Friday, May 31, 2013


June is coming soon and I already have an informal invitation to be a sponsor of a wedding.  Why not? It is such an honor to be a wedding sponsor.  I may have great wine gifts to give the couple so they can use it during their wedding day, just in case they ran out of wines during the reception. speaking of wines, a few shots of wine is good for the heart.  It helps in the blood circulation, according to my friend doctor.  Well, I agree with him on this. In cold weathers, drinking wine warms the body.  This may explain why most people I know who lives near the beach are wine lovers.  In fairness, they are physically fit even at an old age because they also exercise. Well, for whatever it is, I go for wines but of course, it should be drinked with moderation.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Yes, on Saturday and Sunday I will be away to Higatangan Beach Resort with my classmates  Higatangan Beach Resort is located in Biliran island.  My other classmates will be leaving at 5am but I won't be joining them together with three of my classmates as I have to take my final examination in one subject. After the examination, the three of us will head to the van terminal to transport us to Biliran. It will take us about two hours to reach the place and about two hours to Higatangan Beach resort by boat.  I am excited to stay overnight on that island with full moon. I am sure this will be fun.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


To those who wished me happy birthday, today I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is my 44 years in this world and I am happy and thankful to my creator that I have reached this far, with good health and abundance of graces.  I am lucky to have a family that gives me joy and love and friends who are my solace and comfort whenever I am downtrodden with problems.  Thank you, Lord for the love you have bestowed upon me even when I sometimes neglect to acknowledge the graces you shower upon me.  Today, despite no blow-out and any celebration I am happy because I have good health as well as my children. I am at home for lunch and in awhile I am going to school.

Friday, May 17, 2013


The officers of the homeowner's association in my subdivision is very commendable for their active involvement in the diverse activities that are beneficial to all homeowners.  Never has this been done before by the past officers.  I say the officers are commendable because recently, the subdivision's facade has undergone a major facelifting. There is now the chapel, the sports area installed with a basketball court, the various activities geared towards physical and spiritual development of the youths and parents and the Saturday anticipated masses.  These activities and updates were all amazingly done in a matter of three months,  I salute the officers now and I feel that my monthly dues to the subdivision homeowner's association are worth every penny I give.    


Hello there! I am back again after a few days of hibernation.  I had a lesson learned after my pedicure session. My toe swelled and the swelling went on for days.  I resorted to wearing flat and open sandals, limped for three days and found it hard to drive with an aching toe.  The pain was felt every time I step on the car's brake and accelerator. And, it was more painful every time I walk. The ordeal is over after taking antibiotics.  Whew, I won't trust any one anymore to do my nails except for my regular beautician.  I should give her a bonus for taking care of my nails. This should be a tip for every one out there to have a regular and permanent beautician.  This can spell you out of trouble, health and moneywise.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The effect of climate change is felt by almost everyone in the world.  It is extremely hot when summer and extremely cold when winter.  That is why when it is so hot like this summer an outdoor canvas art here and there can be a good source of cooling. Water fountains and plants cool the house environment.  Aside from being a coolant, it also serves some ornamental utility in making the house environment striking and attractive to passersby and visitors.  Water fountains and plants can be sourced through online buying.  A site in the net I recently came upon offers just what I am saying here.  If it is of interest to you, why don't you click on the link here?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


After several months of no ballroom dancing, I finally had the chance to do it last night. It was the Homecoming Night in my workstation and I was the sponsoring head of office to manage the affairs of the night.  The visitors were homecoming natives of the place from other countries, from outside the region and from other towns and provinces.  Most of them are homecoming for the fiesta in May 8.  The Homecoming night was a success. A live band played the ballroom dancing.  I danced the night out till my feet shouted protest.  I went home at 1am and the drive back home was a sacrifice as my legs and my soles were sore.  
Despite it, I enjoyed the night of dancing, listening to the live band and talking to the guests that night.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


 Everybody is heading towards old age.  It is something to be prepared of because most often than not a bigger financial requirement is required for the cost of vacation, travels and sometimes hospitalization.  Investing moeny is wise while young. There are many forms of investments such as saving in the bank, buying an insurance, buying real estate properties and or buying golden or silver bullions, bars or coins.  Speaking of the the latter, I found a site where buying golden eagles coins and bullions can be made. I wonder how much is the cost of one golden eagle bar. Anyone who owns it must be rich.  I am thinking of buying one if the price is affordable. I will look again in this site to know more about this golden eagle products.


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