Friday, February 22, 2013


Charge it to experience. I tasked my sister to withdraw money from my atm card as I was so busy to do it. With the correct atm pin I gave her, she proceeded to enter my pin number and took care never to fail or miss a number. On third attempt, the atm machine captured my card. I went to the bank on the third day after the card was captured. When I got my card, I tried to withdraw money but on first attempt the machine told me :no account found". I went inside the bank to inquire and I was told that I erred in entering the type of deposit. I entered "savings" instead of " cash card". I thought all along that it was a savings deposit. I did not know there was this cash card deposit.  instead of savings, Anyway, I am glad to have withdrawn the money and my atm card was safe with me.

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