Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My younger son will be graduating in high school soon. Before he enters college he likes to attend a summer camp for the youths that are being organized by his school. I am happy for these kinds of youth acitivites for him to participate as I like him to enjoy his youth in a productive way. I know that summer camps just like that of the Academic Summer Camps are not just enjoying for the youths but a very useful and productive activity for the youths. I am thinking of enjoining my elder son to attend also if the issue of being with youths whom he does not know would not bother him. After all, his younger brother will be with him. I will register my son in this summer youth camp next week.


boris said...

nice, nice. though i have not kept my promise to help your kid in his schooling, happy to hear he will be attending this youth camp.

imelda said...

yes bors welcome to the blogosphere! thanks for the comment and for visiting.