Saturday, January 19, 2013


Is essay writing your turf? Well, for me yes but not for my sisters and brothers and maybe not for all other students out there. It takes some good if not excellent writing skill in order to write. The elements of writing and the rules of grammar are primordial to be followed. Some may say, essay writing is not my turf so let it be. Yes, they are right. Why push self to the limits when it is beyond ones capacity to do one. It is good that there are high quality custom writing services available now. In fact, one of my professors in the doctoral studies offers the service. It is for me a great help but let it not be a reason for laxity and negligence.  Essay writing is fun and I believe that essay writing can be improved and or perfected with constant practice. It only takes some time, patience and diligence. Whenever I write essays for other people, I jokingly say it is not for free and I mean it. Seriously, essay writing involves critical and creative writing . If one is good at writing essays, this can be a source of income. Why not? It is an intellectual property that needs to be paid by one who would like to avail of essay services. It is not yet late. There is still time to improve in writing. It only takes some practice.

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