Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Skateboarding is quiet a risky sport for me. Every time I would watch the game, I feel more nervous than the players skateboarding in a sports arena or in the streets .  I know it is not easy for the players to learn the sport. I watched youths learn skateboarding at the sports center in the city where I live and I figure the youths may have hurt themselves while skateboarding.  It is quiet difficult to ride and play tricks.  A special shoes is basically used like the Adidas skateboarding shoes.  One can not go skateboarding barefooted nor use just any kind of shoe.  For one's protection, it is very important that the skate shoe shall be sturdy and of good quality. Otherwise, the skateboarding tricks and riding will not be that good and effective and the players will not have the confidence in skateboarding.  Of course, aside from the skateboarding gears and footwear there is the clothing to match with them and the player is good to go.

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