Friday, July 26, 2013


Sleeping has many benefits for  the body.  It makes one feel good after a good sleep but cranky for one who does not have enough.  Sleep also has something to do with learning and memory. Sleep has a big role in consolidation of memory, essential for learning new information.It is when sleeping where the cells are rejuvenated and replaced faster than when awake. It is very comfortable when sleeping on a good foam mattress, it feels so luxurious sleeping on a foam mattress.  Everyone must have adequate and comfortable sleep then in order to have a good judgement and disposition and to have a physically fit body each day.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Working with the government for almost twenty three years now has been so rewarding and it still is. I started working in the government as a laborer, paid daily.  The nature of employment was casual. No work means no pay. After a year, I was hired as a Records Clerk and this time I was given a permanent nature of employment.  I was just lucky to work in the government even if I was just on my 1st year of college studies.  I pursued to finish my baccalaureate degree and it took me seven years before I graduated. That time I felt all my efforts paid off.  What efforts am I saying? Well, I work at day and study at night. Only few subjects can be taken up during night time the reason why it took me seven years to graduate. I studied Bachelor of Laws after that but I had only two of the four years because it was the time when I steadily rise from my position as Records Clerk to Storekeeper, to Supply Officer, to Budget Officer and to being a Local Government Operations Officer and the latter position had me reassigned to far flung areas away from home and school.  I studied and graduated in Master of Public Resource Management during weekends and in a year's time I will finish my degree in Doctor of Management and Technology.  I can already file for optional retirement in the government but I will do this when I have already concreted my plan to settle in the US. Pending this, I will continue to work on my enjoyable and challenging job in the government.  I owe so much to this government employment, it had given me shelter for my family, sent my kids to school and produced a police officer daughter. My sons are still on their college studies. I have helped with the education expenses of  my nieces and nephews, too. I am operating a school and office supplies business managed now by sister and nephew. In retrospect, I can say it is not bad at all for a single Mom.  Salary with the government job, and some sidelines income has helped me cope up.I owe all my blessings to the Almighty, my family and my friends.      

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Happy Sunday, everyone. I had the time to blog hop today. It was nice to visit blogger friend's sites as I was updated of their activities. After a long time, I finally had the time to visit and blog hop. I was not able to finish all in my contacts as I did another thing, too. I deleted in my blog roll those sites that had last updates dating in 2012. I deleted a lot of them and I figure the number will increase as I continue visiting the links in my blog roll. After this clean-up I will try to link with active bloggers and add their links in my blog.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Saturdays and Sundays are my favorite days of the week. I can  rise up late, can watch movies and other entertainment shows. Today, my god daughter was around and I entertained her with a movie about swan and ballet dancing.  The lad for sure is sure to enroll in ballet dancing as she was so engrossed in watching the movie.  When asked she said she will enroll in ballet dancing and her mother asked me to sponsor the attire for ballet dancing. I would need to look for a  balletgiftshop ballerina gifts store soon before I forget. If I give the ballet dancing attire I would surely be benefited to attend the dance recital. How cute would it be. Ballet gift shops are rare in my place so I might as well look for it in the net.


Having some ailment lately made me lose some weight. Skin shrank and looks ugly. I began taking vitamin E recently and started eating foods that are rich in Vitamin E. Just wanted to make everyone aware about the foods that are rich in vitamin E and what are its benefits to the body? There are many foods that are rich in Vitamin e but I will only mention those that I can source within my reach.  These foods are almonds, avocado, broccoli, egg yolks, lettuce, spinach, mangoes, margarine, mayonnaise, olives, papayas, peanuts,  popcorn, sweet potato and tomatoes.  Eating these foods plus a supplementation of Vitamin E supplements benefit the body in so many ways.  Of course, Vitamin e makes the skin glow, helps infertility problems with males and pre-menstrual syndrome in females, prevents Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases and arthritis, delays aging, prevents prostate cancer and diabetes, lowers the risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and enhances the immune system.  There are more benefits I suppose aside from those I have written. Everybody needs to be aware that vitamin e is very important for the body.


Water was leaking though the flooring of my house and it took months for us to discover that the leaking was coming from the neighborhood's water pipes. Before having to ask neighbor to check on their water pipes if there were leaks, I spent money for a plumber to check all possible leakages in my water pipes. The plumber was so sure that the control levers of my water pipes were still good and that the leakages could not have started from my own water pipelines. After a month, I finally concluded to talk to the neighbor about the water leakages that was flooding in the flooring of the living room and that the leakages were not coming from my pipelines. The neighbor checked their control levers and they found out that the leak was coming from them.  Now, the pipelines are fixed. There are no more leakage and no more flooding in my flooring.


School and office supplies is a good business. It can be a profitable or a losing business, depending on how it is managed.  My school and office supplies business has been operating for over a year now. It is being managed by my sister. She and my nephew run my business.  So far, the profit has been coming in but it is self-liquidating as of now.  The profit covers the space rental, salaries of staff, SSS and health premiums of employees, electric bills, renewal of licenses and permits and saves me a little amount in the bank to cover for the expenses I incurred to put up the store.  In a year more, and under normal circumstances, I will totally recover the expenses I incurred for the putting up of this business. I wish I had more capital to buy office equipment. I have a way to raise capital but I am right now weighing the options if I will embark on this plan to raise more capital for my business.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...