Friday, April 19, 2013


These spam emails are such a pain in my head. Every minute I receive at least one spam email. I keep on deleting them in my emails as they fill my inbox with thousands of spam emails in a day.  Just imagine, if I can not open my email in one day, I am sure to find thousands and thousands of emails to delete. The hard part here is I have to delete the posts by sets of 25 as I have to be careful not to delete important and useful emails to me.  I do not know anymore how to contain this spam emails.  Maybe I shall try to change my password.  Hmmm, why did I just think of this now? I should have tried this before.  Anyway, it is not too late.  I am going to change my password right after I make this post and I will see soon if this strategy of changing my password will work.  For now, I have to delete 3,000 spam emails in my inbox.


Prettymom said...

we are on the same boat.. blogger pa man ngayan ini na imo blog, you can move it to wp under your hosting in mydailybusiness..:-) sayang it imo hosting,..

Conard Leonard said...

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