Saturday, July 13, 2013


Water was leaking though the flooring of my house and it took months for us to discover that the leaking was coming from the neighborhood's water pipes. Before having to ask neighbor to check on their water pipes if there were leaks, I spent money for a plumber to check all possible leakages in my water pipes. The plumber was so sure that the control levers of my water pipes were still good and that the leakages could not have started from my own water pipelines. After a month, I finally concluded to talk to the neighbor about the water leakages that was flooding in the flooring of the living room and that the leakages were not coming from my pipelines. The neighbor checked their control levers and they found out that the leak was coming from them.  Now, the pipelines are fixed. There are no more leakage and no more flooding in my flooring.

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