Saturday, March 2, 2013


One of my school professors is new to teach in the graduate school department. I am stressed out because of the lot of class requirements he gives us. He explains though that what he is doing is part of the plan to prepare us for the upcoming comprehensive examinations which we will take in the near future. Although, I am already stressed out with schooling I am determined to finish my subjects and graduate soon. I am just in the habit of finishing what I have started. Anyway, one of the class requirements my professor gives us are book reviews of famous management authors. No plagiarism allowed as he can detect it, of course. So, I should review on writing essays to make the best book reviews. I will first visit the custom essay writing service site to seek help in writing the best book reviews. It should be soon as I am running out of time. A few days more and classes will be over. I just hope that this site will motivate me to do my book reviews and my other class requirements like reaction papers and case studies relating to my line of work on the four functions of management.

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