Tuesday, March 5, 2013


What a day it was today! I spent almost half of my day at a barangay to assist the barangay secretary in packaging their documents for a search of a barangay with best performing mediators and conciliators. It was a tough day reviewing all the documents to be attached that I barely had a couple of times to stand up and stretch my physique. Time flies so fast that it was only when one of my staffs went by to give some of my stuffs in the office that I noticed it was almost dark. When I was almost to step in my car, I was dismayed to notice the scratches on it. Good heavens, the parents who held their meeting in a venue near where my car was parked had tagged along young kids with them. It is possible that they failed to watch over their kids who made the scratches on the right side of my car. I was fuming mad at no one in particular. I hope the car scratches will be helped by a car scratch remover.

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