Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The recent summer break for my children has been so busy. There was an activity every night at the subdivision plaza involving the youths and the parents.  There was a daily santacruzan, a religious tradition attended by youths, kids and adults alike. The fun part was the basketball games.  There was a basketball contest and three teams were organized for the youths mixed with the adults.  The youth and adults category was in addition to the kids category aging from 6 to 9 years old.  It was fun watching the basketball games scheduled every night three times a week until the final games.  Basketball is a game played by two teams in a rectangular court.  Since there was only a small area in the subdivision plaza, only one court, within which to shoot the ball was provided.  If one thinks that basketball can be played with only court, it is wrong thinking. The lone court serves as the court of the two teams.  My elder son was a member of one of the  three teams under the youth and adults category.  I watched him play the game and he plays fairly well. His team won second place during the final basketball games.

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