothing compares to my bed. This is my comfort zone. My three days training in Cebu City was a very tiring yet very enjoying days. The youth leaders were not only given capability building interventions but as well as enjoyment in visiting the historic and interesting spots in Cebu. It was good that the weather was very fine. The youth leaders enjoyed it a lot.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Lack of exercise, sedentary type of work and excessive intake of high calorie foods are contributory factors to being obese. It is happening to me now. I am gaining more weight and I need this home work out video to lose weight. Nothing is more effective than doing regular work outs and proper food discipline. I hope to get this work out video soon so I can start in the holidays where there are lots of Christmas party invitations in my workplace and in my community. I will try this work out video with my office mates, too.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...