Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am so relieved that it is summer break for my classes in the graduate school.  The last semester had been a very tedious and tiring one of all the semesters I had been in my school. I wish my professor who gave me and my classmates voluminous school requirements will not teach as we really do not intend to enroll if he will be the one to teach in any subjects I will take this summer classes.  I wondered if had I enrolled in any  online graduate degrees courses if it has been as tedious as enrolling in a physical school. I want to try this virtual schooling later when I have finished my doctorate degree. I can at least tell the difference on which between the two, the physical and virtual schooling, has a lot more advantages to offer.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My family is looking forward to a summer vacation. Maybe we will do this in the end of this month. My plan is to bring them to a place where they have not been before. They suggested to be in Ormoc City again, in their favorite pool resort but I decided otherwise. It is time to start exploring the beautiful places in my region with them. I am pretty sure they will appreciate the beauty of the place where we will be into. Many tourists love to wander in this historic place in Limasawa island. The island can be accessed by boat for an hour, from Padre Burgos. The take off to that island in Padre Burgos, Southern, Leyte takes about a five hours drive from my place.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Graduation activities are soon coming in all school and it means celebration to graduating students.  It is not only a celebration of success of the students but for the parents, guardians or philontropistsvwho are behind the success of the students. Speaking of celebrations, it means sharing of food, gift giving and of course drinks of whatever sorts such as champagnes, wines and other social drinks. I am not so familiar with the different kinds of drinks because I only know a few. If you ask me about the Champagne Definition I will answer you to look for the definition of it somewhere else. My younger son is graduating in high school soon.       I will try to prepare a simple party celebration with the family. No concrete plans yet as to how it would go.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Due to my busy schedules last weekdays, I missed some bucks when I failed to post some opportunities.  It was supposed to be posted within three days but within the three days I was always busy in my workplace and I was always late in coming home. I was too tired to post the tasks that when I checked it today, they were already gone in my dashboard.  I hope not to miss any opportunities next time especially that they come rare nowadays.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The past week has been a warm room to work on in my present work assignment. One part of the airconditioning unit malfunctioned and it was replaced with a new one. Fortunately, I had the chance to talk to someone whose airconditioning unit got repaired also. I asked him to send the technician over to diagnose the problem with the unit. It was diagnosed to have a worn out capacitor. The technician replaced the worn out capacitor with a new one and they cleaned it as well. Now, it is quiet cold and conducive to work inside the office. I spent my allowance in my workplace to fix the unit. I am hoping to reimburse the expenses but I am not setting high hopes that it will be reimbursed.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I miss singing in my home entertainment appliance. The last time I sang was during the christmas season. after the Chrsitmas season I always lack the time to sit back and relax and enjoy singing with my kids at the living room. It seems that I will not be able to practice my singing prowess in the next few days because the home entertainment needs an appliance repair. I was at home when my son was trying to plug on the cord when a loud sound was heard from it indicating that there was a short circuit or something of that sort. I still have to bring the home entertainment appliance for repair. Maybe next week I will already have the time to bring it to the service center or to one who is skilled in repairing appliances.


What a day it was today! I spent almost half of my day at a barangay to assist the barangay secretary in packaging their documents for a search of a barangay with best performing mediators and conciliators. It was a tough day reviewing all the documents to be attached that I barely had a couple of times to stand up and stretch my physique. Time flies so fast that it was only when one of my staffs went by to give some of my stuffs in the office that I noticed it was almost dark. When I was almost to step in my car, I was dismayed to notice the scratches on it. Good heavens, the parents who held their meeting in a venue near where my car was parked had tagged along young kids with them. It is possible that they failed to watch over their kids who made the scratches on the right side of my car. I was fuming mad at no one in particular. I hope the car scratches will be helped by a car scratch remover.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


One of my school professors is new to teach in the graduate school department. I am stressed out because of the lot of class requirements he gives us. He explains though that what he is doing is part of the plan to prepare us for the upcoming comprehensive examinations which we will take in the near future. Although, I am already stressed out with schooling I am determined to finish my subjects and graduate soon. I am just in the habit of finishing what I have started. Anyway, one of the class requirements my professor gives us are book reviews of famous management authors. No plagiarism allowed as he can detect it, of course. So, I should review on writing essays to make the best book reviews. I will first visit the custom essay writing service site to seek help in writing the best book reviews. It should be soon as I am running out of time. A few days more and classes will be over. I just hope that this site will motivate me to do my book reviews and my other class requirements like reaction papers and case studies relating to my line of work on the four functions of management.


Classes again. A few days more and it will be final examinations, again. I am actually burned-out from schooling. There are so many class requirements to accomplish and there is only little time to do them. I keep on staring at the ceiling in my room and can not seem to start on my school projects. I know I can not do anything if I do not start on them. I need some motivation. Right now, I am grieving, I am trying to process things and I just like to rest my mind from thinking. But in awhile I shall have to go to school and attend my classes. I will only be physically present but mentally absent.

Friday, March 1, 2013


My son went home from school over lunchtime as he was to do some school projects. He is I guess beating the deadline for the submission. One of the school projects he finished and printed was the essay for a particular topic as a requirement in their English subject. I do not know if he had done it well as I was not afforded the opportunity to read his essay. I advised her though to look for references in the net for his essay topic. I figured he took heed of it but I just do not know if he came across this custom essay writing service I came to find later. This essay writing service has a great deal of help to every student in all fields. It is easy to access with just a click and with only the copy and paste functions, big ideas can already be developed in making an essay. Anyway, I hope that my son was able to do justice to his essay. He will be graduating soon and maybe without the essay he would not be able to graduate in high school. I hope his school projects are all made satisfactory.Otherwise, I would come to his rescue in completing all his class projects and other school requirements.


Normally, I would not attend wake or vigils of close friends or relatives nor pay a visit in moments of their critical illness. This is not because I don't care for them, it is because I am avoiding the feeling of depression that sets in on me after seeing them. This feeling of depression linger for a few days. I keep on crying every now and then and I try to question if there is really a God. Recently, my niece passed away because of breast cancer. I attended the wake. My heart was crashed to pieces. She left behind four little children, the eldest is 8 years old and the youngest is 2 years old. They badly need the attention and care of a mother at their tender age. I used to hear and read that God is just. I question then, if He is just. There are bad people who deserve to die more than my niece. Some of these bad people rob and make peoples lives miserable and some kill people without mercy. But, yet they are happily living wealthy and healthy. My niece never had committed these offenses. She is one who was very family-oriented, religiously going to church, and she always put family first over her personal needs. Why would she have to die? Her four children needs her guidance. She does not deserve to die.If it is God's will, what is His wisdom in taking away my niece from her children at their rearing and tender age?


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