Friday, January 18, 2013


I am satisfied with the fuel efficiency of my new car. As advertised it was supposed to run at 34 kilometers to a liter however, per my testing, it only runs up to 20 kilometers to a liter. It is way good than other cars that are gasoline monsters. Since I have been driving this new manual car I love its performance fuel efficiency-wise. I am going to consult the car dealer though why the gasoline consumption does not meet their advertisement. I even threatened one day that I am going to return the car should it not run at least up to 25 kilometers to a liter. I was told that the mechanic will check on the car. Well, even with the present fuel performance of the car I am already satisfied but I could be more satisfied if it will perform as advertised to a 34 kilometers to a liter. This way I enjoy driving without much worry on the fuel consumption.

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