Friday, February 1, 2013


My son has been out of the house during weekends to meet with his classmates. They have a group research paper to make and it is due for submission this first week of February.  They have been conducting a research in the library. I told my son to why not do the research in the internet. He is opposed to the copy and paste manner of researching but I told him it is the trend nowadays. Samples of research papers can even be obtained in the net. I even know for a fact that there is a sample research paper available in the net for the assigned topic they have. There are in-depth research papers, too.  Well, I will just leave my son alone if he does not like to heed my advice. Maybe, their teachers instructed them to do the research in the library books. Well, he is a good son and student and I know this time he is following the instructions from his teacher.

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