Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My dream is to become a lawyer one day. I studied Bachelor of Laws for two years right after I graduated in my baccalaureate degree. I had to stop after my second year for my job assignment was very far from my school that it was impossible for me to reach school without being late. I have not resigned from my dream of becoming a lawyer someday. I want to defend the rights of other people especially those who are less in life because they are the ones who are mostly deprived of justice. I wanted to be like the avocat laval who is competent as a lawyer and is a champion when it comes to providing legal assistance to the cause of the clients. In fact, I promised myself that if ever I finish my bachelor of laws and I pass the bar examinations, I am going to provide free legal assistance to my maiden client. I have one and a half year more to finish my doctorate in management and after that I will proceed with my dream to be a lawyer. Who knows, if I get to pass the bar exams, I can be an international lawyer and maybe practice my profession in Montreal or Laval, Canada. When that happens, I can help a lot of people on their legal plights. I can litigate the oppressors and defend the innocents.

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