Saturday, July 13, 2013


School and office supplies is a good business. It can be a profitable or a losing business, depending on how it is managed.  My school and office supplies business has been operating for over a year now. It is being managed by my sister. She and my nephew run my business.  So far, the profit has been coming in but it is self-liquidating as of now.  The profit covers the space rental, salaries of staff, SSS and health premiums of employees, electric bills, renewal of licenses and permits and saves me a little amount in the bank to cover for the expenses I incurred to put up the store.  In a year more, and under normal circumstances, I will totally recover the expenses I incurred for the putting up of this business. I wish I had more capital to buy office equipment. I have a way to raise capital but I am right now weighing the options if I will embark on this plan to raise more capital for my business.

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