Friday, May 17, 2013


Hello there! I am back again after a few days of hibernation.  I had a lesson learned after my pedicure session. My toe swelled and the swelling went on for days.  I resorted to wearing flat and open sandals, limped for three days and found it hard to drive with an aching toe.  The pain was felt every time I step on the car's brake and accelerator. And, it was more painful every time I walk. The ordeal is over after taking antibiotics.  Whew, I won't trust any one anymore to do my nails except for my regular beautician.  I should give her a bonus for taking care of my nails. This should be a tip for every one out there to have a regular and permanent beautician.  This can spell you out of trouble, health and moneywise.

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Prettymom said...

yay! i can relate, one of toenails is a victim also..