Sunday, February 3, 2013


Safe driving is very important. After all, each driver aims to reach his destination free from scratch and wounds. However, road accidents most of the times do happen. These accidents could be avoided if drivers wear the proper discipline and road courtesy. The car shall be checked before setting out to go. It is very important that the tires, bolts, nuts, engine oil and water level in the radiator are checked to be at their safest level.The driver, on the other hand, shall also be appropriately prepared. His mood shall be toned down to the level that he observes proper road courtesy and discipline. Proper footwear is very important that there is a firm hold on the clutch, brake and accelerator. He should find a footwear that firmly holds or tightens the feet comfortably. Most of all, he should not forget to fasten the seat belt before running the car. Many fatal deaths of  drivers during road accidents are due to drivers not fastening their seat belts. It is time to morph oneself, especially for a reckless driver, to being a safe driver. He should think of life preservation, most of all.  

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