Sunday, December 29, 2013

Car protection

Friday morning of November 8,2013 could never be forgotten. I woke up to the whooping sound of wind on my window. A grimacing thought came on me that  it must be it, the super typhoon yolanda, starting with its onslaught. I had to go downstairs calling my younger son to wake up and accompany me outside to where my car is parked. I had to transfer it to a safer place, away from the possible falling or flying of debris like galvanized sheets, woods , and worst trees. I surmised it was 5:30am and as we went outside, clad in my night dress, the power went off. My son and i had to share in one umbrella and head towards the car outside the house. I drove as fast as i could, missing the ritual heating of the engine early in the morning. I reached the vacant lot inside the subdivision and halted the car, saw to it that its away from houses. We went back to the house as fast as we could, almost blown away from our toes by the strong winds. It was my first experience of a strongest typhoon, with my sons with me to battle it. I will write my sequel of the story in my next post.

Monday, November 4, 2013


I am wide awake in this early morning and I have this November mood. I am excited to report to work today after experiencing long holidays and I am looking forward for the Christmas season.

We celebrated the November 1 and 2 All Soul's and All Saint's Day, respectively and it was a sort of family reunion.  Rarely does this thing happen to my family.  I am glad to have met my family and relatives and have chit chat with them over just about anything.  I miss them all and I only realized this after I have met them at the cemetery.  I told my sister that we should have a family reunion this coming Christmas season.

I have a lot of work and appointments slated ahead for the day.  May the weather today be fine.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Regular holiday today because of the barangay elections in the country.  No work for me and for other public servants as we should be exercising our right of suffrage.  The voting in my precinct was peaceful and orderly and it was so hassle free.  Someone facilitated to look for my precinct number and my number in the list of voters.  I only queued behind two voters.  I cast my vote at past 2pm, and the closing of the voting was 3pm.  I am glad my candidate won according to my sister who came to visit me. I am not sure though, if his comrades siding with him also won. After today, and after the winning candidates shall have been proclaimed, it will usher a lot of work for me and my other colleagues in my department because the capacitating them will follow, capacitating officials, which is part of my job.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Anyone here who has received a personalized coin?  Well, I have and it was given by the company where I am a financial advisor when it topped consistently for three years in the insurance industry.  I am very proud to have received such a personalized coin.  Makes me proud that I am a part of the the company and that my little contribution to its success was acknowledged.  The personalized coin serves as my inspiration to work harder and dedicate more of my extra time to sharing the products of the company to other people.  I want to imitate the giving of personalized coins to recognize exemplary performance of my clients. I am sure this will boost their pride once given.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


These past few days, I have been away from home due to calls of duty. I have been a resource speaker in Comprehensive Development Plan , Executive-Legislative Agenda and Capacity Development Agenda formulation. More than the financial token received, it is my pride to play a great role in facilitating a plan formulation in cities, municipalities or towns where I am invited to facilitate. I hone my skills in facilitating, in public speaking and I meet new friends. The only negative effect I observe is that I gain more weight.  Three square meals are served in several dishes and added to these are two snacks; one in the morning and in the evening.  Despite efforts to maintain my weight, I find it hard not to indulge in eating three square meals.  My tummy is now bulging slightly. I wish to loose these excess weights. It will not be easy, it will be tough. But, to get there I shall take the first step.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


One of these days I will be replacing the old sala set in the living room. I saw in one store new sala sets that will surely make a beautiful impact on the whole living room. For my home, I will be picking up a brighter shade of sala set and I will match it with the Vibia lighting that I will buy later.  Vibia lightings are perfect for homes. The new sala set I have already scouted will for now remain to be reserved until I have enough money to buy the new sala sets.


Coming home tonight from the Training of Trainors I attended yesterday until today in Ormoc City Sabin Resort  was very scary. I was staring at the speedometer of the van and it registered a speed of 100kph. The driver was seemingly in a hurry until I raised my voice at him when he didn't listen to my request to slow down the speed of the van. Sometimes, there are drivers who drive in haste and forget that they are conducting other individuals. Had the driver not slowed down I would have delayed the return trip of the van no matter who owns the van.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Trying to own a complete music equipment band set? It is not so hard to look for these music equipment. And it is not to say that the quality of the music equipment can be compromised.  There are a lot of cheaper music band set however it is best to try the proven and trusted one in quality.  There is the Roland Micro Cube Combo Amp Black at musician's friend a one that is proven and trusted. A complete array of music equipment is available and the cost of each is very affordable. Better be interested to look now for convenience and time availability.


Computer viruses are not a darling. They should be quarantined and deleted once and for all. One of my flash drives got infected by a worm virus. The worm virus must have been so deadly as the files in that flash drive got totally eaten out or deleted.  It is so sad to note that since I own that flash drive, I can not use nor acess its contents unless recovered by an IT consultant.  For now, I will avoid using that flash drive so my lappy won't get infected as well.


The long weekend has been an enjoyable one.  I had a blast at the mall, promenading, eating here and eating there, window shopping, reading books in the Book Sale, short talks to acquaintances I met that sometimes lasted an hour, playing games in my ipad when I can access a wifi.  It has been a wasted weekend but I enjoyed the lots of it.  It was my way of stretching my legs and burning the calories in me.  If I had stayed at home, I would have been eating and sleeping only.  So, between staying home and going to the mall, the latter one is the lesser evil. I have not been walking outside because of the drizzle so malling is the best alternative.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Attending formal gatherings can sometimes be daunting.  For a woman, she has to look her best in order not to look like cheap in the party.  She needs to dress up and wear accessories or jewelries.  Yes, a nice dress is best paired with matching accessories.  And one of the matching accessories that can match with any dress is a necklace.  May it be a gold or silver, any woman can find a st christopher necklace if she clicks on this link here.  I am pretty sure that no woman will ever resist having to own any these jewelries available in this store. 


Astray dogs along the major highways is one of the main causes of road accidents.  Many motorists had and will continue to be victimized by this.  Not to mention, of course the mortality rate of astray dogs caused by road accidents or if not injury to these dogs.  Astray dogs unpredictably cross the roads and speeding vehicles in major highways could hit them, injure them and kill them.  The motorists can either be killed or injured and their vehicles dented or damaged.  I once met an accident because of these astray dogs. I was driving at high speed when I saw from a far distance a dog crossing.  As I was nearing before the dog, I was pretty sure that he was almost to touch the end shoulder of the cemented road. But by stupidity, this dog made a turn around to the center of the road, so swift I was almost left with no time to avoid it. I managed to swerve the wheel slightly but enough to avoid hitting the dog. Glad that there was no approaching car otherwise I was not left with any option but to hit the dog rather than hit the approaching car. I am now so careful when I see dogs crossing the streets.  I honk the horn on them even if I am not sure at all, if they ever hear what it means.  I hope owners of these wll be responsible enough to take care of their pet dogs.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Sleeping has many benefits for  the body.  It makes one feel good after a good sleep but cranky for one who does not have enough.  Sleep also has something to do with learning and memory. Sleep has a big role in consolidation of memory, essential for learning new information.It is when sleeping where the cells are rejuvenated and replaced faster than when awake. It is very comfortable when sleeping on a good foam mattress, it feels so luxurious sleeping on a foam mattress.  Everyone must have adequate and comfortable sleep then in order to have a good judgement and disposition and to have a physically fit body each day.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Working with the government for almost twenty three years now has been so rewarding and it still is. I started working in the government as a laborer, paid daily.  The nature of employment was casual. No work means no pay. After a year, I was hired as a Records Clerk and this time I was given a permanent nature of employment.  I was just lucky to work in the government even if I was just on my 1st year of college studies.  I pursued to finish my baccalaureate degree and it took me seven years before I graduated. That time I felt all my efforts paid off.  What efforts am I saying? Well, I work at day and study at night. Only few subjects can be taken up during night time the reason why it took me seven years to graduate. I studied Bachelor of Laws after that but I had only two of the four years because it was the time when I steadily rise from my position as Records Clerk to Storekeeper, to Supply Officer, to Budget Officer and to being a Local Government Operations Officer and the latter position had me reassigned to far flung areas away from home and school.  I studied and graduated in Master of Public Resource Management during weekends and in a year's time I will finish my degree in Doctor of Management and Technology.  I can already file for optional retirement in the government but I will do this when I have already concreted my plan to settle in the US. Pending this, I will continue to work on my enjoyable and challenging job in the government.  I owe so much to this government employment, it had given me shelter for my family, sent my kids to school and produced a police officer daughter. My sons are still on their college studies. I have helped with the education expenses of  my nieces and nephews, too. I am operating a school and office supplies business managed now by sister and nephew. In retrospect, I can say it is not bad at all for a single Mom.  Salary with the government job, and some sidelines income has helped me cope up.I owe all my blessings to the Almighty, my family and my friends.      

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Happy Sunday, everyone. I had the time to blog hop today. It was nice to visit blogger friend's sites as I was updated of their activities. After a long time, I finally had the time to visit and blog hop. I was not able to finish all in my contacts as I did another thing, too. I deleted in my blog roll those sites that had last updates dating in 2012. I deleted a lot of them and I figure the number will increase as I continue visiting the links in my blog roll. After this clean-up I will try to link with active bloggers and add their links in my blog.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Saturdays and Sundays are my favorite days of the week. I can  rise up late, can watch movies and other entertainment shows. Today, my god daughter was around and I entertained her with a movie about swan and ballet dancing.  The lad for sure is sure to enroll in ballet dancing as she was so engrossed in watching the movie.  When asked she said she will enroll in ballet dancing and her mother asked me to sponsor the attire for ballet dancing. I would need to look for a  balletgiftshop ballerina gifts store soon before I forget. If I give the ballet dancing attire I would surely be benefited to attend the dance recital. How cute would it be. Ballet gift shops are rare in my place so I might as well look for it in the net.


Having some ailment lately made me lose some weight. Skin shrank and looks ugly. I began taking vitamin E recently and started eating foods that are rich in Vitamin E. Just wanted to make everyone aware about the foods that are rich in vitamin E and what are its benefits to the body? There are many foods that are rich in Vitamin e but I will only mention those that I can source within my reach.  These foods are almonds, avocado, broccoli, egg yolks, lettuce, spinach, mangoes, margarine, mayonnaise, olives, papayas, peanuts,  popcorn, sweet potato and tomatoes.  Eating these foods plus a supplementation of Vitamin E supplements benefit the body in so many ways.  Of course, Vitamin e makes the skin glow, helps infertility problems with males and pre-menstrual syndrome in females, prevents Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases and arthritis, delays aging, prevents prostate cancer and diabetes, lowers the risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and enhances the immune system.  There are more benefits I suppose aside from those I have written. Everybody needs to be aware that vitamin e is very important for the body.


Water was leaking though the flooring of my house and it took months for us to discover that the leaking was coming from the neighborhood's water pipes. Before having to ask neighbor to check on their water pipes if there were leaks, I spent money for a plumber to check all possible leakages in my water pipes. The plumber was so sure that the control levers of my water pipes were still good and that the leakages could not have started from my own water pipelines. After a month, I finally concluded to talk to the neighbor about the water leakages that was flooding in the flooring of the living room and that the leakages were not coming from my pipelines. The neighbor checked their control levers and they found out that the leak was coming from them.  Now, the pipelines are fixed. There are no more leakage and no more flooding in my flooring.


School and office supplies is a good business. It can be a profitable or a losing business, depending on how it is managed.  My school and office supplies business has been operating for over a year now. It is being managed by my sister. She and my nephew run my business.  So far, the profit has been coming in but it is self-liquidating as of now.  The profit covers the space rental, salaries of staff, SSS and health premiums of employees, electric bills, renewal of licenses and permits and saves me a little amount in the bank to cover for the expenses I incurred to put up the store.  In a year more, and under normal circumstances, I will totally recover the expenses I incurred for the putting up of this business. I wish I had more capital to buy office equipment. I have a way to raise capital but I am right now weighing the options if I will embark on this plan to raise more capital for my business.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Looking for an extra income? Take an inventory of your skill. Do you have that skill in singing and playing musical instruments? If you do, then you are on your way to earning extra income out of it. Exercise and learn some new songs, rehearse the songs you know back then, invite somebody to play another musical instrument with you, create a duet or a band and you are in for an enjoying and profitable career. Make some advertisements by word of mouth, by performing for free in social gatherings, promote through websites and other forms of social media. Invest on your musical instruments, those that sound off excellent and quality sounds. If you are playing saxophone or trumpets, for example buy the good and quality ones.  You can buy and save on Brass Tools at WWBW and take the best value for your money. There are also other quality musical instruments sold at this site. Remember, investing in quality musical instruments, investing in time for the rehearsals and promotions will reap benefits in the long run.


I am making a new blog site for me. The niche is home, household and anything about it. I am excited to develop this new site.  I have just started it and will soon get a domain for it.  It is so exciting to have a new site. In a few days, it will be roaming around the blogosphere to visit other blogsites. This site will be linked to facebook, twitter and to other social media.  I will also monetize it by submitting it to paying advertisers. My income from blogging has been so low these past few months because of the recession. Hoping I would recover, soon. For now, I am going to conceal the  name of the new site but mind you, it is already up and about in the blogosphere.  If you might want to know, the name of the site is Home Is Where The Heart Is.


Thinking of another business to venture into? Or maybe you are still in the process of taking some knowledge on what business would you want to invest your money?  Reading through the internet, there are two business trends that are viable: that is, tourism and the food industry.  Rightly so because both go hand in hand. A coffee shop, hotel restaurant, bakery, buffet are among your choices for these businesses. Right planning and ample knowledge about any business you would finance is very necessary.  Take for example a hotel restaurant business.  Do not ever indulge on any kind of business without a business plan. Obtain necessary permits, contact food service vendors, get in touch with local producers, hire employees and shop around for your needed hotel restaurant supplies. Speaking about hotel restaurant supplies, there are a lot of shops around but you may try at PeachSuite Hotel Supply where you can make good choices of the supplies you will need.

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Before making a good deal of the items you want to buy, bear in mind to consider not just the cost of the items but also the quality of the items.  At Hotel Bar Supplies you will see a lot of choices to choose from.  The items can be delivered right at the doorstep of your located place for your restaurant. 

Remember, this hotel restaurant business can be either a risky or profitable one.  Indulge in good advertising promotions in order to spread the word for your business.

This tip is brought to you by friends at PeachSuite Hotel Supply.  

Friday, June 21, 2013


Late this afternoon I read a blog post of my friend Amiable Amy about the guitar simple chords for a beginner.  I hurriedly took the guitar and followed playing the simple chords as shown in her blog. I was not enjoying the sound of my guitar although at first I understood or rather misunderstood it as my fingers were not pressing firmly the strings.  I continued and tried so hard to press the strings so that good sound will come out of my strumming it, but to no avail.  I figured finally that there was nothing wrong with the strings but with the tuning of the guitar. The guitar has been hibernating for almost months in the corner of the house, touched and moved only when there is house cleaning being done. For some reason or another, it has been tuned out or the good tune died out. My eagerness to learn died out like the tune of the guitar. I will try to let somebody tune it up again, and I will see if I still have the time to have my guitar lessons, tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Skateboarding is quiet a risky sport for me. Every time I would watch the game, I feel more nervous than the players skateboarding in a sports arena or in the streets .  I know it is not easy for the players to learn the sport. I watched youths learn skateboarding at the sports center in the city where I live and I figure the youths may have hurt themselves while skateboarding.  It is quiet difficult to ride and play tricks.  A special shoes is basically used like the Adidas skateboarding shoes.  One can not go skateboarding barefooted nor use just any kind of shoe.  For one's protection, it is very important that the skate shoe shall be sturdy and of good quality. Otherwise, the skateboarding tricks and riding will not be that good and effective and the players will not have the confidence in skateboarding.  Of course, aside from the skateboarding gears and footwear there is the clothing to match with them and the player is good to go.


The recent summer break for my children has been so busy. There was an activity every night at the subdivision plaza involving the youths and the parents.  There was a daily santacruzan, a religious tradition attended by youths, kids and adults alike. The fun part was the basketball games.  There was a basketball contest and three teams were organized for the youths mixed with the adults.  The youth and adults category was in addition to the kids category aging from 6 to 9 years old.  It was fun watching the basketball games scheduled every night three times a week until the final games.  Basketball is a game played by two teams in a rectangular court.  Since there was only a small area in the subdivision plaza, only one court, within which to shoot the ball was provided.  If one thinks that basketball can be played with only court, it is wrong thinking. The lone court serves as the court of the two teams.  My elder son was a member of one of the  three teams under the youth and adults category.  I watched him play the game and he plays fairly well. His team won second place during the final basketball games.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


My daughter bought in her room a new flat television. She had it mounted on the wall but I fear it will fall as the materials used for it are not that sturdy.  I looked on the net and I see these monitor display stands that looks so sturdy and it can be used to mount the television set firmly. I wish she would buy it.  She looked on the net already of the monitor display stands I was saying.  If she will want to buy it, I will ask her to buy two pieces so the other one can be used to mount the other tv in my room.


It has been a long time since I last posted a picture here. I just wanted to share a beautiful picture of my recent travel to one of the islands in Biliran.  I truly appreciated the beautiful sceneries of the mountains, the seas and most of all the beautiful people of the island. I wish to go there again and include in my sightseeing the natural waterfalls of the island.  For now, I will post a picture of me on the peak of the hill overlooking the island when we got to one of the islands called Sambawan Beach Resort. The view of the island was breath taking on that hill. Here it is:

Friday, May 31, 2013


June is coming soon and I already have an informal invitation to be a sponsor of a wedding.  Why not? It is such an honor to be a wedding sponsor.  I may have great wine gifts to give the couple so they can use it during their wedding day, just in case they ran out of wines during the reception. speaking of wines, a few shots of wine is good for the heart.  It helps in the blood circulation, according to my friend doctor.  Well, I agree with him on this. In cold weathers, drinking wine warms the body.  This may explain why most people I know who lives near the beach are wine lovers.  In fairness, they are physically fit even at an old age because they also exercise. Well, for whatever it is, I go for wines but of course, it should be drinked with moderation.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Yes, on Saturday and Sunday I will be away to Higatangan Beach Resort with my classmates  Higatangan Beach Resort is located in Biliran island.  My other classmates will be leaving at 5am but I won't be joining them together with three of my classmates as I have to take my final examination in one subject. After the examination, the three of us will head to the van terminal to transport us to Biliran. It will take us about two hours to reach the place and about two hours to Higatangan Beach resort by boat.  I am excited to stay overnight on that island with full moon. I am sure this will be fun.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


To those who wished me happy birthday, today I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is my 44 years in this world and I am happy and thankful to my creator that I have reached this far, with good health and abundance of graces.  I am lucky to have a family that gives me joy and love and friends who are my solace and comfort whenever I am downtrodden with problems.  Thank you, Lord for the love you have bestowed upon me even when I sometimes neglect to acknowledge the graces you shower upon me.  Today, despite no blow-out and any celebration I am happy because I have good health as well as my children. I am at home for lunch and in awhile I am going to school.

Friday, May 17, 2013


The officers of the homeowner's association in my subdivision is very commendable for their active involvement in the diverse activities that are beneficial to all homeowners.  Never has this been done before by the past officers.  I say the officers are commendable because recently, the subdivision's facade has undergone a major facelifting. There is now the chapel, the sports area installed with a basketball court, the various activities geared towards physical and spiritual development of the youths and parents and the Saturday anticipated masses.  These activities and updates were all amazingly done in a matter of three months,  I salute the officers now and I feel that my monthly dues to the subdivision homeowner's association are worth every penny I give.    


Hello there! I am back again after a few days of hibernation.  I had a lesson learned after my pedicure session. My toe swelled and the swelling went on for days.  I resorted to wearing flat and open sandals, limped for three days and found it hard to drive with an aching toe.  The pain was felt every time I step on the car's brake and accelerator. And, it was more painful every time I walk. The ordeal is over after taking antibiotics.  Whew, I won't trust any one anymore to do my nails except for my regular beautician.  I should give her a bonus for taking care of my nails. This should be a tip for every one out there to have a regular and permanent beautician.  This can spell you out of trouble, health and moneywise.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The effect of climate change is felt by almost everyone in the world.  It is extremely hot when summer and extremely cold when winter.  That is why when it is so hot like this summer an outdoor canvas art here and there can be a good source of cooling. Water fountains and plants cool the house environment.  Aside from being a coolant, it also serves some ornamental utility in making the house environment striking and attractive to passersby and visitors.  Water fountains and plants can be sourced through online buying.  A site in the net I recently came upon offers just what I am saying here.  If it is of interest to you, why don't you click on the link here?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


After several months of no ballroom dancing, I finally had the chance to do it last night. It was the Homecoming Night in my workstation and I was the sponsoring head of office to manage the affairs of the night.  The visitors were homecoming natives of the place from other countries, from outside the region and from other towns and provinces.  Most of them are homecoming for the fiesta in May 8.  The Homecoming night was a success. A live band played the ballroom dancing.  I danced the night out till my feet shouted protest.  I went home at 1am and the drive back home was a sacrifice as my legs and my soles were sore.  
Despite it, I enjoyed the night of dancing, listening to the live band and talking to the guests that night.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


 Everybody is heading towards old age.  It is something to be prepared of because most often than not a bigger financial requirement is required for the cost of vacation, travels and sometimes hospitalization.  Investing moeny is wise while young. There are many forms of investments such as saving in the bank, buying an insurance, buying real estate properties and or buying golden or silver bullions, bars or coins.  Speaking of the the latter, I found a site where buying golden eagles coins and bullions can be made. I wonder how much is the cost of one golden eagle bar. Anyone who owns it must be rich.  I am thinking of buying one if the price is affordable. I will look again in this site to know more about this golden eagle products.

Friday, April 19, 2013


These spam emails are such a pain in my head. Every minute I receive at least one spam email. I keep on deleting them in my emails as they fill my inbox with thousands of spam emails in a day.  Just imagine, if I can not open my email in one day, I am sure to find thousands and thousands of emails to delete. The hard part here is I have to delete the posts by sets of 25 as I have to be careful not to delete important and useful emails to me.  I do not know anymore how to contain this spam emails.  Maybe I shall try to change my password.  Hmmm, why did I just think of this now? I should have tried this before.  Anyway, it is not too late.  I am going to change my password right after I make this post and I will see soon if this strategy of changing my password will work.  For now, I have to delete 3,000 spam emails in my inbox.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In the midst of election campaigns, it is noticed that there is an increased volume in the sale of cigars and cigarettes.  The increase is obviously directly related to the election fever and that most of the candidates are roaming around tucking with them cigars and cigarettes to be given away to election voters with the hope that they will be remembered in the casting of votes during election day. Well, I wonder if the candidates did buy cigars online or otherwise. In the candidates so busy schedule, I bet they did. Well, its a lot more convenient to buy online than personally buy and wait in the long queue of buyers in the grocery stores.  Will the giving away of cigars and cigarettes work on the favor of the candidates? Well, let us look and see during the election day.  


Enrollment period once again.  I am enrolling for the summer classes. I have three more subjects remaining to graduate.  If I enroll for one subject this summer time, I have two more for the first semester.  Well, I love to enroll in the summer classes because there is only more than a month to hold classes.  I should finish enrolling before Saturday as Saturday is the start of classes already.  I should enjoy my free time from now until Friday as soon there would be no more time to just relax and watch movies but all shall be study time.


It is one of my dreams to visit the City of Paris in the near future. When that happens, I like that my children are with me because I am never at home in any beautiful place without my children. It would entail a lot of expenses but there is one thing I know that I can cut costs on and that is the hotel accommodation.  I checked in the net especially at that I can look for a cheaper accommodation while in Paris without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of a home. This is just perfect for my travel plans in the future. Well, to those who would be travelling to Paris, why don't you check on this site?


It is early morning of Wednesday here. I already slept earlier and I woke up to check my emails and internet jobs. I was excited to see I have online jobs to make.  This means extra money. I hope jobs like this come frequently. I badly need extra money for so many expenditures in the house. My children will be in need of many things in the opening of classes and it will be enrollment time also. Extra income are what I am looking right now so I can finance all my future expenses. Thanks for the paid tasks from advertisers.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


It is most of the times scary to travel in a strange place alone.  No one is safe in this world, no9t even in one's own house. Burglars may come at any time unexpectedly.  In this times, it plays to be prepared in order to prepare self for any eventuality.  I have for myself a pepper gun given to me by a friend and I carry it with me wherever I go. It pays to be safe than sorry as what I usually hear.  A pepper gun would come in handy and useful should somebody maliciously attacks me. However, I know that a pepper gun would be a great help if I will not panic once I am attacked. I can't imagine how not to panic in times of harmful attacks but I will just  try and try best I should do.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


April is such a hot month. Electric fans are blowing hot air and the result is a humid air inside the house. Outside, the heat is intolerable and one would be so cautious to be staying under the sun without any protection.  The beach and the pool are very inviting to immerse and soak. This morning we put water on the plastic swimming pool and we soak for an hour. We did it in the afternoon also. I just love to be soaking in the water. The hard thing though is after the soaking, the swimming pool have to be emptied with water. The water from it can cause a temporary flooding in our front space. It was worth it though. I hope tomorrow we could do it, again.

Monday, April 1, 2013


It is April now. How time flies. My sons are on their summer break vacation. They are surely enjoying their favorite hobby, playing computer games.  In this I know that the electric bill for the month will increase because they spend late in the evening to play games before the desktop. I can not even use the desktop for my personal use because they had to insist that I use my laptop.  Well, I like it that they stay home rather than then stay out with their friends. This way I see them all the time of the day however, they can not be talked to sensibly as they are so preoccupied with their games.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am so relieved that it is summer break for my classes in the graduate school.  The last semester had been a very tedious and tiring one of all the semesters I had been in my school. I wish my professor who gave me and my classmates voluminous school requirements will not teach as we really do not intend to enroll if he will be the one to teach in any subjects I will take this summer classes.  I wondered if had I enrolled in any  online graduate degrees courses if it has been as tedious as enrolling in a physical school. I want to try this virtual schooling later when I have finished my doctorate degree. I can at least tell the difference on which between the two, the physical and virtual schooling, has a lot more advantages to offer.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My family is looking forward to a summer vacation. Maybe we will do this in the end of this month. My plan is to bring them to a place where they have not been before. They suggested to be in Ormoc City again, in their favorite pool resort but I decided otherwise. It is time to start exploring the beautiful places in my region with them. I am pretty sure they will appreciate the beauty of the place where we will be into. Many tourists love to wander in this historic place in Limasawa island. The island can be accessed by boat for an hour, from Padre Burgos. The take off to that island in Padre Burgos, Southern, Leyte takes about a five hours drive from my place.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Graduation activities are soon coming in all school and it means celebration to graduating students.  It is not only a celebration of success of the students but for the parents, guardians or philontropistsvwho are behind the success of the students. Speaking of celebrations, it means sharing of food, gift giving and of course drinks of whatever sorts such as champagnes, wines and other social drinks. I am not so familiar with the different kinds of drinks because I only know a few. If you ask me about the Champagne Definition I will answer you to look for the definition of it somewhere else. My younger son is graduating in high school soon.       I will try to prepare a simple party celebration with the family. No concrete plans yet as to how it would go.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Due to my busy schedules last weekdays, I missed some bucks when I failed to post some opportunities.  It was supposed to be posted within three days but within the three days I was always busy in my workplace and I was always late in coming home. I was too tired to post the tasks that when I checked it today, they were already gone in my dashboard.  I hope not to miss any opportunities next time especially that they come rare nowadays.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The past week has been a warm room to work on in my present work assignment. One part of the airconditioning unit malfunctioned and it was replaced with a new one. Fortunately, I had the chance to talk to someone whose airconditioning unit got repaired also. I asked him to send the technician over to diagnose the problem with the unit. It was diagnosed to have a worn out capacitor. The technician replaced the worn out capacitor with a new one and they cleaned it as well. Now, it is quiet cold and conducive to work inside the office. I spent my allowance in my workplace to fix the unit. I am hoping to reimburse the expenses but I am not setting high hopes that it will be reimbursed.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I miss singing in my home entertainment appliance. The last time I sang was during the christmas season. after the Chrsitmas season I always lack the time to sit back and relax and enjoy singing with my kids at the living room. It seems that I will not be able to practice my singing prowess in the next few days because the home entertainment needs an appliance repair. I was at home when my son was trying to plug on the cord when a loud sound was heard from it indicating that there was a short circuit or something of that sort. I still have to bring the home entertainment appliance for repair. Maybe next week I will already have the time to bring it to the service center or to one who is skilled in repairing appliances.


What a day it was today! I spent almost half of my day at a barangay to assist the barangay secretary in packaging their documents for a search of a barangay with best performing mediators and conciliators. It was a tough day reviewing all the documents to be attached that I barely had a couple of times to stand up and stretch my physique. Time flies so fast that it was only when one of my staffs went by to give some of my stuffs in the office that I noticed it was almost dark. When I was almost to step in my car, I was dismayed to notice the scratches on it. Good heavens, the parents who held their meeting in a venue near where my car was parked had tagged along young kids with them. It is possible that they failed to watch over their kids who made the scratches on the right side of my car. I was fuming mad at no one in particular. I hope the car scratches will be helped by a car scratch remover.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


One of my school professors is new to teach in the graduate school department. I am stressed out because of the lot of class requirements he gives us. He explains though that what he is doing is part of the plan to prepare us for the upcoming comprehensive examinations which we will take in the near future. Although, I am already stressed out with schooling I am determined to finish my subjects and graduate soon. I am just in the habit of finishing what I have started. Anyway, one of the class requirements my professor gives us are book reviews of famous management authors. No plagiarism allowed as he can detect it, of course. So, I should review on writing essays to make the best book reviews. I will first visit the custom essay writing service site to seek help in writing the best book reviews. It should be soon as I am running out of time. A few days more and classes will be over. I just hope that this site will motivate me to do my book reviews and my other class requirements like reaction papers and case studies relating to my line of work on the four functions of management.


Classes again. A few days more and it will be final examinations, again. I am actually burned-out from schooling. There are so many class requirements to accomplish and there is only little time to do them. I keep on staring at the ceiling in my room and can not seem to start on my school projects. I know I can not do anything if I do not start on them. I need some motivation. Right now, I am grieving, I am trying to process things and I just like to rest my mind from thinking. But in awhile I shall have to go to school and attend my classes. I will only be physically present but mentally absent.

Friday, March 1, 2013


My son went home from school over lunchtime as he was to do some school projects. He is I guess beating the deadline for the submission. One of the school projects he finished and printed was the essay for a particular topic as a requirement in their English subject. I do not know if he had done it well as I was not afforded the opportunity to read his essay. I advised her though to look for references in the net for his essay topic. I figured he took heed of it but I just do not know if he came across this custom essay writing service I came to find later. This essay writing service has a great deal of help to every student in all fields. It is easy to access with just a click and with only the copy and paste functions, big ideas can already be developed in making an essay. Anyway, I hope that my son was able to do justice to his essay. He will be graduating soon and maybe without the essay he would not be able to graduate in high school. I hope his school projects are all made satisfactory.Otherwise, I would come to his rescue in completing all his class projects and other school requirements.


Normally, I would not attend wake or vigils of close friends or relatives nor pay a visit in moments of their critical illness. This is not because I don't care for them, it is because I am avoiding the feeling of depression that sets in on me after seeing them. This feeling of depression linger for a few days. I keep on crying every now and then and I try to question if there is really a God. Recently, my niece passed away because of breast cancer. I attended the wake. My heart was crashed to pieces. She left behind four little children, the eldest is 8 years old and the youngest is 2 years old. They badly need the attention and care of a mother at their tender age. I used to hear and read that God is just. I question then, if He is just. There are bad people who deserve to die more than my niece. Some of these bad people rob and make peoples lives miserable and some kill people without mercy. But, yet they are happily living wealthy and healthy. My niece never had committed these offenses. She is one who was very family-oriented, religiously going to church, and she always put family first over her personal needs. Why would she have to die? Her four children needs her guidance. She does not deserve to die.If it is God's will, what is His wisdom in taking away my niece from her children at their rearing and tender age?

Friday, February 22, 2013


Charge it to experience. I tasked my sister to withdraw money from my atm card as I was so busy to do it. With the correct atm pin I gave her, she proceeded to enter my pin number and took care never to fail or miss a number. On third attempt, the atm machine captured my card. I went to the bank on the third day after the card was captured. When I got my card, I tried to withdraw money but on first attempt the machine told me :no account found". I went inside the bank to inquire and I was told that I erred in entering the type of deposit. I entered "savings" instead of " cash card". I thought all along that it was a savings deposit. I did not know there was this cash card deposit.  instead of savings, Anyway, I am glad to have withdrawn the money and my atm card was safe with me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My younger son will be graduating in high school soon. Before he enters college he likes to attend a summer camp for the youths that are being organized by his school. I am happy for these kinds of youth acitivites for him to participate as I like him to enjoy his youth in a productive way. I know that summer camps just like that of the Academic Summer Camps are not just enjoying for the youths but a very useful and productive activity for the youths. I am thinking of enjoining my elder son to attend also if the issue of being with youths whom he does not know would not bother him. After all, his younger brother will be with him. I will register my son in this summer youth camp next week.


My niece succumb to breast cancer. We discovered her critical illness six months ago. When it was diagnosed it was already on a critical stage, stage 4. It is not something to be happy of that she now passed away, but somehow, I am happy that she is now rested completely. She had suffered so much in silence because she is one who does not complain and talk about her pains. She died at the age of 32 leaving away a husband and four kids. May her soul rest in peace.


It has been raining without let-up since yesterday. I am already worried that the volume of water might have caused flooding in the homes of my relatives whose houses are in low lying areas. There is a typhoon storm signal in some part of the country that is causing this heavy rains. Flooding is the result of heavy rains which I am sure in many places in my workplace, flooding is already imminent.  Evacuation of many households may have been done already by many. I hope that the rains would stop very soon to stop the floodings.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The books in my room are now stacked away properly. Thanks to the help of the ready-to-install cabinets I bought the slab of wood for the cabinets in a do-it-yourself hardware near my place. Each slab of wood was installed with the aid of a  rivet nut to make its hold stronger. The job of installing the cabinet was so easy. When it was done, I painted the slabs of wood with a flesh color paint. My books are not cluttered anymore like before. The book cabinet carry a lot of books as the installation is very sturdy with the help of the rivet nuts.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Safe driving is very important. After all, each driver aims to reach his destination free from scratch and wounds. However, road accidents most of the times do happen. These accidents could be avoided if drivers wear the proper discipline and road courtesy. The car shall be checked before setting out to go. It is very important that the tires, bolts, nuts, engine oil and water level in the radiator are checked to be at their safest level.The driver, on the other hand, shall also be appropriately prepared. His mood shall be toned down to the level that he observes proper road courtesy and discipline. Proper footwear is very important that there is a firm hold on the clutch, brake and accelerator. He should find a footwear that firmly holds or tightens the feet comfortably. Most of all, he should not forget to fasten the seat belt before running the car. Many fatal deaths of  drivers during road accidents are due to drivers not fastening their seat belts. It is time to morph oneself, especially for a reckless driver, to being a safe driver. He should think of life preservation, most of all.  

Friday, February 1, 2013


My extra job as financial advisor is a challenge to beat my awkwardness and shyness. I feel this because I have no confidence yet on making sales presentations. Lack of knowledge on the products and how to handle objections are my fears to overcome, yet. Glad that there is a sales presentation on the dvd provided by the insurance company however, I have to go for dvd duplication yet as there is only one dvd provided in the insurance branch office. I would really go for dvd duplication so I can master the products and I can adopt the art in sales presentation.


One day I would like to visit Dubai. It is one of the cities I would like to go for its splendid beauty and its flourishing tourism industry. One of the reasons also why I would like to go there is because it has no requirement of a visa. It is such a hassle obtaining a visa. The cost of getting a visa is costly because the foreign embassy offices are located in Manila. I had once applied for a visa, a US visa. Luckily, my application for a US visa was approved. It is enough for now. I would like to go to countries who has no visa requirements. It saves me time, money and effort. Dubai, India or Korea are open cities and they are in my list of places to visit next.


My son has been out of the house during weekends to meet with his classmates. They have a group research paper to make and it is due for submission this first week of February.  They have been conducting a research in the library. I told my son to why not do the research in the internet. He is opposed to the copy and paste manner of researching but I told him it is the trend nowadays. Samples of research papers can even be obtained in the net. I even know for a fact that there is a sample research paper available in the net for the assigned topic they have. There are in-depth research papers, too.  Well, I will just leave my son alone if he does not like to heed my advice. Maybe, their teachers instructed them to do the research in the library books. Well, he is a good son and student and I know this time he is following the instructions from his teacher.


There is a contest launched by my insurance company for the Love Month.  The contest is if within the month of February if I am going to get two people to sign up, I will be given a 5,000 pesos gift reward. Wow, this is enticing. Getting two people to sign up for an insurance is easier said than done. However, I am targeting to have at least three people sign up this month.  I hope to achieve this target. I do not think about this reward. I will just work and work and see positive results.  


Comparing how lucky the students are in terms of information and technology from before and now, everybody would agree that luckier are the students of the modern days. Nowadays, communication gadgets are available where help for their studies can be readily obtained. Researching for example can be done on the information technology gadgets just like computers and or mobile phones. Help for their studies just like essay help, recipes for their cooking, math help and other similar educational needs are just on the tip of the students fingertips.  In essay writing, one will not go cracking his head on what to do, how to start writing and what are to be observed in writing essays. There are even samples of essays in the net to access to. Students from before did not have the same opportunity. There were less essay help to turn to, less essay samples to refer to and it was so time consuming and nerve wracking trying to find one. The subject or topic of the essay can also be viewed in the internet and can be used in expounding or narrating the contents of the essay topic. Indeed, luckier are the students now that there is no reason why essays can not be scholarly or intelligently done with all the essays help available around the net. They only need not be lazy because almost everything is laid on a silver platter now.


The desktop at home is for repair,  My sons complain that they are not able anymore to use the computer. A week ago they have been complaining that is was so slow and the programs they wanted do not open.  Maybe they wanted an upgrading of the system. I resented the idea as it was useless to spend more money for the upgrading when they would only use it for their games.   They can play other games, anyway. Or maybe I am not sensitive to my sons' love for computer games. I am going to call a computer technician to diagnose the desktop. But, not now yet as I am in need of money for my business.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My dream is to become a lawyer one day. I studied Bachelor of Laws for two years right after I graduated in my baccalaureate degree. I had to stop after my second year for my job assignment was very far from my school that it was impossible for me to reach school without being late. I have not resigned from my dream of becoming a lawyer someday. I want to defend the rights of other people especially those who are less in life because they are the ones who are mostly deprived of justice. I wanted to be like the avocat laval who is competent as a lawyer and is a champion when it comes to providing legal assistance to the cause of the clients. In fact, I promised myself that if ever I finish my bachelor of laws and I pass the bar examinations, I am going to provide free legal assistance to my maiden client. I have one and a half year more to finish my doctorate in management and after that I will proceed with my dream to be a lawyer. Who knows, if I get to pass the bar exams, I can be an international lawyer and maybe practice my profession in Montreal or Laval, Canada. When that happens, I can help a lot of people on their legal plights. I can litigate the oppressors and defend the innocents.


A text message was forwarded to me regarding the worst food to eat. They are french fries, ice cream, doughnut, burger, iced tea, junk foods like chippy, instant noodles, processed foods like tocino and longanisa. Oh, all of these foods mentioned are so good to eat. I guess they are worst foods to eat when they are eaten in large amounts. If I or my kids eat them at least once a month only I do not think that it would cause so much bad health effect. But, it pays not to eat them totally as there other health foods to choose from, anyway.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As the school year nears its end, there is also the proximity of final examinations. One of my teachers is new to teach in the graduate school and from our environmental scanning of the type of exams that he gives, we came to know that he is fond of giving essay type of exams. His exams are patterned with the comprehensive  type of examinations given to graduate school students before graduating. I should review again on my knowledge on custom essay writing as it has been long ago that I had my review on writing essays. I am glad of the internet as their are already essay writing samples available. I do no like to be complacent, though, in just obtaining the reviews in the net. I should read books and articles available in the library to get the style of their essays. There are also sold quality essays that one can get a lot of insights as to how the elements of writing essays are made. These quality essays are affordable. When I had myself refreshed on essay writing, I would be confident in taking the examination this new professor in school will give and to whatever type of examination he is comfortable of giving his students like me. I am confident that with a good knowledge of writing essays will give me confidence in taking the comprehensive examinations of my doctorate program.


Airline promo fares in one airline company here was announced over the newspaper. I checked over the internet in the afternoon of that day to book for my travel using the promo fare. To my disgust, the seats with promo fares are all taken. It seems that all people are gawking over the airfare promos of airlines. Why not? The fares one get when there is an airfare promos are very low and it is very attractive to travelers. I even have a friend who only gets a ticket even if she is not sure to travel. The airfare is so low and negligible that she cares less if she cancels her flight is she likes to. I had hoped to travel on the promo dates by the airline company but because all promo seats were taken already, I forego with my planned travel. I will wait for the next airfare promo.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


My younger son is reviewing for his entrance examinaion in a college school he would like to enroll with when he graduates in high school. He would like to be a seafarer some day. This school is noted for being the best in nautical studies. I gave him a reviewer already on english grammar and algebra and he has been on it for the past two weeks now. I was told that one of the type of examinations in that school is essay. I want him to practice on essay writing but I hae no time to teach him as I am so busy also with my studies. I might as well get some college essay writing services in the net as early as possible so he can be guided on this aspect. The examinations will be on February 12 yet and I am going to accompany him in going to that school. He needs to be prepared prior to the examination to avoid failing in the entrance exam and to avoid being frustrated. I am positive he will pass the examination but of course, it pays to be prepared. I am confident with his grammar and math and science, the only thing I want to be sure of is his organization in writing an essay. This essay writing services in the net will surely guide him best to write good essays not only during this entrance exam he is going to take but in most other aspects of his future career in life.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Fatigue over came me last night as I was doing my school powerpoint presentation and at the same time studying my report. I was trying hard to be awake even at past midnight as it was my last chance to do it. My eyes could not open any longer that I decided to take a nap on my bed. Alas, when I woke up it was already 5 o'clock in the morning. My adrenalin rushed so fastest as I was able to finish all the stuffs in a matter of an hour. I finshed at 6am and prepared for school after that. See, what a crammer can do? At last, I had one class report down, and two more to go. Now, I am again preparing myself for my classes tomorrow.


Is essay writing your turf? Well, for me yes but not for my sisters and brothers and maybe not for all other students out there. It takes some good if not excellent writing skill in order to write. The elements of writing and the rules of grammar are primordial to be followed. Some may say, essay writing is not my turf so let it be. Yes, they are right. Why push self to the limits when it is beyond ones capacity to do one. It is good that there are high quality custom writing services available now. In fact, one of my professors in the doctoral studies offers the service. It is for me a great help but let it not be a reason for laxity and negligence.  Essay writing is fun and I believe that essay writing can be improved and or perfected with constant practice. It only takes some time, patience and diligence. Whenever I write essays for other people, I jokingly say it is not for free and I mean it. Seriously, essay writing involves critical and creative writing . If one is good at writing essays, this can be a source of income. Why not? It is an intellectual property that needs to be paid by one who would like to avail of essay services. It is not yet late. There is still time to improve in writing. It only takes some practice.


Yesterday, I bought a compact disc for a physical workout demonstrating the zumba dance. It is a belly dancing exercise designed to tone down the muscles in the abdomen and the thighs. I like the zumba dance as it is so easy to follow. I did not have time yet to practice it at home. I will do it maybe on weekdays when I am not reporting to my workplace. The exercise entails about thirty minutes and surely one will end up sweating a lot after the exercise.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Internet technology offers a lot of opportunities to earn money. There is that online selling and buying, online banking transactions, online education, online writing jobs and many other online jobs and earning opportunities. Three years ago, I was convinced by a friend to do some money making opportunities in the net. It was what I just wanted, to earn some extra money. As a single mom of three, I welcome every money making venture that is legitimate. And so I was given that opportunity to do paid writing jobs. I was short of self-confidence that I may not be able to give wisdom to the end user's requirements for the online writing jobs but in the end things turned out just well. In fact, I was one of the highest earners among the online writers. The prestige was not more than what I desired which was ultimately to earn some extra money. I earned so much that I was able to pay the school fees of my children, I was able to rehabilitate my house and  I was able to travel abroad. These and the honing of my writing skills were the benefits I reaped from my online writing jobs. Now, I clamor for more paid writing jobs because I also experienced recession in paid writing jobs when recession came. My earnings considerably went low. I only hope that things will change for the better so I can pay for my insurance premiums every quarter.


My sons when I arrived home where cleaning the desktop computer. They usually do it when the loading of their games in the computer begins to slow down. I saw them sweep the dusts off the floor right after. Then, I heard complains that the keyboard was not working. The keyboard cable may have got loose from their clean up of the central processing unit. Maybe later they will be able to fix the keyboard cable and put back the keyboard into working on their games.


My studies in the graduate school is taking a toll on my weekend schedules.  I have less quality time with my children because during Saturdays and Sundays I shall have to go to school. During weekdays, I sneak some time from office to meet with class mates for a huddle on what to do for some class reports and school papers. Research papers are also taking a big toll on my time as I have to go to the library, research in the internet when at home or office for assigned topics. I had in mind to do the research all by myself but it is easier said than done. I may have to resort to the custom research papers available in the net. Some of the research papers in the net are as equally excellent as self-made research papers. Some may even be more comprehensive than the self-made ones. Available research papers in the net are a big help to students who could not cope up with time and references to do the assigned research topics. However, it could be an adverse motivation also to students who are lax to not anymore make an effort to work harder because anyway the net is a big resource center of research papers to access on. But, for whatever it is, may the net be made only as reference and guide for making research papers and not as a ready to be submitted paper without even studying and verifying the veracity of its contents.


My first meeting with a prospective insurance client was a failure. My fault because I set the appointment time but I went to the venue at the exact time of appointment in my watch. My prospective client's time would have been different from mine. When I arrived at the coffee shop at 4pm in my watch as agreed I ensured that my client was not there yet before I set to withdraw money from an automatic teller machine not far from the coffee shop. I went back to find my client not there yet and so I waited. And I waited for two hours more. I came to know when I called her that she went to the venue and she did not find me. Because she had somewhere else to go, she left immediately. I learned my lesson though, to be ahead of time prior to the time of appointment. I am going to call her tomorrow to apologize and maybe set another appointment with her, again.


Business commerce has evolved considerably through all these years. Where before operating a business is more on a limited market, nowadays the market is world wide because of the advent of internet technology. It takes some innovation from a business owner though to get the world as its market. And, not any business owner can sell its products and services outside the four corners of his store unless he opts to sell online. Many business owners are bereft of knowledge on how to sell online; some are not risk takers enough to venture the goodness of this innovation. To some, selling online means increased profit because the market is unlimited. I myself who operates a small business in my place can attest to the advantages of having to sell using the internet. My profit is guaranteed because I receive bulk orders almost everyday in the net. Why is that? More and more people are aware of online selling that they prefer online buying because it is hassle free, economical as they do not have to spend more time and gasoline to go on shopping. They can attend to some other equally important matters as shopping online takes only a few minutes before the computer. Because of this my profit has been relatively high for the past year. I am positive that this present year will still be good for my online store.


I am satisfied with the fuel efficiency of my new car. As advertised it was supposed to run at 34 kilometers to a liter however, per my testing, it only runs up to 20 kilometers to a liter. It is way good than other cars that are gasoline monsters. Since I have been driving this new manual car I love its performance fuel efficiency-wise. I am going to consult the car dealer though why the gasoline consumption does not meet their advertisement. I even threatened one day that I am going to return the car should it not run at least up to 25 kilometers to a liter. I was told that the mechanic will check on the car. Well, even with the present fuel performance of the car I am already satisfied but I could be more satisfied if it will perform as advertised to a 34 kilometers to a liter. This way I enjoy driving without much worry on the fuel consumption.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My classmate in elementary operates an auto insurance business. She convinced me one time to get the insurance from her for my car. The auto insurance for my car is not yet expired but as early as now I am looking for a comprehensive but low cost auto insurance. It is best to scout first from other insurance companies so I can compare the rates and the full coverage of the insurance. At least, if I can save some amount, I can buy some accessories for the car like a spare seat cover.


I should stay at home today for my school stuffs. I have a lot to do from powerpoint presentations to book reviews and case studies. My subjects this semester are tough. I have no room for laxity lest I do not pass the subjects. I should finish my stuffs before I go out anywhere. I lack the time to do my school stuffs always its why I make an absent from going to office.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My niece is having her review studies of her accounting subjects. She plans to take the board exams for accountants. Well, she graduated from college four years ago so it is understandable if she finds it hard to refresh her memories of her accounting lessons. Maybe, an online accounting lesson would help her a lot. It is very useful and very comfortable to access especially that she is working during the day. If she access the online accounting lessons she can come online at her most comfortable time. I guess she will consider this option if I tell her. Glad that online education stuffs are in now. Thanks to the modern computers.


Rainy days are here because of the low pressure area and tropical depression that enters the country every now and then. This has been like this since January came in. Influenza are here to stay with this kind of weather. I have a high risk of contracting it. I have been sneezing since yesterday. I only hope that I wont catch colds or flu. I am always drinking lots of water. When I leave in awhile I will bring a jacket to protect from the cold weather. And, I will not forget to bring my umbrella to shield me from the rain.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...