Friday, February 1, 2013


My extra job as financial advisor is a challenge to beat my awkwardness and shyness. I feel this because I have no confidence yet on making sales presentations. Lack of knowledge on the products and how to handle objections are my fears to overcome, yet. Glad that there is a sales presentation on the dvd provided by the insurance company however, I have to go for dvd duplication yet as there is only one dvd provided in the insurance branch office. I would really go for dvd duplication so I can master the products and I can adopt the art in sales presentation.

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Jahirul Islam said...

CD / DVD duplication and CD / DVD replication are two common ways of copying CDs and DVDs. In short, duplication is the process of burning information onto a blank DVD-R media and replication is the process of burning the exact information of the original CD/DVD onto ablank CD/DVD-R. CD & DVD Duplication