Friday, March 1, 2013


Normally, I would not attend wake or vigils of close friends or relatives nor pay a visit in moments of their critical illness. This is not because I don't care for them, it is because I am avoiding the feeling of depression that sets in on me after seeing them. This feeling of depression linger for a few days. I keep on crying every now and then and I try to question if there is really a God. Recently, my niece passed away because of breast cancer. I attended the wake. My heart was crashed to pieces. She left behind four little children, the eldest is 8 years old and the youngest is 2 years old. They badly need the attention and care of a mother at their tender age. I used to hear and read that God is just. I question then, if He is just. There are bad people who deserve to die more than my niece. Some of these bad people rob and make peoples lives miserable and some kill people without mercy. But, yet they are happily living wealthy and healthy. My niece never had committed these offenses. She is one who was very family-oriented, religiously going to church, and she always put family first over her personal needs. Why would she have to die? Her four children needs her guidance. She does not deserve to die.If it is God's will, what is His wisdom in taking away my niece from her children at their rearing and tender age?

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