Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My dream is to become a lawyer one day. I studied Bachelor of Laws for two years right after I graduated in my baccalaureate degree. I had to stop after my second year for my job assignment was very far from my school that it was impossible for me to reach school without being late. I have not resigned from my dream of becoming a lawyer someday. I want to defend the rights of other people especially those who are less in life because they are the ones who are mostly deprived of justice. I wanted to be like the avocat laval who is competent as a lawyer and is a champion when it comes to providing legal assistance to the cause of the clients. In fact, I promised myself that if ever I finish my bachelor of laws and I pass the bar examinations, I am going to provide free legal assistance to my maiden client. I have one and a half year more to finish my doctorate in management and after that I will proceed with my dream to be a lawyer. Who knows, if I get to pass the bar exams, I can be an international lawyer and maybe practice my profession in Montreal or Laval, Canada. When that happens, I can help a lot of people on their legal plights. I can litigate the oppressors and defend the innocents.


A text message was forwarded to me regarding the worst food to eat. They are french fries, ice cream, doughnut, burger, iced tea, junk foods like chippy, instant noodles, processed foods like tocino and longanisa. Oh, all of these foods mentioned are so good to eat. I guess they are worst foods to eat when they are eaten in large amounts. If I or my kids eat them at least once a month only I do not think that it would cause so much bad health effect. But, it pays not to eat them totally as there other health foods to choose from, anyway.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As the school year nears its end, there is also the proximity of final examinations. One of my teachers is new to teach in the graduate school and from our environmental scanning of the type of exams that he gives, we came to know that he is fond of giving essay type of exams. His exams are patterned with the comprehensive  type of examinations given to graduate school students before graduating. I should review again on my knowledge on custom essay writing as it has been long ago that I had my review on writing essays. I am glad of the internet as their are already essay writing samples available. I do no like to be complacent, though, in just obtaining the reviews in the net. I should read books and articles available in the library to get the style of their essays. There are also sold quality essays that one can get a lot of insights as to how the elements of writing essays are made. These quality essays are affordable. When I had myself refreshed on essay writing, I would be confident in taking the examination this new professor in school will give and to whatever type of examination he is comfortable of giving his students like me. I am confident that with a good knowledge of writing essays will give me confidence in taking the comprehensive examinations of my doctorate program.


Airline promo fares in one airline company here was announced over the newspaper. I checked over the internet in the afternoon of that day to book for my travel using the promo fare. To my disgust, the seats with promo fares are all taken. It seems that all people are gawking over the airfare promos of airlines. Why not? The fares one get when there is an airfare promos are very low and it is very attractive to travelers. I even have a friend who only gets a ticket even if she is not sure to travel. The airfare is so low and negligible that she cares less if she cancels her flight is she likes to. I had hoped to travel on the promo dates by the airline company but because all promo seats were taken already, I forego with my planned travel. I will wait for the next airfare promo.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


My younger son is reviewing for his entrance examinaion in a college school he would like to enroll with when he graduates in high school. He would like to be a seafarer some day. This school is noted for being the best in nautical studies. I gave him a reviewer already on english grammar and algebra and he has been on it for the past two weeks now. I was told that one of the type of examinations in that school is essay. I want him to practice on essay writing but I hae no time to teach him as I am so busy also with my studies. I might as well get some college essay writing services in the net as early as possible so he can be guided on this aspect. The examinations will be on February 12 yet and I am going to accompany him in going to that school. He needs to be prepared prior to the examination to avoid failing in the entrance exam and to avoid being frustrated. I am positive he will pass the examination but of course, it pays to be prepared. I am confident with his grammar and math and science, the only thing I want to be sure of is his organization in writing an essay. This essay writing services in the net will surely guide him best to write good essays not only during this entrance exam he is going to take but in most other aspects of his future career in life.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Fatigue over came me last night as I was doing my school powerpoint presentation and at the same time studying my report. I was trying hard to be awake even at past midnight as it was my last chance to do it. My eyes could not open any longer that I decided to take a nap on my bed. Alas, when I woke up it was already 5 o'clock in the morning. My adrenalin rushed so fastest as I was able to finish all the stuffs in a matter of an hour. I finshed at 6am and prepared for school after that. See, what a crammer can do? At last, I had one class report down, and two more to go. Now, I am again preparing myself for my classes tomorrow.


Is essay writing your turf? Well, for me yes but not for my sisters and brothers and maybe not for all other students out there. It takes some good if not excellent writing skill in order to write. The elements of writing and the rules of grammar are primordial to be followed. Some may say, essay writing is not my turf so let it be. Yes, they are right. Why push self to the limits when it is beyond ones capacity to do one. It is good that there are high quality custom writing services available now. In fact, one of my professors in the doctoral studies offers the service. It is for me a great help but let it not be a reason for laxity and negligence.  Essay writing is fun and I believe that essay writing can be improved and or perfected with constant practice. It only takes some time, patience and diligence. Whenever I write essays for other people, I jokingly say it is not for free and I mean it. Seriously, essay writing involves critical and creative writing . If one is good at writing essays, this can be a source of income. Why not? It is an intellectual property that needs to be paid by one who would like to avail of essay services. It is not yet late. There is still time to improve in writing. It only takes some practice.


Yesterday, I bought a compact disc for a physical workout demonstrating the zumba dance. It is a belly dancing exercise designed to tone down the muscles in the abdomen and the thighs. I like the zumba dance as it is so easy to follow. I did not have time yet to practice it at home. I will do it maybe on weekdays when I am not reporting to my workplace. The exercise entails about thirty minutes and surely one will end up sweating a lot after the exercise.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Internet technology offers a lot of opportunities to earn money. There is that online selling and buying, online banking transactions, online education, online writing jobs and many other online jobs and earning opportunities. Three years ago, I was convinced by a friend to do some money making opportunities in the net. It was what I just wanted, to earn some extra money. As a single mom of three, I welcome every money making venture that is legitimate. And so I was given that opportunity to do paid writing jobs. I was short of self-confidence that I may not be able to give wisdom to the end user's requirements for the online writing jobs but in the end things turned out just well. In fact, I was one of the highest earners among the online writers. The prestige was not more than what I desired which was ultimately to earn some extra money. I earned so much that I was able to pay the school fees of my children, I was able to rehabilitate my house and  I was able to travel abroad. These and the honing of my writing skills were the benefits I reaped from my online writing jobs. Now, I clamor for more paid writing jobs because I also experienced recession in paid writing jobs when recession came. My earnings considerably went low. I only hope that things will change for the better so I can pay for my insurance premiums every quarter.


My sons when I arrived home where cleaning the desktop computer. They usually do it when the loading of their games in the computer begins to slow down. I saw them sweep the dusts off the floor right after. Then, I heard complains that the keyboard was not working. The keyboard cable may have got loose from their clean up of the central processing unit. Maybe later they will be able to fix the keyboard cable and put back the keyboard into working on their games.


My studies in the graduate school is taking a toll on my weekend schedules.  I have less quality time with my children because during Saturdays and Sundays I shall have to go to school. During weekdays, I sneak some time from office to meet with class mates for a huddle on what to do for some class reports and school papers. Research papers are also taking a big toll on my time as I have to go to the library, research in the internet when at home or office for assigned topics. I had in mind to do the research all by myself but it is easier said than done. I may have to resort to the custom research papers available in the net. Some of the research papers in the net are as equally excellent as self-made research papers. Some may even be more comprehensive than the self-made ones. Available research papers in the net are a big help to students who could not cope up with time and references to do the assigned research topics. However, it could be an adverse motivation also to students who are lax to not anymore make an effort to work harder because anyway the net is a big resource center of research papers to access on. But, for whatever it is, may the net be made only as reference and guide for making research papers and not as a ready to be submitted paper without even studying and verifying the veracity of its contents.


My first meeting with a prospective insurance client was a failure. My fault because I set the appointment time but I went to the venue at the exact time of appointment in my watch. My prospective client's time would have been different from mine. When I arrived at the coffee shop at 4pm in my watch as agreed I ensured that my client was not there yet before I set to withdraw money from an automatic teller machine not far from the coffee shop. I went back to find my client not there yet and so I waited. And I waited for two hours more. I came to know when I called her that she went to the venue and she did not find me. Because she had somewhere else to go, she left immediately. I learned my lesson though, to be ahead of time prior to the time of appointment. I am going to call her tomorrow to apologize and maybe set another appointment with her, again.


Business commerce has evolved considerably through all these years. Where before operating a business is more on a limited market, nowadays the market is world wide because of the advent of internet technology. It takes some innovation from a business owner though to get the world as its market. And, not any business owner can sell its products and services outside the four corners of his store unless he opts to sell online. Many business owners are bereft of knowledge on how to sell online; some are not risk takers enough to venture the goodness of this innovation. To some, selling online means increased profit because the market is unlimited. I myself who operates a small business in my place can attest to the advantages of having to sell using the internet. My profit is guaranteed because I receive bulk orders almost everyday in the net. Why is that? More and more people are aware of online selling that they prefer online buying because it is hassle free, economical as they do not have to spend more time and gasoline to go on shopping. They can attend to some other equally important matters as shopping online takes only a few minutes before the computer. Because of this my profit has been relatively high for the past year. I am positive that this present year will still be good for my online store.


I am satisfied with the fuel efficiency of my new car. As advertised it was supposed to run at 34 kilometers to a liter however, per my testing, it only runs up to 20 kilometers to a liter. It is way good than other cars that are gasoline monsters. Since I have been driving this new manual car I love its performance fuel efficiency-wise. I am going to consult the car dealer though why the gasoline consumption does not meet their advertisement. I even threatened one day that I am going to return the car should it not run at least up to 25 kilometers to a liter. I was told that the mechanic will check on the car. Well, even with the present fuel performance of the car I am already satisfied but I could be more satisfied if it will perform as advertised to a 34 kilometers to a liter. This way I enjoy driving without much worry on the fuel consumption.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My classmate in elementary operates an auto insurance business. She convinced me one time to get the insurance from her for my car. The auto insurance for my car is not yet expired but as early as now I am looking for a comprehensive but low cost auto insurance. It is best to scout first from other insurance companies so I can compare the rates and the full coverage of the insurance. At least, if I can save some amount, I can buy some accessories for the car like a spare seat cover.


I should stay at home today for my school stuffs. I have a lot to do from powerpoint presentations to book reviews and case studies. My subjects this semester are tough. I have no room for laxity lest I do not pass the subjects. I should finish my stuffs before I go out anywhere. I lack the time to do my school stuffs always its why I make an absent from going to office.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My niece is having her review studies of her accounting subjects. She plans to take the board exams for accountants. Well, she graduated from college four years ago so it is understandable if she finds it hard to refresh her memories of her accounting lessons. Maybe, an online accounting lesson would help her a lot. It is very useful and very comfortable to access especially that she is working during the day. If she access the online accounting lessons she can come online at her most comfortable time. I guess she will consider this option if I tell her. Glad that online education stuffs are in now. Thanks to the modern computers.


Rainy days are here because of the low pressure area and tropical depression that enters the country every now and then. This has been like this since January came in. Influenza are here to stay with this kind of weather. I have a high risk of contracting it. I have been sneezing since yesterday. I only hope that I wont catch colds or flu. I am always drinking lots of water. When I leave in awhile I will bring a jacket to protect from the cold weather. And, I will not forget to bring my umbrella to shield me from the rain.


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