Friday, January 18, 2013


My studies in the graduate school is taking a toll on my weekend schedules.  I have less quality time with my children because during Saturdays and Sundays I shall have to go to school. During weekdays, I sneak some time from office to meet with class mates for a huddle on what to do for some class reports and school papers. Research papers are also taking a big toll on my time as I have to go to the library, research in the internet when at home or office for assigned topics. I had in mind to do the research all by myself but it is easier said than done. I may have to resort to the custom research papers available in the net. Some of the research papers in the net are as equally excellent as self-made research papers. Some may even be more comprehensive than the self-made ones. Available research papers in the net are a big help to students who could not cope up with time and references to do the assigned research topics. However, it could be an adverse motivation also to students who are lax to not anymore make an effort to work harder because anyway the net is a big resource center of research papers to access on. But, for whatever it is, may the net be made only as reference and guide for making research papers and not as a ready to be submitted paper without even studying and verifying the veracity of its contents.

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