Saturday, June 22, 2013


Looking for an extra income? Take an inventory of your skill. Do you have that skill in singing and playing musical instruments? If you do, then you are on your way to earning extra income out of it. Exercise and learn some new songs, rehearse the songs you know back then, invite somebody to play another musical instrument with you, create a duet or a band and you are in for an enjoying and profitable career. Make some advertisements by word of mouth, by performing for free in social gatherings, promote through websites and other forms of social media. Invest on your musical instruments, those that sound off excellent and quality sounds. If you are playing saxophone or trumpets, for example buy the good and quality ones.  You can buy and save on Brass Tools at WWBW and take the best value for your money. There are also other quality musical instruments sold at this site. Remember, investing in quality musical instruments, investing in time for the rehearsals and promotions will reap benefits in the long run.


I am making a new blog site for me. The niche is home, household and anything about it. I am excited to develop this new site.  I have just started it and will soon get a domain for it.  It is so exciting to have a new site. In a few days, it will be roaming around the blogosphere to visit other blogsites. This site will be linked to facebook, twitter and to other social media.  I will also monetize it by submitting it to paying advertisers. My income from blogging has been so low these past few months because of the recession. Hoping I would recover, soon. For now, I am going to conceal the  name of the new site but mind you, it is already up and about in the blogosphere.  If you might want to know, the name of the site is Home Is Where The Heart Is.


Thinking of another business to venture into? Or maybe you are still in the process of taking some knowledge on what business would you want to invest your money?  Reading through the internet, there are two business trends that are viable: that is, tourism and the food industry.  Rightly so because both go hand in hand. A coffee shop, hotel restaurant, bakery, buffet are among your choices for these businesses. Right planning and ample knowledge about any business you would finance is very necessary.  Take for example a hotel restaurant business.  Do not ever indulge on any kind of business without a business plan. Obtain necessary permits, contact food service vendors, get in touch with local producers, hire employees and shop around for your needed hotel restaurant supplies. Speaking about hotel restaurant supplies, there are a lot of shops around but you may try at PeachSuite Hotel Supply where you can make good choices of the supplies you will need.

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Before making a good deal of the items you want to buy, bear in mind to consider not just the cost of the items but also the quality of the items.  At Hotel Bar Supplies you will see a lot of choices to choose from.  The items can be delivered right at the doorstep of your located place for your restaurant. 

Remember, this hotel restaurant business can be either a risky or profitable one.  Indulge in good advertising promotions in order to spread the word for your business.

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Friday, June 21, 2013


Late this afternoon I read a blog post of my friend Amiable Amy about the guitar simple chords for a beginner.  I hurriedly took the guitar and followed playing the simple chords as shown in her blog. I was not enjoying the sound of my guitar although at first I understood or rather misunderstood it as my fingers were not pressing firmly the strings.  I continued and tried so hard to press the strings so that good sound will come out of my strumming it, but to no avail.  I figured finally that there was nothing wrong with the strings but with the tuning of the guitar. The guitar has been hibernating for almost months in the corner of the house, touched and moved only when there is house cleaning being done. For some reason or another, it has been tuned out or the good tune died out. My eagerness to learn died out like the tune of the guitar. I will try to let somebody tune it up again, and I will see if I still have the time to have my guitar lessons, tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Skateboarding is quiet a risky sport for me. Every time I would watch the game, I feel more nervous than the players skateboarding in a sports arena or in the streets .  I know it is not easy for the players to learn the sport. I watched youths learn skateboarding at the sports center in the city where I live and I figure the youths may have hurt themselves while skateboarding.  It is quiet difficult to ride and play tricks.  A special shoes is basically used like the Adidas skateboarding shoes.  One can not go skateboarding barefooted nor use just any kind of shoe.  For one's protection, it is very important that the skate shoe shall be sturdy and of good quality. Otherwise, the skateboarding tricks and riding will not be that good and effective and the players will not have the confidence in skateboarding.  Of course, aside from the skateboarding gears and footwear there is the clothing to match with them and the player is good to go.


The recent summer break for my children has been so busy. There was an activity every night at the subdivision plaza involving the youths and the parents.  There was a daily santacruzan, a religious tradition attended by youths, kids and adults alike. The fun part was the basketball games.  There was a basketball contest and three teams were organized for the youths mixed with the adults.  The youth and adults category was in addition to the kids category aging from 6 to 9 years old.  It was fun watching the basketball games scheduled every night three times a week until the final games.  Basketball is a game played by two teams in a rectangular court.  Since there was only a small area in the subdivision plaza, only one court, within which to shoot the ball was provided.  If one thinks that basketball can be played with only court, it is wrong thinking. The lone court serves as the court of the two teams.  My elder son was a member of one of the  three teams under the youth and adults category.  I watched him play the game and he plays fairly well. His team won second place during the final basketball games.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


My daughter bought in her room a new flat television. She had it mounted on the wall but I fear it will fall as the materials used for it are not that sturdy.  I looked on the net and I see these monitor display stands that looks so sturdy and it can be used to mount the television set firmly. I wish she would buy it.  She looked on the net already of the monitor display stands I was saying.  If she will want to buy it, I will ask her to buy two pieces so the other one can be used to mount the other tv in my room.


It has been a long time since I last posted a picture here. I just wanted to share a beautiful picture of my recent travel to one of the islands in Biliran.  I truly appreciated the beautiful sceneries of the mountains, the seas and most of all the beautiful people of the island. I wish to go there again and include in my sightseeing the natural waterfalls of the island.  For now, I will post a picture of me on the peak of the hill overlooking the island when we got to one of the islands called Sambawan Beach Resort. The view of the island was breath taking on that hill. Here it is:


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