Friday, January 18, 2013


Internet technology offers a lot of opportunities to earn money. There is that online selling and buying, online banking transactions, online education, online writing jobs and many other online jobs and earning opportunities. Three years ago, I was convinced by a friend to do some money making opportunities in the net. It was what I just wanted, to earn some extra money. As a single mom of three, I welcome every money making venture that is legitimate. And so I was given that opportunity to do paid writing jobs. I was short of self-confidence that I may not be able to give wisdom to the end user's requirements for the online writing jobs but in the end things turned out just well. In fact, I was one of the highest earners among the online writers. The prestige was not more than what I desired which was ultimately to earn some extra money. I earned so much that I was able to pay the school fees of my children, I was able to rehabilitate my house and  I was able to travel abroad. These and the honing of my writing skills were the benefits I reaped from my online writing jobs. Now, I clamor for more paid writing jobs because I also experienced recession in paid writing jobs when recession came. My earnings considerably went low. I only hope that things will change for the better so I can pay for my insurance premiums every quarter.

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Gary W. Deason said...

If you want to live on the islands or another country, freelancing is the best way for earning money and live wherever you want. There a lot of online writing jobs which offer good earnings. I think everyone can try to work as if there is a talent for writing essays.


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