Sunday, July 14, 2013


Happy Sunday, everyone. I had the time to blog hop today. It was nice to visit blogger friend's sites as I was updated of their activities. After a long time, I finally had the time to visit and blog hop. I was not able to finish all in my contacts as I did another thing, too. I deleted in my blog roll those sites that had last updates dating in 2012. I deleted a lot of them and I figure the number will increase as I continue visiting the links in my blog roll. After this clean-up I will try to link with active bloggers and add their links in my blog.


Tey said...

It's been so long.. thanks for the visit my friend... Weekend for me is always been busy specially on Sundays...

Liz said...

Hi sis. Glad to hear from you again. Ako rin I need to clean up my blogroll. Hope I'd find the time to do that.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Imelda, Holy Smoke! You really made my day! Been a long time! How you doin'?
Hope this finds you well and doing well.
I am now trying to complete the last and final episode of 'A faded latter from the past'....
Feel sad doing it and bringing back the memories.
Look forward see you again.

Sana maging masaya para sa'yo ang buong linggo.
Manatili kang bata, at manatiling maganda.
Laging magtabi ng awit sa iyong puso.
Ingat ke palagi.


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