Friday, June 21, 2013


Late this afternoon I read a blog post of my friend Amiable Amy about the guitar simple chords for a beginner.  I hurriedly took the guitar and followed playing the simple chords as shown in her blog. I was not enjoying the sound of my guitar although at first I understood or rather misunderstood it as my fingers were not pressing firmly the strings.  I continued and tried so hard to press the strings so that good sound will come out of my strumming it, but to no avail.  I figured finally that there was nothing wrong with the strings but with the tuning of the guitar. The guitar has been hibernating for almost months in the corner of the house, touched and moved only when there is house cleaning being done. For some reason or another, it has been tuned out or the good tune died out. My eagerness to learn died out like the tune of the guitar. I will try to let somebody tune it up again, and I will see if I still have the time to have my guitar lessons, tomorrow.

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