Thursday, December 6, 2012


My store that offers school and office supplies will be running one year this coming March of next year.  In fairness, it is picking up relatively as I receive orders from not only in the private sector but from the government sector as well. In fact, there is not a week that I do not have bulk orders.  It has stream of buyers now, too as it is strategically located near school belts.  The orders I receive from offices are many since I offer free delivery regardless of the amount, my edge against other school and office supplies stores. The problem stems when the big bulk of orders do not accommodate in the trunk of my car. If I only have a big truck this would not be much of a problem. I plan to buy a truck in the months to come but if it is not possible to buy a new one I plan to acquire a used truck like the used trucks for sale winnipeg offers. If I have a new or a used truck somehow I can save money in renting a transport bus or jeep every time I receive bulk orders. I can also rent the bus to others who may need transports services. I will plan about this very well. If my finances will not allow to buy a new one, I will buy a used truck.

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