Friday, January 18, 2013


My first meeting with a prospective insurance client was a failure. My fault because I set the appointment time but I went to the venue at the exact time of appointment in my watch. My prospective client's time would have been different from mine. When I arrived at the coffee shop at 4pm in my watch as agreed I ensured that my client was not there yet before I set to withdraw money from an automatic teller machine not far from the coffee shop. I went back to find my client not there yet and so I waited. And I waited for two hours more. I came to know when I called her that she went to the venue and she did not find me. Because she had somewhere else to go, she left immediately. I learned my lesson though, to be ahead of time prior to the time of appointment. I am going to call her tomorrow to apologize and maybe set another appointment with her, again.

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