Monday, August 26, 2013


Astray dogs along the major highways is one of the main causes of road accidents.  Many motorists had and will continue to be victimized by this.  Not to mention, of course the mortality rate of astray dogs caused by road accidents or if not injury to these dogs.  Astray dogs unpredictably cross the roads and speeding vehicles in major highways could hit them, injure them and kill them.  The motorists can either be killed or injured and their vehicles dented or damaged.  I once met an accident because of these astray dogs. I was driving at high speed when I saw from a far distance a dog crossing.  As I was nearing before the dog, I was pretty sure that he was almost to touch the end shoulder of the cemented road. But by stupidity, this dog made a turn around to the center of the road, so swift I was almost left with no time to avoid it. I managed to swerve the wheel slightly but enough to avoid hitting the dog. Glad that there was no approaching car otherwise I was not left with any option but to hit the dog rather than hit the approaching car. I am now so careful when I see dogs crossing the streets.  I honk the horn on them even if I am not sure at all, if they ever hear what it means.  I hope owners of these wll be responsible enough to take care of their pet dogs.

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