Friday, February 22, 2013


Charge it to experience. I tasked my sister to withdraw money from my atm card as I was so busy to do it. With the correct atm pin I gave her, she proceeded to enter my pin number and took care never to fail or miss a number. On third attempt, the atm machine captured my card. I went to the bank on the third day after the card was captured. When I got my card, I tried to withdraw money but on first attempt the machine told me :no account found". I went inside the bank to inquire and I was told that I erred in entering the type of deposit. I entered "savings" instead of " cash card". I thought all along that it was a savings deposit. I did not know there was this cash card deposit.  instead of savings, Anyway, I am glad to have withdrawn the money and my atm card was safe with me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My younger son will be graduating in high school soon. Before he enters college he likes to attend a summer camp for the youths that are being organized by his school. I am happy for these kinds of youth acitivites for him to participate as I like him to enjoy his youth in a productive way. I know that summer camps just like that of the Academic Summer Camps are not just enjoying for the youths but a very useful and productive activity for the youths. I am thinking of enjoining my elder son to attend also if the issue of being with youths whom he does not know would not bother him. After all, his younger brother will be with him. I will register my son in this summer youth camp next week.


My niece succumb to breast cancer. We discovered her critical illness six months ago. When it was diagnosed it was already on a critical stage, stage 4. It is not something to be happy of that she now passed away, but somehow, I am happy that she is now rested completely. She had suffered so much in silence because she is one who does not complain and talk about her pains. She died at the age of 32 leaving away a husband and four kids. May her soul rest in peace.


It has been raining without let-up since yesterday. I am already worried that the volume of water might have caused flooding in the homes of my relatives whose houses are in low lying areas. There is a typhoon storm signal in some part of the country that is causing this heavy rains. Flooding is the result of heavy rains which I am sure in many places in my workplace, flooding is already imminent.  Evacuation of many households may have been done already by many. I hope that the rains would stop very soon to stop the floodings.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The books in my room are now stacked away properly. Thanks to the help of the ready-to-install cabinets I bought the slab of wood for the cabinets in a do-it-yourself hardware near my place. Each slab of wood was installed with the aid of a  rivet nut to make its hold stronger. The job of installing the cabinet was so easy. When it was done, I painted the slabs of wood with a flesh color paint. My books are not cluttered anymore like before. The book cabinet carry a lot of books as the installation is very sturdy with the help of the rivet nuts.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Safe driving is very important. After all, each driver aims to reach his destination free from scratch and wounds. However, road accidents most of the times do happen. These accidents could be avoided if drivers wear the proper discipline and road courtesy. The car shall be checked before setting out to go. It is very important that the tires, bolts, nuts, engine oil and water level in the radiator are checked to be at their safest level.The driver, on the other hand, shall also be appropriately prepared. His mood shall be toned down to the level that he observes proper road courtesy and discipline. Proper footwear is very important that there is a firm hold on the clutch, brake and accelerator. He should find a footwear that firmly holds or tightens the feet comfortably. Most of all, he should not forget to fasten the seat belt before running the car. Many fatal deaths of  drivers during road accidents are due to drivers not fastening their seat belts. It is time to morph oneself, especially for a reckless driver, to being a safe driver. He should think of life preservation, most of all.  

Friday, February 1, 2013


My extra job as financial advisor is a challenge to beat my awkwardness and shyness. I feel this because I have no confidence yet on making sales presentations. Lack of knowledge on the products and how to handle objections are my fears to overcome, yet. Glad that there is a sales presentation on the dvd provided by the insurance company however, I have to go for dvd duplication yet as there is only one dvd provided in the insurance branch office. I would really go for dvd duplication so I can master the products and I can adopt the art in sales presentation.


One day I would like to visit Dubai. It is one of the cities I would like to go for its splendid beauty and its flourishing tourism industry. One of the reasons also why I would like to go there is because it has no requirement of a visa. It is such a hassle obtaining a visa. The cost of getting a visa is costly because the foreign embassy offices are located in Manila. I had once applied for a visa, a US visa. Luckily, my application for a US visa was approved. It is enough for now. I would like to go to countries who has no visa requirements. It saves me time, money and effort. Dubai, India or Korea are open cities and they are in my list of places to visit next.


My son has been out of the house during weekends to meet with his classmates. They have a group research paper to make and it is due for submission this first week of February.  They have been conducting a research in the library. I told my son to why not do the research in the internet. He is opposed to the copy and paste manner of researching but I told him it is the trend nowadays. Samples of research papers can even be obtained in the net. I even know for a fact that there is a sample research paper available in the net for the assigned topic they have. There are in-depth research papers, too.  Well, I will just leave my son alone if he does not like to heed my advice. Maybe, their teachers instructed them to do the research in the library books. Well, he is a good son and student and I know this time he is following the instructions from his teacher.


There is a contest launched by my insurance company for the Love Month.  The contest is if within the month of February if I am going to get two people to sign up, I will be given a 5,000 pesos gift reward. Wow, this is enticing. Getting two people to sign up for an insurance is easier said than done. However, I am targeting to have at least three people sign up this month.  I hope to achieve this target. I do not think about this reward. I will just work and work and see positive results.  


Comparing how lucky the students are in terms of information and technology from before and now, everybody would agree that luckier are the students of the modern days. Nowadays, communication gadgets are available where help for their studies can be readily obtained. Researching for example can be done on the information technology gadgets just like computers and or mobile phones. Help for their studies just like essay help, recipes for their cooking, math help and other similar educational needs are just on the tip of the students fingertips.  In essay writing, one will not go cracking his head on what to do, how to start writing and what are to be observed in writing essays. There are even samples of essays in the net to access to. Students from before did not have the same opportunity. There were less essay help to turn to, less essay samples to refer to and it was so time consuming and nerve wracking trying to find one. The subject or topic of the essay can also be viewed in the internet and can be used in expounding or narrating the contents of the essay topic. Indeed, luckier are the students now that there is no reason why essays can not be scholarly or intelligently done with all the essays help available around the net. They only need not be lazy because almost everything is laid on a silver platter now.


The desktop at home is for repair,  My sons complain that they are not able anymore to use the computer. A week ago they have been complaining that is was so slow and the programs they wanted do not open.  Maybe they wanted an upgrading of the system. I resented the idea as it was useless to spend more money for the upgrading when they would only use it for their games.   They can play other games, anyway. Or maybe I am not sensitive to my sons' love for computer games. I am going to call a computer technician to diagnose the desktop. But, not now yet as I am in need of money for my business.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...